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Universal Gutter Cleaning Kit with 11 ft. Reach for Handheld Leaf Blowers Includes Shoulder Strap

  • Gutter cleaner; fits most brands of leaf blowers
  • Extension to reach up to 11 ft.; flexible tubing that won't kink
  • Shoulder strap included to help reduce fatigue and boost control
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Product Overview

Use the safe and ladder-free way to keep gutters clean. The Toro Adaptable Gutter Cleaning Kit easily attaches to most battery, electric, and gas handheld leaf blowers to reach gutters on one-story homes or uneven landscapes. Easy-to-maneuver design and powerful airflow help ensure removal of packed debris, wet leaves, pine needles, and more to effectively clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • For questions about service and repair, please reference the Service & Repair document
  • Get maximum maneuverability with the flexible tubing that won't kink or block airflow as you clean. 3 universal connection collars that attach to most brands of leaf blowers
  • Unlike the competition, the flexible tubing won't kink and block airflow as you clean
  • 4 extension tubes let you adjust length for a total reach of up to 11 ft.
  • Reduce fatigue and boost control with a shoulder strap that frees hands to adjust speed
  • Connectable, wide-diameter tubes blow out leaves and debris with powerful airflow
  • Gutter nozzle focuses and directs air forward
  • Ratchet strap tightly secures connection collar to blower's end
  • Great for one-story homes, wooded lots, and/or tricky gutter access
  • Fits Toro blower models - Power Jet 51624, 60V blowers 51820, 51820T, 51821, 40V blowers 51690, 51690T, Ultra Blower Vac 51619, Ultra Plus Vac 51621, Super Blower Vac 51618, Rake & Vac 51617
  • Fits most competitive blowers between 4" - 5.25" tube diameter
  • Toro 60V Flex Force Cordless Outdoor Power System, with over 50 Tools to dominate your yard care needs.

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Product Depth (in.)8.625 inProduct Height (in.)23.625 in
Product Width (in.)8.625 in


Accessory TypeLeaf Blower Replacement BagFits BrandsToro

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Manufacturer Warranty2-year warranty

