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150 MPH 460 CFM 25.4cc 2-Cycle Handheld Gas Leaf Blower Vacuum

  • Commercial grade full crankshaft engine
  • 3-in-1: Blower, Vacuum and Mulcher
  • Variable speed throttle for adjustable clearing power
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Product Overview

The Toro 2-Cycle Blower/Vacuum blower is 1 of the best you can get in the DIY category, offering performance that competes with the pros. The commercial-grade engine is built with a full-crank shaft and premium carburetor providing easier starting, smoother operation and longer engine life. The 25.4cc engine produces 150 MPH/460 CFM of clearing power and the variable-speed throttle allows you to adjust air-speed with no extra effort. In vacuum Mode, the metal mulching blade shreds yard debris 10:1 and everything you need for vacuum-mode is included with purchase. This commercial-grade blower is also backed by an outstanding 4-year warranty, so you can feel confident trusting your clearing jobs to Toro.
  • California residents
  • Commercial grade full-crankshaft engine
  • 3-in-1 blower/vacuum/mulcher versatility
  • Metal vacuum blade mulches leaves and lawn debris
  • Variable speed throttle for adjustable clearing power
  • 150 MPH/460 CFM
  • Premium carburetor
  • 4-year limited warranty
  • 2-Cycle 3-In-1 Gas Handheld Blower Vacuum Features:

    Toro 150 MPH 460 CFM 2-Cycle 3-In-1 Gas Handheld Blower Vacuum

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Maximum air speed (mph)180150170172
Maximum Air Volume (CFM)400460453456
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FeaturesAdjustable Speed,Translucent Fuel TankAdjustable Speed,Antivibration,Translucent Fuel TankTranslucent Fuel TankAntivibration,Translucent Fuel Tank
Noise rating (dB)7377.17070
Engine Displacement (cc)2525.425.425.4
Product Weight (lb.)9.71 lb9.78.6 lb9.8 lb
Power TypeGasGasGasGas
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Blower Type
Handheld Blower/Vacuum
CA (CARB) Compliant
CARB Compliant
Engine Displacement (cc)
Engine Type
2 Cycle
Adjustable Speed,Antivibration,Translucent Fuel Tank
Fuel Tank Capacity (oz.)
Impeller Material
Bag,Vacuum Kit
Maximum air speed (mph)
Maximum Air Volume (CFM)
Mulch ratio
Noise rating (dB)
Power Type
Product Weight (lb.)
Start Type
Recoil Start

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
CARB Compliant
Manufacturer Warranty
4 Year Limited Warranty

Questions & Answers


Does this come with a shoulder strap? If not, are there holes where I can attach one?

Asked by JKSK April 8, 2015

it does not come with a strap. It does have holes for one but they are awkward. I tried one and quickly discarded it.

I would like to know if it is easy to get this Leaf Blower started. I own one from a different br...

Asked by Karina August 17, 2018

I'm very pleased with the way mine starts. I simply push the priming bulb three to five times, I pull the choke lever to full choke position, pull up the accelerator trigger and lock it in place using the provided lever, Pull the Rope a couple of times until it sounds like the engine is about to start, then push the choke lever back to half choke, then pull the Rope and it starts right up. As soon as it starts I push the choke lever to choke off position and release the lever locking the acceleration trigger. I always use the 50 to 1 engineered fuel sold at Home Depot in my vacuum blower. I have never had a problem starting it and I've had mine for over a year and have used it several times each month

Can you vacuum without mulching? I want to pick up Ginkgo seeds, and if you mulch, they stink. Do...

Asked by MK August 23, 2018

Anything you vacuum goes through the mulching blades. It all goes in the bag though. I am not sure what ginko seeds are, but I don't think it's designed to mulch anything but leaves, grass or small twigs. It's fairly powerful though. Hope that helps.

how easy is it to change from blower to vac?

Asked by fdm500 January 15, 2020

Hi fdm500. Connect the large tubes on the side remove the blower tubes and attach the curved tube with the bag attached. Hope this helps, Greg

can Trufuel 50:1 Pre Oil Mix be used in this blower

Asked by Johnny July 1, 2015

Toro's awnser saying they did not recommend it was posted first, so later they probably realized that you can, but if you can it doesen't automatically mean it's a good or bad idea

Am I the only one that has a problem with the bag? I read the reviews and didn't see any other c...

Asked by Ben August 4, 2017

I didn't even get a single season out of my bag. It shredded near the inlet. Absolutely poor design and construction. My 20-year-old Craftsman bag held up great in comparison, outlasting the motor. The Toro deserves a third-party replacement.

can I use the 50:1 pre mix fuel + oil instead of buying it separate having it to mix it myself?

