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Backpacker Mosquito Repeller Gen 2.0 with 16-Hours of Repellent (4-Mats)

  • 15-foot mosquito protection zone
  • Fuel efficient: up to 90 hours of run time on a 4 oz canister
  • Repeller includes 3 mats and 1 water-resistant travel bag
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Product Overview

Backpacking, hiking and camping are about adventure, people, memories and experiences, but never about mosquitoes. Thermacell understands this balance and offers the 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Backpacker Mosquito Repeller 2.0 to keep love for the great outdoors alive. Lightweight and portable, the mess-free, DEET-free Backpacker Repeller turns campsites into a 15 ft. zone off limits to pesky mosquitoes. Turn it on. Mosquitoes Gone. The fuel-efficient unit runs up to 360-hours on a 16 oz. fuel canister (not included). Mats last 4-hours each. In just minutes of operation, the repeller transforms 225 sq. ft. of fresh air from biting misery to true majesty. Easy to pack and use, this repeller is the perfect mosquito solution to any on-the-go adventurer. TIPS: Only use pressurized self-sealing (iso)butane and propane fuel mix, never use 100% propane or refilled canisters and only use canisters with valves designed to the EN417 specification. Other canisters may not provide proper fuel flow.
  • Compact and convenient - small but powerful mosquito repeller takes up minimal space in pack; essential camping gear that runs on a camping/backpacking fuel canister (not included)
  • Heat-activated and scent-free - uses odorless mats that provide 4-hours of comfort within a 15 ft. zone of protection; mat visibly turns from blue to white when time to replace
  • Protection anywhere - Thermacell backpacker mosquito repeller keeps campsites, fields, beaches and lake shores mosquito-free for the whole party; effective at elevations of up to 7,000 ft.
  • Top-performing repeller - hunters report the backpacker mosquito repeller has no effect on game when used near stands or blinds because it duplicates repellant emitted by chrysanthemums
  • Fuel canisters - only use pressurized self-sealing (iso)butane, propane fuel mix, never use 100% propane or refilled canisters; only use canisters with valves designed to EN417 specification
  • Easy to operate - mosquito repeller operates by inserting blue repellent mat, attaching unit to fuel canister, flipping on switch, waiting 5-seconds and pinching the start tab
  • Conveniently available refills - backpacker mat-only refills are readily available in 6-packs and 12-packs from multiple sources
  • Tried and tested - Thermacell products have received hundreds of positive reviews from major publications, including HGTV, men's health, backpacker, field and stream, gearjunkie and popular mechanics
  • Product is applicable for the following pest types: mosquitos

