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Model #53338

100 ft. Funny Pipe

  • Helps to install sprinklers in tight and hard-to-reach areas
  • Compatible with Toro funny pipe fittings
  • Ideal for spray/rotating sprinklers
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Product Overview

The Toro 100 ft. Funny Pipe features 100 ft. of piping for installing or relocating sprinklers in hard-to-reach areas. The pipe is ideal for cushioning sprinklers to protect them against damage in high-traffic areas.
  • Use with Toro funny pipe fittings
  • Compatible with typical spray or rotating sprinklers with a male or female inlet
  • Allows for proper placement and depth of sprinklers without needing to cut or glue PVC risers
  • Rated to 120 psi
  • Inside diameter: 0.495 in. ± 0.005 in.; Outside diameter: 0.70 in.
  • Note: Product may vary by store.



Assembled Depth (in.)
17 in
Assembled Height (in.)
5.25 in
Assembled Width (in.)
17 in
Inner Diameter (in.)
Outer Diameter (in.)
Tubing Length (ft.)


Color Family
Drip Line/Tubing Type
Drip or Emitter Line Tubing
Irrigation System Component
Pack Size
Pressure Rating

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

Questions & Answers


What is this pipe made of? Is it safe for drinking water?

Asked by Clip September 13, 2020

Funny Pipe is made of Polyethylene. We do not recommend using it for drinking water. Thank you.

Would this be a replacement for schedule 40 pvc as underground pipe from valve to rotary sprinklers

Asked by Cfraz February 10, 2020

This product attaches to your supply (PVC or poly) and delivers water to a rotor or spray head. You would not use this product to replace your supply/lateral lines.

This says it is 1/2 inch funny pipe but you only cary 3/8 inch funny pipe tee couplings. Will th...

Asked by Moe October 10, 2018

Thank you for your question. Yes, they are designed to work perfectly. Funny pipe is 1/2 inch – nominal. It is not an exact 1/2 inch measurement ID or OD.

Would this be adequate as an underground drainage solution from a catch basin?

Asked by CL August 5, 2018

Thank you for your question. Toro Funny Pipe is designed to be an efficient and versatile means to connect your sprinkler heads into your lateral/supply lines. Unfortunately, our product testing does not include drainage applications.

can I connect this to my water spout and above ground sprinkler head?

Asked by Tom June 11, 2018

Thank you for your question. With the right combination of fittings, you probably could. However, Funny Pipe is designed for underground installation.

what is the lowest temp this pipe will hold up

Asked by Wolfy June 1, 2018

Funny Pipe does not have a low-temperature specification. Funny Pipe is designed for underground use to connect sprinkler heads to your lateral lines (supply lines). If you are in a region that experiences freezing temperatures, you will want to winterize/purge your system annually to prevent damage caused by frozen water.

Does Funny Pipe come in shorter lengths like 50 feet or maybe 25 feet?

Asked by Alo May 26, 2018

Yes, Funny Pipe comes in 24” sections (Toro model #53265) and also in 50’ rolls (Toro model #53186).

Does this work with the mister landscape system?

Asked by Mandy March 18, 2018

No, this product is not compatible.

which store has 100ft toro funny pipe in stock

Asked by Mike June 11, 2017

Hello Mike, this Toro 100 ft. Funny Pipe is an online exclusive item as there is no listed store SKU. It can be shipped to you directly or if it is eligible, shipped to a Home Depot store: however, it is not available to purchase directly from a Home Depot store. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future. Thank you for shopping Home Depot!

what adaptor would I use to connect this funny pipe to a 3/4" hose

Asked by Jims July 14, 2015

The application for which Funny Pipe is designed does not include a garden hose.

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Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Great to use for irrigation sprinkler systems.
Great to use for irrigation sprinkler systems.
by wrenchbender1
This is the pipe that fits all the fittings Home...
This is the pipe that fits all the fittings Home Depot has on the shelf. The pipe in the store is heavier-walled is too big to fit. The pipe is great, bit it's a little absurd that the store doesn't carry in-house the pipe that works with the off-the-shelf fittings.
by HomeDepotCustomer
5 Star Review
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Much thicker wall than Normal 1/2 inch pipe. Since the outside...
Much thicker wall than Normal 1/2 inch pipe. Since the outside is the standard 1/2 inch, the standard joiners and Tees work. You can also order the inside joiners from Toro. The only pipe you and step on without destroying it.
by noname91
3 people found this helpful
Hard to mix & match
When adding to an existing poly system, the Funny Pipe 1/2" is not the same diameter as poly tube 1/2". Funny Tube will not fit over gray fittings, and 1/2" poly tube will not fit in the Funny Tube compression fittings. Very frustrating. Why can't all 1/2" diameter tubing be 1/2"? Sigh.........
by psundberg
Response from THD-Customer ServiceSep 17, 2014
Dear Valued Home Depot Customer, we have reached out to the MFG and their response is listed below. "We are sorry for your frustrations with the fitting of our product to other non-Toro products. Toro Funny Pipe is designed to work with Toro product. Because the diameters of tubing for other manufacturers may vary slightly, it is important to use only Toro products with Toro tubing for a guaranteed fit".
4 people found this helpful
difficult to work with
I found the product stiff and no regular thickness
by mickpastord
1 person found this helpful
Extremely easy to use
I was need of moving sprinker heads from the center of the lawn to the edge. Using the toro funny pipe with associated connections, reduced the task to minutes vs hours.
by Timberline
1 person found this helpful
GREAT Tool-This ad doesn't have diameter tho.
Funny Pipe connections are easier because you do not have to wait for the PVC glue to set prior to testing your install. It is also great for 'planting' recessed sprinkler heads - I have it betw'n sprinkler heads & the feeder PVC pipes - NO BREAKAGE or CRACKS on a short PVC line! It does come in a few diameters - 1/2" , 3/8" so be sure which one you are buying & using when you get connectors & fittings. Tough to get to glue into a PVC fitting so be sure you clean it well & apply plenty of cement. If you can, use an insertable fitting to link to the PVC (have to have plenty of male/female connectors handy!) I keep a lighter in my 'repair bucket' to heat it prior to inserting links. Much easier that way. You can also try to punch holes into it & use some of the micro-sprinkler drippers for an odd flower bed.
by MrsRDC
9 people found this helpful
Great all-around product
I shoped around local irrigation distributors and found this hose to be the same, if not better quality, at a better price. Very easy to work with. If you are installing a home irrigation system, this is what you need!
by Big Al
10 people found this helpful
Showing 1-10 of 10 reviews