Asked by fuel July 29, 2019

Hi Fuel, There should not be an issue using the 50:1 premix. Thanks for asking.

How can I get the total price for a torro blower/vac/mulched that includes the bag & vac tube?

Asked by BeBe September 2, 2019

You will looking for SKU #1001094078, $143.10

What is the vibration level ?

Asked by Bill May 9, 2019

Hi Bill. This blower has as much anti vibration tech as we can add. The vibration should be minimal. Thanks for asking. Greg

Leaf bag is it inclued or you have to buy Separately?

Asked by 417928 November 7, 2019

It was included in my purchased

150 MPH 460 CFM 25.4cc 2-Cycle Handheld Gas Leaf Blower Vacuum - page 2

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Needs to warm up fully before runs but does alright. Once you find the sweet spot on the choke i...
Needs to warm up fully before runs but does alright. Once you find the sweet spot on the choke it starts right up.
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I have about 7 cubic yards of size #1 river rocks for my landscap with Magnolia, River Birch, and...
I have about 7 cubic yards of size #1 river rocks for my landscap with Magnolia, River Birch, and couple others. This Toro exceeds met my expectations in vacuuming the leafs. What I learned is to vacuum them earlier when river birches shed leaves early only during the longer dry hot days of summer.
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I had the previous model, the T25 or 51987, and wow, what a difference. This machine is badly des...
I had the previous model, the T25 or 51987, and wow, what a difference. This machine is badly design and the extended warranty is a joke. For me who uses more the vacuum feature is horrible. 1) Toro changed the bag/tube securement feature. With the previous model it took a simple 1/4 turn to remove the tube/bag. Now you need a screwdriver, press on a lever but not to hard cause you could brake it (plastic). For me is a big hassle since I fill many bags. It is very inconvenience. 2) The bag/tube were designed to hinder your view. Yes, the curvy-tube attachment obstructs the view. The tube instead of going underneath the blower it is design atop of the blower. Can't vacuum what I can't see. Very much inconvenient. 3) If you buy the Extended Warranty be careful. Supposedly the Toro blower/vacuum is covered by the manufacturer for 4 years and the HD extended warranty takes it to 6 years, right? 4 + 2 = 6 years. Well not to Asurion, the company managing HD protection plans. To them 4 + 2 = 5 years!!! Ever since I registered my machine I've not been able to get the 6 years. I paid for 2 extra years of protection, not 1 one.
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I had the previous Toro T25 which was the similar top of the line Toro leaf blower vacuum this ne...
I had the previous Toro T25 which was the similar top of the line Toro leaf blower vacuum this new one replaces. The new one is just known as the Toro 150 MPH 460 CFM 25.4cc 2-Cycle Handheld Gas Leaf Blower Vacuum, model 51988. I sold my old Toro T25 unit thinking this new one would be better especially since the specs were even higher than the T25 and still the best of all handheld units, but now regret it. It looks rough after 18 months of ownership and not taking care of it's looks because I dislike it so much. I often sits and tumbles around in the back of my truck with little use and gets scratched up by tools and I recently had it on an asphalt roof. The bag was in my truck when it rained and turned dark brown from the accumulated dust inside it and just needs to be washed but might fall apart. PROS: Vacuums and blows. Cotton bag does not melt from exhaust. Large vacuum tube is easily removable. 4 year warranty. CONS: Low power. Poor ergonomics with bag and curved tube which is in the way during use. Bag tube locking mechanism is very difficult to use. Bag shoulder strap tore off with little use. Bag thin and wearing through with little use. Bag zipper pull broke with little use. Cheaper and weaker parts throughout. Fan/Mulching impeller has much smaller and thinner blades than the old T25. The clearances for the fan/mulching impeller are much wider probably for less jamming but, I think it must cause it to flow less, how could it not? Plastic fan/mulching impeller was worn and a blade was broken after little use. (T25 never broke and I sucked up pine cones and rocks and sticks all the time with regular jamming) Difficult starting process. Stalls and will not start and run often. Warranty service is hard to find and Toro phone service reps are not really helpful or nice. Shut off switch is very hard to operate. I'm sure I'm forgetting things. I used this new Toro model 51988 for 5 months of light use (especially compared to my T25) and then left it in the garage unused for 8 months. When I tried to use after 13 months ownership with little use, I could not get it to start and I have never ever had any issue like that with any other tool. I fought for a week trying everything I could think of to start it and I am very good with small engines and even automobiles. It had a faint spark which now I know is normal because I replaced the plug and it was getting fuel and I even tried starting fluid and finally a power drill on the impeller nut to no avail. I thought it must be an ignition issue which should be warrantied so, I finally took it to my favorite service center (Toro sales and service center) I take all my stuff to because I have enough other things to do to make more money than they charge but, they refused to work on them or