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Backpacker Mosquito Repeller Gen 2.0 with 16-Hours of Repellent (4-Mats)
MR450 Armored Portable Mosquito RepellerRechargeable Mosquito Repeller in RiverbedRechargeable Mosquito Repeller in Haze
NameBackpacker Mosquito Repeller Gen 2.0 with 16-Hours of Repellent (4-Mats)MR450 Armored Portable Mosquito RepellerRechargeable Mosquito Repeller in RiverbedRechargeable Mosquito Repeller in Haze
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Pest Common NameMosquitosMosquitosMosquitosMosquitos
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Lawn Insect Control
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Not again.
I bought two of the backpacker repellers. Took one camping this weekend. Sitting around the fire on a calm night with this on we still got chewed up. Horribly. It was embarrassing as we had company and I told them about it. I will never open the second box. I know it was running properly. I saw the red glow on the inside. Repellent mat was inserted. I felt so bad for my little guy the next day. He was in awful pain.
by CSBonner
Response from Customer ServiceAug 21, 2018
Thanks for your review, and we're sorry Thermacell did not meet your expectations. Please contact us at or 1-866-753-3837. All Thermacell products come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Banff Alberta
Took this to Banff this week. Saved our skin as the bugs are horrible at this time of year. No bugs means happy campers
by RK hiking
Hopeless against the Scotland Midge
I bought this with the hope it would deter midges in the Scottish highlands in May (virtually no wind either), unfortunately it had zero effect. Stick to smidge spray and fire!
by Phil M
Simple,no mess, effective design
THERMACELL BACKPACKER 9/26/2016 As a somewhat devout ultra lightweight backpacker (I used to be devout), I was a bit skeptical about adding another half a pound to my pack and taking up the additional space that the Backpacker (in its minimal state with its own fuel source) and a small canister would occupy. However, being adaptive by nature and as a result of 38 years of military and 50 years of mountain experience, and 25 years of field research, here is what I have found thus far. Initially, I found the packaging to be very adequate, it was clearly marked, labeled and attractive-the product was also well protected and comes complete with a very nice storage bag. I found the instructions to be simple and clear, although some people might need an illustration about how and where to place the mat? Concerning the Mat, it might be worth mention whether or not you can leave the mat in its hold on the backpacker…my question is, will the Mat before its used up, dry out between uses if left exposed? So, I leave my Mat in Place and cover everything with a zip-lock bag. Run time for the various canisters is on the box but not in the instructions… Upon initial inspection, I found the Backpacker to be very well built and very easy to operate. In this regard it is much safer to use than similar backpacking stoves- I recommend however, that when twisting on a canister that it is done with “Any” appliance and canister in a vertical position, as some fuel canisters will release quickly fuel into the atmosphere at the moment of connection. Note: my experience with this occurring may be isolated, but I have had it happen several times… I found the Piezo igniter works very well especially if you follow the instructions…I bring this up because it is important to wait five seconds to allow enough fuel to build up to gain ignition, I find this to be especially true at higher elevations and/or colder temperatures when using Piezo igniters…which by the way can be very finicky- So a small bic lighter can be very much your friend. In Use/Out There As luck would have it right after the O.R. show, Utah had a very unusual span of very cold weather eliminating the mosquitoes from our high country where I usually test gear…so I had to go mosquito hunting. My first experience with the Backpacker and mosquitoes came from an astronomy outing on the causeway to Stansbury Island west of Salt Lake City. It is very marshy and Boggy is also a salt flat and it is usually Bug Central. While on the causeway gnats and mosquitoes routinely were working me over while I was getting my scope set up and then during its use… there weren’t swarms of bugs, but there were enough to be very annoying. So I set up and started the backpacker and within a few minutes the bugs had left… While on the causeway a mild breeze was coming and going too, so I turned off the Thermacell to see if the light breeze was moving them away or not? I performed this test several times and each time the bugs returned. I also noted that moths don’t seem to like the repellent either… they wouldn’t completely disappear, but they kept their distance. Eventually I did have one mosquito that penetrated the envelope, lit on my cheek and tried to drill me, however he met his fate… In the end, the Backpacker helped me have a decent and fun time while out doing astronomy in a place that has enough bugs for anyone. I also took the backpacker along on several car camping trips thru early September and found that common flies would leave once the backpacker was started as would moths, gnats and other mayfly type bugs, including several mosquitoes. However, hornets would not pay any attention to the repellent as they gathered food from plants within the envelope, even if they came within inches of the device… More recently, with the onset of winter coming to the “high country,” I have been on several backpacking trips into Utah’s High Uinta’s. Interestingly the temperatures and weather have been all over the place. Several weeks ago near 10,000’ it got down to the high 20’s at night and the bugs all but disappeared…Two weeks ago in the same area, day time temps reached the high seventies and late night time temps were in the low fifties and the bugs were lovin life. On this particular trip to the Mt. Watson region, I had reluctantly brought the backpacker, now I’m glad I did! As I was setting up my Bright red tent in what would be a wet grassy area in the springtime, I started noticing more and more Gnats clinging to the walls. Then I noticed even more gnats clinging to some bright orange ditty bags lying on the ground, and finally a few mosquitoes were hovering around looking for an opportunity. So I pulled out the Backpacker, attached a fuel canister and after several tries it was warming the repellent. I placed the unit on a rock about 10’ away from the tent and within several minutes all the bugs, moths included were gone…Note: there was no breeze, just still, warm, wonderful high mountain air! Long ago when I was a devout ultra light backpacker, I was on a backpacking trip to the Wind River Range in central Wyoming… While purifying several gallons of water, I was being attacked and drained by so many mosquitoes that a bug net would have been very welcome. My friends took turns slapping mosquitoes from me and themselves…the mosquito situation really turned that trip upside down. I have had other similar epics in the Uinta’s with my son and friends, enduring bugs while trying to simply cook and eat dinner. My experience with the run of the mill repellent is- it’s messy, stinky and much of it doesn’t work anyway, and I don’t want it on me, my clothes or my sleeping bag! Worse yet, some products odor won’t come clean even with several washings either. I believe Thermacell would have turned these trips around and made them much more enjoyable. After all, mosquitoes etc. will always be part of nature! BENEFITS Thermacell seems nearly odorless. Yes there is an odor and you can smell its pleasant fragrance if you get close to the appliance… Thermacell and its repellent are not messy what so ever…its size and weight are actually miniscule especially compared to the simplicity and end result! Overall, I Can’t think of a downside to the Thermacell Backpacker. Steve, this isn’t a whole bunch of feedback, but I am very satisfied with the results thus far, I hope it helps you with your process! Sincerely, Layne T. Oliver
by lightninglayne
I like this version better than the others. Send to work better.
I like this version better than the others. Send to work better.
by Michelle
not well flys and everything else come night and day...
not well flys and everything else come night and day and the inserts your lucky if they last 4 hrs .
Response from ThermacellAug 18, 2020
Thanks or your review and sorry for the less than excellent experience! Please contact us at or 1-866-753-3837 if your Thermacell isn't repelling mosquitoes so we can help troubleshoot. ThermaCELL
New product... Won't light
New thermacell backpacker. Won't light with 2 fuel canisters... Tries to start and just doesn't catch. Does it need an adapter or is it just junk?
by Halla
Response from Thermacell Customer ServiceAug 19, 2020
Sorry to hear that our product is not performing to our quality standards! We thank you for your feedback and take matters like this seriously. Thermacell stand by our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please contact us at or 1-866-753-3837 so we can make things right for you.
Fuel source question
I just bought this for a short camping trip, and I assumed that the fuel was included like all their other products (which I use regularly). The packaging is not clear at all about needing an isobutane fuel canister. Great if you're carrying that for your cooking; not great if you don't normally camp with that fuel
by car camper
Response from Thermacell Customer ServiceAug 13, 2020
Sorry to hear that our product is not performing to our quality standards! We thank you for your feedback and take matters like this seriously. Thermacell stand by our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please contact us at or 1-866-753-3837 so we can make things right for you.
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Do not buy.
This product worked great for about a year and now it no longer does. I have tried many different fuel canisters but it will not work. I would not recommend buying
by Idahodude
Response from Customer Service Jul 22, 2020
Thank you for this insightful feedback. We at Thermacell strive to maintain a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all our products. We are sorry that your experience with Thermacell was anything less than excellent. Please contact us at or 1-866-753-3837 so we can make things right for you.
Showing 1-10 of 94 reviews