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Logwood 1,600 sq. ft. Wood-Burning Stove
Stove came almost assembled except for legs, door and front apron. It went together easily but once I got it fired up, it was not air tight and had to reseal all the seams. The door needed a little work to get it to shut tight. Overall, it was a good deal and works very well.
by K9Ken
First fire cracked stove
I purchased this stove to heat my shop. I started the first fire in there with a firestarter and kindling as I always do. I added a couple pieces of seasoned wood, shut door and walked outside. Within 5 minutes I heard a BOOM!! Went back inside to find my brand new stove had cracked all the way around on one side and about a 3" crack in the bottom. Defect?? Don't know but I was afraid to try another one. Returned it and got my money back
Response from USStoveExpertApr 9, 2015
Sorry to hear that you had these issues. Seems as though you returned the unit but if for some reason you need to, you can give us a call for assistance at 800.750.2723 USSC
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Looking To Upgrade
I have used this stove 2 winters and it has performed satisfactory. I have burned wood many years and it gets cold in middle Tennessee. Here are the pros.1) It's affordable, I needed an economical stove (299.00) closeout paid for mine.2) Fires start easy.3) Large firebox, can get wood 25 inches long into stove.4) Gets hot quick and radiates a lot of heat. The cons: 1) Stove is not airtight.2) It is a wood-eater --- burned more wood in last 2 yrs. to last 4 yrs. with a better stove.3) If you do not use a damper in the stove pipe, you can't control it like need be.4) Made in China, quality isn't there. Flue collar on stove now has small crack. 5) Comes with no firebrick. Final thought: This stove heated my 880 sq. ft. home last 2 winters well but you have to load it 3-4 hrs.It got us by in a pinch. I am going to Home Depot soon and buy an Englander stove as this will meet or exceed my needs. Never had a negative or bad experience at Home Depot.
by Studly
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not made usa
not made usa concern product look englander at hd same price made usa
by dvmjgc
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problems with this stove
This stove was large, affordable and seemed like a good choice for my barn. Like most cast iron stoves it tends to have average to below average seam tightness. After a month of use the black sealant caulk around the rear vertical seams turned to ash and dropped off!? Wow...never saw that happen before. The two part "safety" handle does not work well. The part it attaches to is too short and does not make a good connection. It is difficult to lock the door in place and rapidly becomes an annoyance. I would not recommend this stove.
by Taoboy
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Definitely NOT made in America
I made the erroneous assumption that because it came from a company that goes by the name of United States Stove Company, it MUST be made in America. Boy was I wrong. When I received the crate it came in, I noticed that "Made in China" was stamped all over it. When I uncrated the stove several of the parts were also stamped with "Made in China". I try to purchase only things made in America and I thought I was doing so when I bought this. I haven't installed it yet as I am still considering returning it and looking for another stove that actually IS made in the good ol' USA.
by MrFab
Response from USStoveExpertAug 15, 2014
Thank you for taking the time to post your concerns with the Logwood Stove. We at United States Stove Company would like make a note that although most of our stoves are made in the United States, we do have some products that are manufactured in China as well. We do apologize for the confusion. However, if you have any other questions or concerns about the stove or any of its parts please contact us at our toll free customer service at 1-800-750-2723. We would also like to assure you that even though some products are manufactured in China you are receiving quality products.USSC
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The stove was appealing due to price and had somewhat good reviews.
I was exicited to recieve my stove, but when we opened the crate, the stove had wide cracks in every seam. We did not buy this stove to repair it, so we sent it back to our local store. I cannot believe that they shipped this stove to us, it was really unacceptable.
by Noreaster
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Great Investment
Purchased this stove to heat my home and wanted the features of an original cast iron stove. Expect to lose power often throughout the winter months, an this stove will allow us heat and ability to cook food and boil water as needed. The stove came put together minus the legs and top damper (easy to bolt on). Be sure to pre-cook it outside before installation to remove the furnace cement and paint fumes (one fire will do). NOTE: The cost of the stove pipe/chimney piping far exceeds the stove, so be aware to save up (Home Depot has best prices for those too).
by MattH
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Leaks at every seam
Leaks at every seam. Need to caulk over every joint. Says U.S. Stove. But made in China. Good customer service from manufacturer other wise would have recieved a single star
by mtgv
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Nice Stove
For the size of the stove and the cost , it is a great deal, i put the stove in this weekend ,it was 10 outside ,it keeped our 1000 square foot home in the 80, we had to open windows , it has our vote. it did have a smell at first , but soon went away.
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Showing 1-10 of 11 reviews