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  • Easy to use one touch mouse trap
  • Powerful aggressive design, kills mice
  • Grab tab for easy disposal
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When it comes to rodent control, trust the experts.

Tomcat offers a complete lineup of products that can be used together to ensure that your house is pest free.


Press 'N Set package photo


Tomcat Press 'N Set Disposable Mouse Trap

Tomcat's innovative press-to-set feature is 2x more effective than wooden traps according to lab testing. When a mouse has been captured disposal is easy and touch-free thanks to the grab tab.


Trap out of package.


Remove trap from packaging.

Baiting the trap photo.


Bait trap with attractant in the bait well.

Setting the trap photo.


Set trap by pressing set bar until you hear it "click" into place.

Placing the trap photo.


Place where mouse activity has been noticed.

Out of package  traps.



Includes 2 Press 'N Set Traps.

1-Touch Set Icon


1-Touch Set

Simply press the set bar and place trap.

Attractant Gel Bottle



Improve trap effectiveness with Tomcat Attractant Gel.

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How Often to Apply

If mouse is not caught in 2-3 days, place trap in alternate location where mouse activity is suspected.

Trap location photo.


For Best Results

Place 2 traps 5 - 10 ft. apart.

Disposal photo.


Grab Tab

Convenient grab tab for disposal.

Tomcat Press 'N Set Mouse Trap effectively kills mice thanks to its innovative design. Its press-to-set feature makes it easy to use, while its built in grab tab offers no-fuss and no-touch disposal of the rodent. Guaranteed (Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back) to kill mice, Tomcat Press 'N Set Mouse Trap can be a powerful ally in your fight to get rid of rodent pests in your home. After baiting the trap, place it where mice are active. After catching a mouse, simply use the trap's grab tab to dispose of the rodent.
  • Easy to use-just press to set
  • Convenient, built-in grab-tab for easy disposal
  • Kills mice, guaranteed (Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back)
  • Sets with just one touch
  • May be used with Tomcat mouse attractant gel
  • Product is applicable for the following pest types: mice
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Questions & Answers

Q:2023 Press n Set disposable trap - To reset a used trap, is there something I need to reset besides pulling the jaw back? Mine don?t want to stay clicked open. Maybe the design changed so they can?t be re- used once an animal has been caught?
by|Apr 23, 2023
2 Answers
Answer This Question

A:  Set trap by pressing set bar. You will hear a "click" when set. Please contact at 877-220-3089 for further assistance if needed.

by|Jun 2, 2023

    A:  If you hold the back like you are setting the trap, then lift the black plate where the bait is just a little and it should set. It's a hair-trigger setting so it will snap when the bait is taken, but if you lift that plate up a little it should do the job

    by|May 10, 2023
      1 found this answer helpful
      Q:What size mice do these traps catch
      by|Oct 24, 2022
      2 Answers
      Answer This Question

      A:  These catch mice (small). They do not catch rats. They are positively the BEST THING on the market!!!!

      by|Oct 28, 2022

        A:  The Tomcat Press 'N Set Mouse Trap will control house mice in homes, industrial, commercial, agricultural and public buildings.

        by|Mar 14, 2023
          1 found this answer helpful
          Q:I set this up and the bait was gone but the trap had not snapped somehow even though it was set. When I later put my finger on the lever, the trap did snap. What is going wrong here? This happened twice. (other times I did catch mice 5 dead ones, 1 alive)
          by|Dec 2, 2021
          5 Answers
          Answer This Question

          A:  My guess is that the bait was to big for the space. I used a single chocolate chip which fit perfect. The mice had to press the leaver down to get to it.

          by|Dec 4, 2022
            2 found this answer helpful

            A:  I'm not sure. I had total success. Perhaps they are coming at the bait from the back which would bypass the lever. I set mine with the lever toward the cabinet kick board and one side nestled against the refrigerator which sticks out further than the cabinets. If the mouse were running along the cabinet line, it would cross that lever to get under the refrigerator or vise versa. My bait was still there. If you are setting them up so they have to cross the lever, I don't know what the problem might be.

