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Bonsai Soil Mix, Fast Draining Coarse Blend for All Bonsai Varieties (Available in 2 Qt. and 20 Qt. Sized Bags)

  • Contains lava stone, pumice, pine bark fines and calcined clay
  • Pre-mixed soil for hassle-free use
  • Soil blend retains nutrients and water to support bonsai growth
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Help your bonsai tree grow healthy and strong with the right Bonsai soil mix. No more overwatering. This soil mixture can be used for all bonsai species, and all other container grown plants. This mix does not need to be combined with anything else. It is ready to use. Our soil ingredients are washed and double sifted. This bonsai soil mix contains 4 ingredients you can pronounce: Pumice, Lava, Calcined Clay, and Pine Bark Fines. Lava rock is most commonly known for its exceptional draining characteristics which makes it 1 of the cornerstones for nearly every bonsai mix. Pumice has over 70 different traces of vitamins and minerals which are vital for developing a healthy and strong root system. Some of these minerals are: Zeolite, Fulvic Acid, Iron, Sodium, Humic Acid, Calcium, Nitrogen, Potassium, and many more. Calcined Clay is a baked clay that does a great job at holding water so that your Bonsai won't dry out throughout the day and it also acts as an acidifier. Pine Bark does a great job at absorbing nutrients and then slowly releases them back to the tree as needed.
  • Pre mixed and ready to use repot bonsai and other plants with a premium, fast draining bonsai potting soil mix, sifted prior to bagging
  • Optimal blend for perfect results our bonsai plant mix is specifically created to provide the roots with optimal drainage, ph balance, water retention and nutrient uptake and aeration (which they love), in short: it gets you an ideal balance of air and moisture while retaining nutrients
  • Ideal mix of nature perfectly blended for all types of bonsai and other plants, this mix can be used for any container grown plant including herbs, cactus, succulents and so much more, all aggregates are sourced in the USA
  • Durable sealed packaging resealable ziplock standup pouch made from recycled material

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Bag Capacity/Dry Volume (qt)2 qtIdeal For GrowingFlowers,Fruits & Vegetables,Succulents,Trees & Shrubs
Soil MatterNon-organicSoil TypePotting

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Mulch and Soil Council CertifiedNo

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Contains vitamins and minerals and drains well
The Bonsai soil has excellent drainage. The Bonsai soil contains vitamins and minerals. When we pour water into the pot the water quickly flows to the bottom of the pot and the plant stays moist but does not drown in water. In our case we put Lava Rock in the Bottom ¼ of the Pot and Bonsai soil mixture in the top ¾ of the pot. Now we can easily water the plant without over watering it as we can easily see how much water collects in the dish at the base of each pot.
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Good Quality Mix
Babar, my ponytail palm hadn't been happy since I bought it several months ago which was visible because the leaf tips were browning and the trunk didn't look healthy. The problem was the soil of, course, a common issue. I re-potted Babar with bonsai mix which drains better while still retaining some moisture and plenty of oxygen to the roots. Babar's a lot happier now (and so am I).
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Great Draining Soil
Bonsai Supply Soil Mix is by far the best one out on the market for Bonsai plants. It provides your plant with maximum drainage to avoid root rot. I mix it in with my plants regular potting soil to help with drainage. I also put a layer on the top of the soil to dress it up, and to deter my cats from digging in my plants. In this mix there is Pumice, Calcined Clay, Lava and Pine Bark Fines.
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My Bonsai was overdue for new Soil
I have one Bonsai plant that I have had about 8 years now. I have always kept it on a plant shelf on my lanai where it gets medium sunshine. In the past before moving to Florida I have had others but unfortunately, they did not survive. Recently had to move the plant shelf when my house was painted and looked over this Bonsai that other than watering have really not done much with since I re-potted and trimmed the roots about 3 years ago. So, I decided to get some new soil and replace the old soil with The Bonsai Supply Bonsai Soil Mix. The ingredients which I am sure were come up with by Bonsai experts and I like that it was all sourced from the USA! I have ordered some Bonsai plant food and am going to start paying more attention to it!
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Great Soil for Bonsai Trees
This Bonsai Supply Bonsai Soil Mix in a 2 Qt. bag, has a Fast Draining - Coarse Blend For All Bonsai Varieties. This soil helps your bonsai tree grow healthy and strong with the right Bonsai soil mix. The soil does not pack light regular soils and allows for fast draining and allows air to penetrate the soil. It is lightweight and I would recommend this to avid Bonsai growers.
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Not just for Bonsais
I know this product is sold primarily as the main soil for Bonsai plants but it has elements in it that make it so much more versatile than that. Yes, it has everything you need in a soil for a Bonsai plant but some of those same elements make it invaluable for those persnickety plants that just seem to never be happy. It keeps your plants from getting water logged, yet holds moisture. It also obtains valuable minerals that will feed your plants. I have used it in a flowering vine that has been giving me trouble and it has made an amazing difference. Love it f!
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Multicolored pebbles
One of my gardening goals is to find new outdoor uses for indoor products. These BONSAI SUPPLY multicolor rocks have small pieces of pine bark and clay in the mix that not only add an attractive bit of style around the large planters in our backyard garden, they also provide a type of mini-dam to hold back water from splashing lawn dirt onto our concrete patio floor when it rains.
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Excellent soil base for herbs too
This product is an incredibly versatile soil. It would work for bonsai, herbs air plants (to make an interesting display) and orchids . You might have too amend this to make it work for the orchids. Another plus for this product and their other products is that they are sourced and processed in the good old USA ! Don't be afraid to use your imagination !
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Good for succulents also
The Bonsai Supply Bonsai Soil Mix 2 Qt. Fast Draining - Coarse Blend For All Bonsai Varieties. I got this mixture for my succulents and found that it is a very good mixture to provide drainage and organic matter nourishment. There are 4 major ingredients in the mixture. Pumice is loaded with minerals that help develop a healthy root system. Lava is excellent for drainage to help keep the moisture levels low and a happy succulent. Calcined clay holds moisture so the plant will not dry out. Last is pine bark fines that absorb nutrients and slowly releases them back as needed while preventing weed growth. All ingredients are sourced in the US.
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perfect blend
This mix for Bonsai growing is *very* course. Because of this it will facilitate drainage and help prevent root rot or mold growth. I've lost several trees over the years to this using plain gravel or less course soil mixes. I love that this is sourced in the United States and that they are using recycled packaging. That's thoughtful. This small bag should last a good long time and could be used in regular house plants, too. Win/Win
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Showing 1-10 of 128 reviews