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Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller in Riverbed 20 Ft. Coverage and Deet Free

  • Provides protection up to 20 feet
  • Long lasting refills keep you protected
  • Rechargable repeller includes USB charging cable
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Product Overview

Our most advanced repellent system ever, the rechargeable Thermacell E-55 Mosquito Repellent keeps mosquitoes away, without spray. Within-minutes, the system heats and activates our scent-free, invisible repellent, protecting outdoor spaces from mosquitoes. The E-Series is ideal for patios, poolside, decks, or just about any outdoor space. Its effectiveness is unmatched by candles or torches. Like all Thermacell repellents, the E-Series been evaluated by the EPA for safety and effectiveness and provides a 20 ft. Zone of Protection against mosquitoes. Rechargeable and long-lasting, the E55 comes with a 12-hour repellent refill cartridge and includes a USB cable for charging. The E-Series is incredibly effective - many times more effective than candles or torches. And it is environmentally friendly.
  • Thermacell Mosquito Repellant Devices Collection
  • Powerful mosquito defense provides protection against even tough mosquito problems up to 20 ft. allow 15-minutes for maximum protection
  • Intelligent, advanced technology rechargeable and intuitive, 1 button controls the E-series
  • Scent-free, no-smoke, no mess unlike candles or torches, our advanced repellent is scent free, and there is no mess or smoke either, so, you can make the most of your time outside
  • Long-lasting refills keep you protected a single long-lasting refill cartridge (up to 40-hours available) can last the entire season (12-hours included)
  • Charge indicator lets you know how much run time is left, 5.5 plus-hours per charge
  • Repels tough mosquitoes including those that may transmit encephalitis, chikungunya, west Nile virus and zika virus
  • Satisfaction guaranteed Thermacell stands behind our products if you aren't completely satisfied, return it to us for repair, replacement, or refund, some limitations apply
  • Contents: 1 rechargeable repeller with a built-in li-ion rechargeable battery, one 12-hour refill repellent cartridge and a USB charging cable
  • Product is applicable for the following pest types: mosquitos