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Perfect fit for 2-1/2" shop vac
Easy assembly. Pieces stay together during use. hooked up to 2-1/2" pipe on shop vac.
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    A bit unwieldy, need to improvise.
    As others have noted, this blower attachment is not really meant to attach to certain blowers. I had to duct tape the smallest adapter to the end of my electric blower. In addition, there were no attachment points for the strap, which is essential to use this effectively. I used the ratchet strap to attach the neck strap to the blower. The nozzle blows straight down into the gutter. Debris rains down in you. I taped another nozzle to angle the airflow away better. I was able to blow most of the leaves out of the gutters I tried this on. Packed leaves took a bit of persistence to dislodge. They were dry in my case. Adjusting the direction of the nozzle is a bit challenging because once screwed together, the pieces are difficult to unscrew. The entire assembly along with the blower ends up being pretty unwieldy and awkward to hold. However it’s better than getting up in a ladder
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      The Toro Universal Gutter Cleaning Kit is a unit I had some problems with using my current machin...
      The Toro Universal Gutter Cleaning Kit is a unit I had some problems with using my current machine. The wise man which I guess I've currently proven I'm not would have read the the box where it lists the most common blowers you'll find it works well with. Saying this and just mentioning the outlet hole on my yellow machine is huuuge, I've still figured out a way to use this blower but it's not very pretty (lot's of duct tape). So I left this aside and thought maybe I'd get a kid to climb up and do it. Then one day while out mowing the neighbor was blowing and I had a TaDa moment. I began talking to him and turns out he's got the 51621 listed on the box. I made a deal that when we needed to to do our gutters that I'd supply the pipe if he'd supply the Toro. He brought it over and we together put it on. Two men who you think would read instructions breaking it down two times. Then he left me to my own devices to give it a go. Pine needles galore, lordy it's raining pine needles. Still better than getting my paws up in it and moving a ladder every two feet. As it has been a few years I could see from below where the buildup over the top of the hooked gutter pipe appeared and I needed to stop the job and clean unexpectedly. This kit comes with various connections from blowers to the pipes, downspout cleaner, shoulder strap, enough pipe for a two story house. Pipes easily twist together to extend length. This unit for my use was not the greatest thing possible tool. Then I imagine only gutter cleaners have the right tools and why they are paid so well. I'm also scared of climbing ladders. This tool make climbing and cleaning something that I should be able to keep fairly clean and thereby putting off a professional for years.
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      Fits my Toro blower (model 51820) with the designated attachment just fine once the main blower t...
      Fits my Toro blower (model 51820) with the designated attachment just fine once the main blower tube is removed. However, I didn't like the one-way ratchet strap that secures the attachment to the housing. You can only tighten it by pushing down the ratchet lever in small segments, but can not reverse the ratchet to loosen the strap once tightened. If you try to over-tighten it, you risk breaking the strap. But if not as tight as you'd like, then it slides off the blower when using it and you have to push the attachment tube straight back in place and hope it won't work its way off as you use the blower kit. THE GOOD NEWS is, I purchased a 7" aluminum hose clamp that can be tightened and loosened with the turn of a screw. This works much better than the strap that came with it as described above. I highly recommend it and you will be much happier! Then I just leave the strap around the tubes that is attached to the extensions in place for the next time I use it and pop the main blower tube back in for every day use. Otherwise, the sections all fit together nicely and you only need use as many that will work for the height you need to reach your gutters. I have a ranch and only needed two of the four sections. Regarding the shoulder strap that comes with the kit, it is recommended to use it but you should experiment with the best way to attach it to the blower you are using and may find it necessary to modify it to work best for you, as I did. Just be patient and think about how best to make it work and you will be just fine. As far at blowing out the leaves from the gutter, I found it is effective if you do it regularly enough so their isn't too much of a build-up of debris or when wet up there. Best to do when they are dried out and not overly full. Sometimes the leaves may blow back up on the roof when blowing them out of the gutters. I blow at an angle so the leaves blow mostly to the ground. There is plenty of air power from my blower and when using the turbo option now and then, it really forces a lot of air out the tube to blow out the leaves. I like it overall and will certainly come in handy and don't think it will entirely replace my going up on the roof, but will reduce the number of times I do, which is fine. So, bottom line, make sure it works with the blower you intend to use and is compatible with one of the attachments supplied (they have a guide on their website for blower compatibility) and don't be afraid to do some smart modifications such as the idea I suggested with the aluminum hose clamp. Despite this, I still give it five stars and do recommend you try it. You can always return it if it just doesn't meet your expectations. I'm keeping mine!
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      Tips and tricks for using the gutter clean-out kit
      I bought the version of the gutter cleaner kit specifically for Toro blowers (https://www.homedepot.com/p/Toro-Gutter-Cleaning-Kit-for-Blower-Vacs-51667/300121857) but Home Depot says they are not carrying it any longer. This 'Universal' kit has the same components plus two universal adapters for other makes of blowers (I have the Toro 51599 blower so the rectangular adapter would fit). Based on other reviewers' comments, I was not surprised that the flexible section would not unscrew from the piece of extension tube that it's attached to. The flex section is made of sticky vinyl and the threads are made such that it's easy to install but will be very difficult to remove. Just leave the flex section attached to the first extension tube when you put it away for the winter. Since some reviewers complained that they had trouble unscrewing all the extension tubes I rubbed dry bar soap on the threads to 'dry-lube' the joints to make them easier to take apart. The shoulder strap has large loops on the end that tend to slip off the blower. Once you install the loops onto your blower use something to clamp the loops closed (I used a large binder clip) so they won't slip off. Finally, when using the blower the J-shaped tube at the top blows down into the gutter which showers the user with leaves, twigs, and whatever else is in the gutter. Safety glasses and a hat are highly recommended. However, I wanted the air to blow sideways down the length of the gutter to make the shower of leaves blow away from me. At Home Depot I found a 2 in. x 2 in. DWV 90-Degree Flexible Elbow (https://www.homedepot.com/p/Fernco-2-in-x-2-in-PVC-DWV-90-Degree-Mechanical-Flexible-Elbow-PQL-200/100372309) that is made of rubber with a hose clamp on each flared end. I cut one end off and stretched the other flared end over the outlet end of the J-tube, then tightened the hose clamp firmly. Arrange the rubber elbow so that it points to your left when holding the assembled tubes up to your gutter. When you turn on the blower the redirected air will push the assembled tubes to your right so hold on tight. The leaves in in the gutter will fly out to your left. If you arrange the rubber elbow so that it points to your right when holding the tubes up to the gutter, the J-tube and all the extension tubes will quickly unscrew in your hands when you turn on the blower because the lateral force is being applied in the 'unscrew' direction. If you really want to have it point to the right, drive a small sheet metal screw through each threaded joint where the extension tubes connect to each other. Once I added the 90 degree elbow, this kit cleaned my gutters in only a few minutes. I high recommend it.
