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12.7 in. 14-Compartment Plumbers Pouch and Shoulder Strap, Black

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The TOUGHBUILT Plumber Pouch transforms how professional plumbers carry tools. The patented ClipTech Hub allows the pouch to clip on and off any belt, hang from a shoulder strap, or kickstand on the ground close at hand. This pouch fits ever changing needs, keeping tools where they are needed, when they are needed. Its 14-pockets and loops including structured pliers wrench pockets, custom fit flashlight loop, always open pry bar loop and speed square pocket are made specifically for the professional plumber. With rugged 6 Layer Construction and heavy duty rivet reinforcement this reliable pouch withstands the most rigorous working conditions.
  • ClipTech pouch clips on and off any belt
  • ClipTech hub included
  • Kickstand your pouch and tools on the floor or table next to you
  • Shoulder strap included
  • Custom tape measure clip
  • Extreme duty hammer loop
  • Adjustable flashlight holder fits AA to D-cell flashlights
  • 2 no snag hidden seam pockets
  • California residents

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Great addition to your ToughBuilt tool belt
I love my ToughBuilt tool belt it is the best tool belt I have ever had by a long shot and this plumbing tool bag is a great addition to my setup. First off the cliptech system is awesome, it is great to just be able to clip on and off which bags you need right away and the kickstand built onto the bag is great so you can take it off and prop it up on the ground or a table. This plumbing bag also comes with a shoulder strap so it can be carried by itself which is nice. There are pockets on the side that are made to hold large wrenches which is great and it also has a hammer holder, adjustable flashlight strap on the side, speed square pocket, large main pocket with loops and straps, a smaller pocket, a tape measure clip and a pry bar holder. This is a great bag to add to your ToughBuilt tool belt, including this bag I have 5 tool bags and holster for my ToughBuilt tool belt now and I definitely recommend it!!!
by Chevy513
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Nice and roomy pouch with strap
I really like the whole concept of the configurable tool belt from ToughBuilt. You can have different pouches available for different tasks and just clip the ones you'll need on your belt to minimize the tools and weight you carry depending on what you're working on. Even if you're not the type of person whose job crosses over into different trades, I think you'll still be impressed with the quality and construction of these pouches and how comfortable the belt is. All the material feels durable and all the stitching and other fasteners look secure. This plumber's pouch is a nice size that can hold ample tools and supplies while keeping them organized. It makes sense that the plumber's pouch (and the electrician's pouch for that matter) would come with a strap. Two trades where you're frequently on the floor or in tight spaces where wearing a tool belt can be a hindrance. You can carry it to the job site on either a belt using the included ClipTech Hub or with the shoulder strap. The kickstand helps keep it upright for easy access when you put it down while working. The top of the pouch also makes a nice handle. The side of the pouch has 4 pockets for pliers and similar tools. Two larger ones on the outside and two smaller ones on the inside. At first I thought they should go handle side down but that didn't work out too well. Some didn't fit, others slid down too far making it hard to set the pouch down on the floor. Best to put them handles up. On the outside of the plier pouches is a metal clip for a tape measure but you can clip other items to it as well. In the main pouch there are loops to keep other tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, etc organized. There's still room for some other items such as tubing cutters. A smaller pouch inside the main pouch can store away items such as teflon tape, solder and other small items. The outer pouch in the front is easy to access and can hold a variety of supplies for the job at hand. Hammer loop is attached securely. The adjustable flashlight loop has velcro closures to allow you to adapt it to different size flashlights. I thought it would be a better spot for my basin wrench and put a small flashlight in the pry bar loop instead. Has enough room to hold much of the tools you'll need for most common plumbing work. A little pencil holder and maybe a better way to hold spools of solder and teflon tape would have been nice additions but it's still a very rugged and capable pouch for plumbers, or anyone else that needs a large tool pouch that can accommodate pliers.