look at it. I tried another Toro service center which refused also. Since 2 out of 3 Toro service centers refused to work on it I called Toro (I think it was hard to find a number) and the woman was not very polite and told me there is nothing Toro can do and they only work with Toro service centers anyway. She told me to try the 3rd service center but I told her I was unhappy with their service but she insisted I use them. They had it for 2 months and told me they could not figure it out until for some reason they removed the muffler and tried to start it and it fired right up so they replaced the muffler under warranty and it ran like normal. I cut off the vacuum bag tube lock out of frustration with it's difficulty and have been very happy with that decision. I rarely use the vacuum anymore and wish I kept the T25 and never bought the new one. I was using the new one November 12th 2017, for hopefully the final leaf clean up, and was so frustrated with it that I am writing this review. "Damp" leafs and plants kept getting stuck on a corner in the housing and in the curved tube. The bag's shoulder strap had torn off months ago and the bag was wearing thin around the tube and I haven hardly used it. Again I was frustrated with the ergonomic of the curved tube and having to hold my arms high to use it because the tube is too long and the ergonomics of the bag to the power head and vacuum tube. After it stopped vacuuming I tried to find the issue which was a clogged curved bag tube and debris stuck in the housing. The plastic fan/impeller was missing a blade and very worn down already after little use and then it died for no apparent reason and would not start again. I left it in the yard for 30 minutes and it started right up (with it's difficult starting procedure). The old T25 worked pretty well for me for 5 years of heavy use. I stopped using it after I got a backpack blower except for using the handheld unit in tight spots and light debris in street gutters. It gave me lots of satisfactory use. I mostly had bag issues with the zippers jamming, tearing out and pull tabs breaking and shoulder strap coming off. After going through and fighting with 2 Toro bags I purchased another brand of bag and made it work. A stick had gone through the housing and debris would come through it on occasion and hit me so, after I wore out the plastic fan/mulching impeller and the metal mulching blade I overhauled the entire unit and really couldn't tell much difference from before.
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Opted to get a gas blower and glad I did. Very powerful compared to electric ones that I've used ...
Opted to get a gas blower and glad I did. Very powerful compared to electric ones that I've used in the past. Can't wait to try out the vacuum option in the fall.
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Macomb, MI
Great Blower
Features :
Quality :
Ease of use :
Value :
I've used a 110 VAC Toro for years to clean my gutters, driveway, and sidewalks. Great $50 investment. Last time walking on the roof to clean gutters, I got tangled up in the extension cord and almost fell. Time for a cordless. I looked at all the Li-on battery powered units. With only 30-45 minutes of use per charge I said. "NOT". For $150 I bought this Toro 2-cycle blower at The Home Depot. I fueled it and it would not start. Darn it! It had no spark to the spark plug. Hence, I dinged Toro on quality. I exchanged it at The Home Depot is less than 5 minutes, no questions asked. Fueled up the new one. It started within 3 pulls. As a blower (which is all I'll use it for) it worked fantastic. Hence, my overall rating. It's just as powerful as my Toro 110 VAC, but sooo much easier to use (no cords). Vibration was less than what I expected and totally tolerable. It's noisy, but then again, it's an internal combustion engine. The suction inlet is on the right hand side, which is great for right handed blowing the gutters out. Some of the blowers out there have the inlet on the left. Watch out for your pant leg. It will surely get sucked up against the grille. To help loosen debris in the gutters, I did the same thing to this blower that I did to my 110VAC Toro. I attached a 2" wide x 1/8" thick piece of polycarbonate (Lexan, not Plexiglass) to the exit tube with Gorilla Tape. See the attached pictures. The only unknown is if this blower will last 5 years. We shall see.
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Great blower
A little tricky to start but once you know how to start it it's a great powerful blower I had mine for about 2 years now and still works flawless
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Toronto, ON
Starts and runs flawlessly
Customer review from logo
This thing is 10 times better than the HomeLite brand I had previously. The best thing is you can hold it with 2 hands rotated 90°. It continues the run flawlessly in this position without any fuel leakage.
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Customer review from logo
Powerfull and light. A must buy. I strongly recommand it
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Montreal, Québec
Had to choose a good Blower , some critical points
Customer review from logo
Nice blower , although if the pipe was a bit smaller it would force out more air , I find it losses power as the opening of the outlet is large , and its made for a right hand user as the air intake is on the right hand side of the unit. If you are using it with your left hand , it will suction your attire.
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