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20 in. Aluminum Combo Blade Snow Shovel

  • 1st of its kind deep aluminum snow shovel blade
  • 20 in. wide blade pushes and shovels snow
  • Ergonomic handle with poly D-grip reduces back fatigue
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Product Overview

True Temper has been manufacturing tools since 1808

Long History of Manufacturing Tools

Since 1808, we’ve been trusted to provide tools that have tempered-steel strength and enduring quality.

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High Quality Production

Our durable snow tools can help you clean up what winter has left behind.

Tools for every seasonal situation

Tools to Get the Job Done

Light, heavy or ice-packed snow -we’ve got a tool for every situation.

High impact resistant poly snow shovels

Poly Snow Shovel

Gentle on decks and pavers.

Wear-resistant nylon snow pusher

Nylon Snow Pusher

Nylon blade is wear-resistant and non-stick.

Heavy-duty steel snow shovel

Steel Snow Shovel

Great for breaking up frozen, hardened snow to lift and throw.

Sturdy and rust-proof aluminum snow shovel

Aluminum Snow Shovel

Light-weight and durable.

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Snow Tool Options

True Temper snow tools help you remove snow and slush quickly throughout the winter season.

Snow pusher for light to medium snow and slush

Snow Pusher

Pushes light to medium snow and slush. Good for ice-packed snow.

Snow shovel for light to medium snow and slush

Snow Shovel

Ideal for scooping light to medium snow and slush. Good for ice-packed snow.

Industrial snow pusher for pushing large amounts of snow and ice

Industrial Snow Pusher

High capacity for pushing and scooping large amounts of snow and ice.

Scratch-free snow brush for removing snow and ice from your car

Scratch-Free Snow Brush

Remove snow and ice without harming your car’s surface.

Telescoping roof rake for removing heavy snow from your house

Telescoping Roof Rake

Help prevent structural and water damage to your house from heavy snow.

This True Temper Aluminum Snow Shovel with Combo Blade is the first of its kind. The patented blade design offers the capacity of a scoop and the functionality of a pusher. The blade is reinforced with a steel wear which also helps to extend the life of the blade. The ergonomic handle is designed to reduce back fatigue and is equipped with an oversized D-grip enabling you to wear gloves while you shovel.