            by|Dec 24, 2021

              A:  things happen

              by|Jan 14, 2022

              A:  Worked ok used cheese for bait, check when u lock it might not be set right hard to explain.

              by|Jan 6, 2022

              A:  We are not sure why the trap is not being triggered, although some mice are smarter than we give them credit for. Please contact us at 877-220-3089 for assistance if needed.

              by|Jun 23, 2022
                1 found this answer helpful
                Q:is it okay to put 2 of these close to each other? the instructions say to put them 5-10 feet apart but i wanted to put them closer to each other than that.
                by|Dec 2, 2021
                6 Answers
                Answer This Question

                A:  Worked well make sure to use peanut butter

                by|Dec 23, 2021

                  A:  I put mine one or two feet about and they've been OK.

                  by|Jan 18, 2022

                  A:  My traps were placed between ceiling joists... maybe 3 feet apart. Working for me.

                  by|Jan 18, 2022

                  A:  No I kept them 10 feet apart

                  by|Jan 18, 2022

                    A:  You can put the Tomcat Press N Set Mouse Trap closer if needed. Make sure to use in areas with high mice activity such as: near refrigerators, stoves, pantries, between washers and dryers, or along baseboard.

                    by|Apr 28, 2023
                      1 found this answer helpful

                      A:  No I kept them apart

                      by|Jan 18, 2022
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                        • 4.2
                          out of 1,900 reviews
                        • 76% recommend this product
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                        Smart mouse or dumb trap
                        Purchased to get the mouse I saw run late one night. Placed along the baseboards like instructions said. He’s managed to elude the trap consistently
                        Response from Tomcat Consumer ServicesMay 30, 2023
                        We're sorry to read about your disappointment with Tomcat Press 'N Set Mouse Trap and appreciate your feedback.
                        Trap must be horizontal (flat) to be set. This trap is not meant to be reusable as the spring or trap catch that holds the trap set could potentially be weakened and no longer work.

                        We want you to be confident in our products. For this reason, we offer a product guarantee to our consumers. At your earliest convenience, please reach out to us at 877-220-3089 if we can further assist. tomcat
                        • Verified Purchase
                        Works Great
                        I set the trap at 4:30 and by 7:30 caught the mouse that was terrorizing my son and I. I had glue traps and the poison cubes set out, those didn’t work. I would recommend these. Easy to set up. Put a little piece of Reese’s on and that’s it. The disposal was a little rough. I had to build up my courage, but we got it done.
                          • Recommended
                          1 found this review helpful
                          Worked great - caught 4 mice....
                          Worked great - caught 4 mice.
                          • Verified Purchase
                          1 found this review helpful
                          works as advertised
                          with the right bait, these traps are perfect.......
                            • Recommended
                            1 found this review helpful
                            Not a quick death by any means
                            I purchased the Tom Cat Press ‘N Set mouse trap for its convenience of setting the trap. I mounted a camera to capture the trap in action and I have to say that death did not come quickly for the mouse. In fact, it took just under a half an hour for the mouse to die. The mechanism is not very strong, like the mouse traps of old. But in the end, it accomplished its task. I now have to find out where the mice are coming in and seal it up. I recommend with reservations.
                              • Recommended
                              1 found this review helpful
                              Mouse stepped on it and walked away!
                              Bought this at local Home Depot and try to kill the mouse. Our camera video recorded a mouse stepped on it and walked away! The bait was all eaten and this mouse trap was not sensitive at all!
                                1 found this review helpful
                                Caught two mice immediately
                                I live in the country and every winter we get mice in the house. I put these out yesterday evening and this morning there were two mice caught. I agree with a few of the reviewers that the cost for being disposable is high, but it worked well. So it gets a five star from me.
                                  • Recommended
                                  Mouse trap
                                  Ive tried many different brands this is only one that works.
                                  • Verified Purchase
                                  • Recommended
                                  I’m sorprised!
                                  So easy to use, in a great price plus it achieves what it says it does! A great inversion.
                                  • Verified Purchase
                                  • Recommended
                                  Easy to set and easy clean up. I also used the bottled juice they sell.
                                  • Verified Purchase
                                  • Recommended
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