by Tom3
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OVERVIEW: This pouch set answered my need for a grab and go for minor plumbing projects. As with every TOUGHBUILT product I have the fit and finish are excellent. CLIPTECH CLIPS: TOUGHBUILT’s clip-on/clip-off attachment system is great. Drop a pouch on the clip and it locks into place. Press the clip release and lift and the pouch is off. Literally just seconds to operate. I keep a clip on the belt of my work pants most of the time to let me grab a pouch of tools and go. If I get in the truck I just unclip the pouch and hop in. PADDED STRAP: This is a great addition to this pouch. Comfortable to sling over my shoulder, the padded shoulder strap is great when the pouch is loaded down or I have other pouches on my belt. POUCH: This pouch will take a good variety of my plumbing tools, big wrench, PEX cutter and gauges, tape measure, flash light, wrenches, Teflon tape. Everything for a small to medium size project in one place. The kickstand is handy. Set the pouch down with the stand opened and the small parts don’t fall out. With big pliers in the side loop you do have to be careful when using the kickstand as the pliers will push it over unless you take them out first. The pouch is missing one thing that I’d really like to see on all TOUGHBUILT pouches…a dedicated pencil compartment. I’d pay an extra dollar for a pencil pouch. SUMMARY: A great tool and supply pouch with a nice carry strap.
by Pete
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Not thrilled
I ordered this bag expecting what was shown online. Instead I got the bag shown below. So I'll review the bag I got. First off, the bag seems well made. The heavy rubber/plastic bottom should should take years and years of abuse before wearing thru. The fabric is also very strong and looks quite durable. All straps, and handles are well stitched and the zipper glides smoothly. Now the down side. As shown the bag is tall and narrow. The sides of the bag are not stiff. So when tools are put in the internal pockets the bag crumples. This makes using the bag very annoying and the bottom of the bag useless because you have to shove the tools aside to get to the bottom. It can with an accessory pouch with a hammer loop but the bag is too short so the hammer lays on the floor anyway. This bag is useless as a plumber's bag as far as I can tell, but would be good for a finish nailer or for jumper cables and some road tools. I plan to use it for road trips. Basic change of clothes and some man gear would fit just right in this rugged bag.
by MendoH2o
Handy tool pouch and bag
TOUGHBUILT 12.7 in. 14-Compartment Plumbers Pouch and Shoulder Strap is not just for plumber's tools. Its a good size pouch or bag, has a pop out leg which lets the pouch stand open on the floor. It comes with shoulder hooks and a padded strap for carrying, can be mounted on a belt with a removable clip, too. The belt mechanism is a separate piece that clips on the belt and then has a quick mechanism to attach and lock to the bag. The bag has a higher back with a lip for holding, lifting and attaching the belt clip. The bag is about 12 by 12-inches and 9-inches deep. It has one Velcro wide strap to hold large tools on the outside of the pack where I attached my cordless drill. It also has a hammer loop next to it. The main body of the pouch is divided into compartments with smaller loops all around it. It has a good size pocket up front that can be used for holding fasteners and other supplies. There are four open tool holders for pliers, a tape measure holder and a metal spring clip on the other side. It's made of a really tough material that can take plenty of abuse and is reinforced along with plenty of rivets at stress points. I chose this one because have a lot of tools and a bunch of really heavy toolboxes. Often when I go to do a project I only need a couple of them to work. For me, this pouch is the right size for those projects. I can strap a hammer or cordless drill on the outside of the pouch, throw in a bunch of other stuff in the main compartment and sling it over my shoulder. Too big and I might as well take a toolbox and too small and its never taken. No, this is the right size for jobs, whether its plumbing, electrical or other work where a handful of tools are needed. Finally, if loaded the pouch and clip can take it, but your pants might not. Well, that's my thinking on this one, pouch works just fine.
by FXP1
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Was way too small and nothing really fit didn’t even...
Was way too small and nothing really fit didn’t even leave the store with it
by Ron
Tools falling off from the bag , can’t keep tools...
Tools falling off from the bag , can’t keep tools organized
by Edgar
Tool pouch is amazing. Enough compartments on it for everything...
Tool pouch is amazing. Enough compartments on it for everything I need for the jobsite. The clip on clip off technique is absolutely unbeatable will never wear another tool belt again!
by Devin
Really good...
Really good
It clips it carrys it works great . Tough and...
It clips it carrys it works great . Tough and ready to stand alone. A must have for any repair tech in the field.
by Auston
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