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Handle Length (in.)38483848
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Coming Apart Already
Recently purchased this shovel in North Jersey for two pending snow storms. After the first snow storm (20inches) the metal collar began to loosen and the screws could not be tightened. Ended up having to rig it by stuffing the space in the collar with some cardboard and wrap it in electric tape. Used it that way for the second snow storm (6inches) and it did ok. But shouldn’t have had to go through all that after just one storm. Definitely looks and feels sturdier than it is.
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    Not well designed - screws stripped in a short time
    Much like the previous review I just read, the screws attaching the blade to the handle stripped. Upon removing the screw, there was nothing for it to attach to. The upper screw threaded into a second layer beneath the outer handle pipe, giving it something to hold. The lower screw had absolutely nothing behind the very thin metal of the handle and was just loose so the shovel blade wobbles badly. Photo shows the lower screw hole and the fact that it doesn't go through the inner sleeve to give it any chance of holding the blade.
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      I purchased this thinking metal is always more durable, but I've had two of these shovels (the se...
      I purchased this thinking metal is always more durable, but I've had two of these shovels (the second one was a replacement) and neither lasted more than a single snow storm. The weak point is the grommet that goes between the blade and the shaft. It tears and falls out and then the blade is able to wobble. Then it is only a matter of time before the bolts weaken and fall out. It's also harder to use than the a quality plastic bladed shovel. Compared to those, snow sticks to the blade more, it's heavier so it takes more energy to toss snow, and it catches on every imperfection of the driveway. The only way I've found it to be better than the plastic version is for scraping packed snow and ice off the ground. I've been using a TrueTemper plastic shovel for several seasons, I'll be going back to that.
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        Finally, the first snow shovel we've had that's strong enough to break apart what the county snow...
        Finally, the first snow shovel we've had that's strong enough to break apart what the county snow plow leaves across the driveway overnight, yet which is still well shaped to use as a snow pusher and full-scoop shovel. Though it would be too heavy for my daughter to wield for long, my strong grandson just loves it. He's not afraid he'll break it like he did our previous three. It has cut his shoveling time nearly in half. He is tall, so he added a second handle to the shaft. (See photo.) That made a world of difference. - This is a sturdy shovel built for strong men. We are well pleased.
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        I bought this shovel because it appeared to be heavy duty and well built, however that was not th...
        I bought this shovel because it appeared to be heavy duty and well built, however that was not the case. While using it for the second time the handle completely detached from the shovel! I will be returning for a different one.
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        I have only had the shovel for a month but, it was very useful clearing the snow off the roof aft...
        I have only had the shovel for a month but, it was very useful clearing the snow off the roof after the massive snowfall last week. The shovel cut through the packed snow and easily cleared the powder. The large scoop made clearing the powder a breeze and the handle was comfortable to grip. The shovel is slightly heavier than I would prefer but I needed the ridged blade to cut through the icy, hard packed snow.
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        Shovel for Superman
        This winter is flirting with us – no snow so far. This morning we got some unexpected snow, and I got chance to test my new shovel. When I opened box with the shovel I've got all excited by its look and thick material (double thick then my old shovel). The edge is reinforced with metal plate to make it last in good shape see pic. 2 & 3 . My excitement lasted just till the moment when I picked up the shovel. Too heavy. The handle is metal, so my hands are freezing without gloves even for brief use. The weight of my 17 years old aluminum shovel is 2 ¼ pounds this new shovel weights 5.5 lbs., more then 3 lbs difference, which means: if I make 100 throws with this shovel, then I have to lift and throw extra 300 pounds of weight (without the snow load) just due to the shovel weight. However the shovel is great for pushing the snow. My helpers, young guys needed to shovel out by snow covered material. First words when I handed them shovel was “too heavy”. I was about to put away my old beaten shovel. But now I'll try to put it into little bit better shape and will keep it for shoveling wet and heavy snow.
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        Perfect for Snowmageddon!!
        Being from the south, I wasn't too sure I'd get the chance to use this product; however, Snowpocolypse 2016 storm brought plenty of ice and snow to SC and this shovel was perfect to have! I was worried that she shovel would have some trouble with the ice, but the the steel tip blade provides great reinforcement and allowed me to easily break through the ice and keep my walkway clear. The shovel is made of aluminum so it is nice and light and has a convenient ergonomic handle that makes shoveling the snow much easier on the back. For the most part, the snow did not stick to the blade, but the more wet snow was a little stubborn and required some extra effort to remove. Long story short, this is a great shovel that should be able to help you during any winter storm, even down here in the south!
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        Packed snow, ice - no problem! Easy on the back too.
        This is a great snow shovel. It is very well built, with a heavy aluminum blade and an aluminum handle. The handle has an ergonomic design with slight bend in the middle to limit how far you have to bend over to pick up snow in the blade. I’ve used this type of shovel for years and they are far easier on the back than a straight handle shovel. You do not need to bend more than a few inches to lift and throw the snow. The end of the handle has an over-sized poly “D” grip that provided for easy gripping even with large gloves on. The blade has a bonded steel edge on it, providing a superior long wearing edge and providing a good edge to help break up packed snow or ice. Combining the steel edge with the aluminum blade reduced the overall weight while providing a very strong and rigid blade. This is not a super light shovel, weighing about 5 pounds so it has some heft, but it is clearly built to last. It is superior for breaking up packed snow or even thin ice, as the weight combined with the steel blade provides an effective breaker. Blade is 20 inches wide by 15 inches high, and has small side flaps which aid in scooping snow. There is nothing flimsy about this shovel, it should last for years.
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        Shovel Snow and Ice
        We had a light snow, 3" that was a powder type snow. This shovel was way to much for that type of snow. After two days the sun had caused the snow to melt and refreeze. Now this shovel came into its element. This shovel has a second blade under the first edge that is heavy duty for destroying ice. It worked great even after the car had packed the snow/ice mixture the second blade just scooped it up like it was butter. Mind you that it is work, the shovel does make it easier. I wish I was 20 years younger with this shovel. It gives you a good work out because you need elbow grease to get that second blade to dig in. It is built for comfort and when it is just snow it is wonderful, for ice when you are pushing from the waist and hips it good but picking up a shovel full of ice is a challenge. It is hard on concrete because the ice blade drags and your work load increases. It makes an awful sound when it drags across the cement. But it is an ice tool that kicks ice to the curb. I just push it a lot more rather than picking up shovels full. This is a good tool for the areas that get that large amount of ice and snow. As I said it breaks up the ice, even when compacted. I would recommend this to any person that has a freeze/thaw problem that generates ice. Heavy Duty tool. Be Safe.
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