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        This gutter cleaning kit works for cleaning out the rain gutters. There were some things that I r...
        This gutter cleaning kit works for cleaning out the rain gutters. There were some things that I really like about this gutter cleaning kit and a couple of areas where I thought they could use improvement. In my experience trying to clean my gutters with shop vacuums and blowers I found it important to have: high velocity, stability, high volume, tight system, light weight. I liked the tubes a lot because they were both light and the way they connected with the threaded ends made the tubes rigid and easy to handle. Even when four were connected together I got little if any flexing so it was a lot easier to lift and control than when I tried to use my shop vacuum tubes to clean the gutters. The kit provides an internally smooth system including the flexible hose so the maximum volume of is delivered. I had difficulty getting the adapter to stay in place while I was trying to clean the gutters and, the adapter would separate from the blower when I would set it down and pick it up again. I tried to retighten the strap that was provided to secure the adapter to the blower, but the rivet broke so I resorted to using a different adapter on the end of the blower tube and securing it with a 4 in. diameter stainless steel hose clamp. That worked much better. I would have connected it directly to the blower without the tube, but it needed a 5 in. clamp to do that and I didn’t have one. I didn’t feel that the velocity was adequate because biggest problems with debris in my gutters is wet pine needles and moss and they are not as easy to dislodge as leaves. So, I adapted a blower nozzle to use with the kit so to increase the velocity. My suggestions for improvement would be to include a 5 in. hose clamp; taper the end of the gutter nozzle to increase the velocity of the air coming from the blower; and I think it might be better if the flexible hose was a little longer. I think the tubes may be rigid enough for me to get another kit and use 8 tubes so I can reach the second story gutters.
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        First of all I was impressed how fast I could move with this device attached to my leaf blower. W...
        First of all I was impressed how fast I could move with this device attached to my leaf blower. With a slight twist to the left or right the debris in my gutters would almost explode as it was blown out of the way by forced air. The kit came with 3 adapters and I tried 2 of them on the 2 Toro blowers I own. The shoulder strap slipped on to the corded and the battery powered blower which kept it handy but out of the way when cleaning the gutters. I’ll bet I could also use my shop vac as a blower or sucker with this tool.
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        Intended for use in removing freshly fallen (dry) leaves from rain gutters and avoiding the need...
        Intended for use in removing freshly fallen (dry) leaves from rain gutters and avoiding the need to use a ladder, this kit includes adapters to mate with most leaf blowers, five (5) screw-together tube extensions, a nozzle to direct the air flow to the gutter, a strap to hold the blower body, and a ratchet type strap for securing the universal adapters to the machine being used. Three adapters are provided; one indicated for use with Toro blowers and two “Universal” adapters (one large and one small). Interestingly, the “Toro” adapter did not mate to the Toro Flex Force Axial Blower that I tested this with. However, the large universal adapter fit well and was secured in place with the ratchet strap supplied. The “toothed” section of the strap which engages the rachet “pawl” is of polymeric material and one could conceivably overtighten the strap and damage the toothed area. Certainly, this may be a maintenance item in the future after numerous uses. The strap latch is provided with release levers to easily loosen the adapter when removing it from the blower. A carry strap for the blower body is provided, a web strap with two looped ends. I had to attach one end to the battery handle at the rear of my blower, but each machine will be a little different. Whatever blower is used must have a trigger lock to keep it operating as both hands will be necessary for using the Gutter Cleaner. When used on freshly fallen dry leaves, as long as the extension tubes reach high enough, the nozzle does a decent job of blowing the leaves out of the gutter. If they are moist (from rain) or if there is a build up of leaves it is not quite as effective. The extension tubes provide an eleven-foot reach which was just enough to reach the gutter on my house (a Cape). It is somewhat awkward to use as there is no handle to attach to the tube sections and the flex section between the blower adapter and the tubes is extremely stiff (especially as the temperature goes down), making it a bit of a handful to position. In conclusion, if one uses this regularly while the leaves are freshly fallen it will keep the gutters clear, however, once they build up and get wet, it will not clear gutters as well. If the flex section were a little more flexible, it would make handling the tubes much easier and a clamp-on handle would also assist in the handling.
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        I’m on the fence with this Toro Gutter cleaning kit. It’s so basic in design and function that I ...
        I’m on the fence with this Toro Gutter cleaning kit. It’s so basic in design and function that I think Toro missed the mark on a few spots that makes this kit a little difficult to use. The clamp kept shifting on the end of the blower causing it to loose a bunch of air, and the threaded ends were a little difficult to get started. I wish they just made the extensions snap in rather than threaded. I did manage to get my gutters clean with This kit but I will tell you it makes a mess on yourself. Leaves and bits of single grit and everything else goes on yourself. I don’t believe I will use this kit again, I probably could have had the gutters clean out with a latter and my hand before I had this set up.
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        Needed to clean the gutters and I'm not allowed on ladders anymore! So this product was my hope o...
        Needed to clean the gutters and I'm not allowed on ladders anymore! So this product was my hope of getting the job done without scaring anyone. The kit included sufficient tubing extensions to reach the gutters while standing on the ground and the "J" shaped end piece directs the air nicely into the gutter. I had a few issues with the kit. The flex tubing provided has a stickiness to it that prevents it from easily connecting to the hard tubing... maybe silicone spray will help next time I use it. I know the intention is to prevent the kit from coming apart, but... Also, the clamping strap for securing the blower-adapters has a clever mechanism (like a come-along) that tightens the strap. Mine wouldn't release without the help of a screwdriver pry. I think I over-tightened it, so be careful there. Well made, and optimized for the TORO leaf-blower, but has enough adapters to work with almost anything.
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