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Not so sure this even works; Not really effective..
Very well designed Thermocell re-chargeable mosquito repellent is working as good as I had hoped for.  It is very attractive, and stays "on" full time.  On occasion I still see (and feel) at least 1 or 2 mosquitoes near my computer workspace, on a daily basis.  I have yet to figure out where to purchase refills of the scent-free repellent cartridge.  I'm also unsure whether I need to refill the included cartridge, or purchase brand new, refilled cartridges.  I wish more information had been included to answer these questions.  Also if the cartridge is only a 12-hour producer, then for the 7+ days I've used it were to no avail.  Therefore I'm giving this a rating of "3" for the time being. 
Great concept but
I have a tremendous mosquito problem at my home and end up with too many bites to count. I have been looking for a mosquito repeller that is safe to use and effective. I do not want to spray myself down rather have something freestanding. I really like that this is rechargeable using the usb cord. Very convenient but you do have to buy more repellent refills which are pretty pricy and give you roughly 35-40 hours of protection. I think this is a great concept but I can see how it can get very expensive very fast if you do a lot of outdoor entertaining. Just have to monitor how long it is on. But so far so good. Guessing by the end of this summer I’ll know how many refills I’ll need and the true cost.
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Personal Mosquito Repeller
Mosquitos can get really bad where I live during the summer. So bad that it is difficult to enjoy the patio. Deet free and rechargeable were the two primary features that drew me to this particular repellent. It came with a 12 hour refill, but refills are available for up-to 40 hours. The battery will last up to 5.5 hours on a single charge, long enough for a summer evening on the patio. Installing the refill is easy, just remove the top, remove the cover on the refill, and place it into the slot of the device and then put the top back on. Push the button to start and the lights will chase around the button indicating that it is warming up. Once it is warmed up, the four lights will remain solid and repellent is being released. It also has battery indicator lights below the start but that indicate charging, fully charged, low battery and battery too low to turn on the unit. Mosquitos have been low so far this year, so I haven't been able to see just how see how effective, but the active ingredient (MetroFluthrin) has been proving highly effective in repelling Mosquitos. Of course, since the active ingredient is a Pyrethroid normal precautions should be taken when handling the refills (wash hands after handling, etc).
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Nice Addition to the Patio
This mosquito repeller is a nice addition to the patio. It did help reduce the amount of mosquitos on the prowl, though there were still a few obstinate ones who made the trek into the 20' perimeter. No mosquito repeller/repellent is perfect, though, and this did reduce the numbers. It is a small unit, only about 3" to 4" tall and wide. Overall, it's helpful to reduce mosquitos. Buyers should know they have to buy refill canisters of the repellent liquid.
Wanted to love it
We wanted to try something new, we let this run for a little bit, following the instructions for set up. We only have one person the mosquitoes seem to attack and this didn't stop that from happening. Mosquitoes still showed up, going close to the repellent and not seeming phased. The battery itself doesn't seem to last as long as we'd like either. We really wanted to love this too :( It was easy to set up and get running, perhaps it's they love the individual too much either way it did not work for us.
Response from ThermacellMay 20, 2022
We apologize for your less than satisfactory experience with our product! We at Thermacell pride ourselves on our products and our ability to protect people against pesky mosquitoes. We stand by our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please contact us at customerservice@thermacell.net or 1-866-753-3837 so we can make things right for you. ThermaCELL
Works great
We like to go camping and often as is the case mosquitoes can be a real problem. They seem to like to bite me especially. This is a small, compact device that works in a 20 foot diameter circle using the device as a center point. When it was warmed up the bugs did not bother me at all. It is attractive in a plain sort of way and doesn't take a lot of space if you want to travel with it or use on a deck or patio. This comes with a twelve hour refill. You can buy other refills the 40 hour refill and a 120 hour refill. The battery that it runs on is rechargeable so you don't have to have batteries on hand all the time. It didn't take long to charge up when we first got it. You don't have to use messy sprays, or foggers or other things that don't seem to work. With the increase in Lyme disease and other mosquito born illnesses this will give you some peace of mind.
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Mosquito repeller, not a bug repeller
This little device does what it says, it keeps away the biting mosquitos. However, it does not keep away bugs, so I was still swatting now and then. I think it is worth the money regardless, swatting for a couple of hours is better than itching for days. After recharging, we sat outside one evening for a test, dreading the possibility this wouldn't work. But except for the few stray bugs and gnats, we were quite comfortable. The cartridge is simple to add, although it would be nice if it was refillable instead of using a cartridge. We don't sit outside very often, I'm docking it one point because it says you have to replace the cartridge after 3 months of being opened. For those that sit outside often this won't be as much of an issue. It does come with a charging cable, but it will be necessary to provide the adapter for charging. I have plenty, so this is not an issue with me and I personally like that fewer things come with the adapters now to reduce waste. There are no settings, just turning it on and off. There are sounds that are described in the manual and confirm the activity.
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Perfect for my covered porch.
The Thermacell Midnight Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller with 20 ft. Coverage and Deet Free is perfect for my covered porch which I love to sit on in the evening. Of course, that is when the mosquitoes descend and this little repeller is working perfectly to deter the pests. The device is rechargeable using the USB cord provided. No plug is included so you will need to supply that. Winter storage of the device will be slightly inconvenient since the device should be charged at least every 3 months. It is important to read the instructions. Operation of the device is easy once you know the turning on and off procedures. The on/off button is incomplete with lights and a sound to ensure you don't waste the rather expensive repellant.
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Thermacell Midnight Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller
This product arrived today and is ready to be charged and use. This repellent is to establish a 20 foot protection from mosquito zone when in use. The battery, once charged, should last 5.5 hours and can be easily recharged. The charging cable is included as well as a 12 hour, scent free repellent refill. It is recommended that once in use allow 15 minutes to witness the full effect of this repeller. This repeller allows a 20 foot coverage. Thus far it has worked as the pesky mosquito season start up. I highly recommend this product.
No Mosquitoes Now
I have used bug lights, sprays and a swatter and nothing helped before this little Repeller. My neighbor has a pool that draws those little devils, but now he can keep them all. This repeller has all the features as the big guys, what I like best is that it can be recharged during the day and turned on when we go out. The box comes with everything you need to get started, the charging cable, the repeller cartridge, and the repeller. the instructions are fantastic and the repeller even warns you when you need a charge. Great Product
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Showing 1-10 of 117 reviews