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18 in. Swivel Window Scrubber

  • Thoroughly but gently washes windows.
  • Handle swivels 180° to reach tight corners, edges and sills.
  • Absorbent microfiber sleeve is easily machine-washable
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Product Details

Unger's 18 in. Swivel Window Scrubber will thoroughly but gently wash your outside windows without missing a spot. The handle swivels 180° to easily access tight corners and edges. The absorbent microfiber sleeve easily removes dirt and includes a non-abrasive Scrub-Zone for more aggressive cleaning. The cushioned grip is comfortable to hold and won't slip in wet hands. It's how the professionals effectively clean windows.
  • Thoroughly but gently washes windows
  • Handle swivels 180° to reach tight corners, edges and sills
  • Absorbent, machine-washable microfiber sleeve ensures easy cleaning
  • Integrated scrub-zone pad provides extra scrubbing power
  • Features a cushioned-grip for extra comfort
  • Can be used handheld or with an Unger connect and clean telescopic pole
  • With a standard thread for additional compatibility
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Large scrubber for quick window cleaning
This scrubber makes quick work of cleaning windows, especially for larger windows. I was able to clean around half my house in just a few minutes. The scrubber is able to tilt and lock into place with a little locking lever. Depending on the angle to the window from where you are standing, this needs to be adjusted regularly. I found that for smaller windows (less than 18" wide), this larger scrubber becomes a little too big to be effective. For a homeowner, I would probably recommend only needing one width depending on how large your windows are and how fast you want to get the job done. For a cleaning business, I would get multiple sizes so that the larger scrubber ike this isn't too large for the window. The scrubber can be replaced, making the base tool useful in the long term. Also, the handle can be screwed into an extension. Overall, this is a good tool for helping you save time while doing a professional looking job on cleaning windows.
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Works great!
I used to clean windows professionally and while this isn’t quite professional quality it’s a very good substitute. This “scrubber” has two sides, one for wetting the windows and another for more aggressive scrubbing, with both performing very well. The swivel handle works perfectly and my only knock against this item is that the handle is a bit large to comfortably use. Overall, it’s a great household tool
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Right tool for window's cleaning.
The 18" swivel windows scrubber tool is a easy going tool to clean the windows. I used the cleaning tool to clean my double hung windows. The job to clean the glass part in and out of each pieces 5 to 10 minutes. It was easy and comfortable to clean the window. As the tool can swing easily, so the windows clean faster and can reach at each corner. I can change and clean the cloth easily. The tool is very strong and durable and well constructed. In one word a useful tool of cleaning windows as I am using the window cleaning tool first time.
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Excellent window scrubber for extension poles.
I’ve been struggling to clean glass on 2nd story casement style windows for years. The time has come to do away with climbing ladders, especially when I can do it safely from the ground using the Unger 18inch swivel window scrubber paired with an extension pole. The scrubber covers a lot of ground with minimal effort and easily attaches to my extension pole using the bearing connection. So far I am very happy with it after the first use.
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A must have!
The Unger window scrubber is one of the tools for my house that I wish I would have gotten sooner. Previously I was washing my windows using an old scrubbing brush and a microfiber towel which was taking forever as I wasn’t getting the surface area coverage like this brush does. The brush has been fantastic for cleaning my larger windows and our main storm door. The brush glides effortlessly over the glass and had no problems cleaning the screens as well. When picking a size for the brush, I do recommend picking a size that will work both vertically and horizontally for your windows. If I were to choose a size again, I would go smaller as I was having a hard time cleaning some of my smaller windows as the brush was too long to maneuver easily. The swivel lock on the handle is a simple twist lock mechanism which allows you to modify and set the angle the brush will be used at, though I found keeping the handle perpendicular to be the most comfortable. Since I have a one-story home, I did not need to use an extension pole to clean my windows, but this brush does feature the ability to attach an extension pole if you require more height. The brush features two sides, a soft and a scrubbing side. The scrubbing side is similar to that of a scotch brite pad. Though I found the scrubbing side to just be okay. Some of the more caked on debris on my windows still needed to be worked off the window using a fingernail. After using the brush around the house, I threw it into the laundry without any issues. Removing the brush for washing is rather easy as it’s secured by a Velcro strap and an elastic loop on the inside. Even though the brush is easy to remove, it is held in place nicely and I did not have issues with the brush coming loose or shifting during use. I will say that the sheer amount of dirt that came off the windows after using the brush was impressive. I thought my windows were moderately clean before using the brush, but it clearly proved me wrong. The only downside I encountered when using the brush was that due to its length, it’s difficult to find a container in which I can dip the brush into to get it covered with cleaning solution. I ended up using a 5-gallon bucket which allowed me to soak one side, flip the brush, and soak the other side.
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Fantastic for cleaning your windows!
Never dread cleaning your windows again. This scrubber is an amazing tool for cleaning your windows. The scrubber is made of machine washable microfiber material. It has a special rougher scrubber section which is great for taking off the more stuck on materials on the windows. The material easily absorbs the cleaning solution and gave a great application on the windows. It allowed for a quick pass with each side of the scrubber to clean in a quick and super efficient manner. Easily removable for cleaning and allowing it to dry quicker after using. I first used this scrubber by itself to clean my patio door. It got it amazingly clean especially after all the rain we have had recently. I continued to use it with an extended pole and a wide style bucket for the rest of my exterior windows. The grips fits well in your hand. The tool is 18” long while the speciality bucket is only 16”. This is the only drawback in my opinion. Maybe there is a better bucket out there somewhere that would fit it better? The scrubber is adjustable to keep it at an angled position if preferred. I liked using it in the straight position. The wide 18” length allows for quick cleaning since it covers a wide area. Using this with the extender pole enabled me to easily access windows that were blocked by bushes. This scrubber is compatible with the connect & clean system and comes with a lifetime warranty.
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Awesome Swivel Scrubber by Unger
I've always been a fan of Unger window washing equipment and the Unger 18 inch swivel scrubber is excellent. The microfiber sleeve with Scrub Zone is very absorbent and is machine washable. I really like the easy angle adjustment and the slip resistant handle. I have the handle extension from a previous purchase so it's easier to reach some areas without using a ladder. Very nice product!
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No ladder needed to clean windows.
I used this window cleaner to clean my outside windows on a one-story home. Luckily, I already have an extension that is about 5 feet long so, when attached to the scrubber, I didn’t need a ladder to clean my outside windows. The extension I used had to have a slim end where the treads are to fit inside handle of scrubber. I like having a scrubber side and a cloth side for scrubbing stubborn spots on windows and finish with cloth side. I used the squeegee to wipe windows dry. This scrubber made cleaning outside windows much easier. My only problem was to find a bucket wide enough to fit scrubber in. I used a storage tub. Lifetime guarantee.
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Comes In Handy When Cleaning Windows
This is a nice window scrubber. It comes with a microfiber cloth on about 70% of it. The remainder is a more scratchy cloth. That part is to scrub off things that may stick to glass windows. I like that the handle is fairly sturdy when attached to a pole (screws in place), but the swivel to it does not let it dangle. You have to manually move it around with a little pressure. Given the broadness of it at 18 inches, I easily clean windows and window screens! Just have it damp and it cleans all the parts of a scree! If you let the fluffy microfiber remain dry, it can also act as a duster for most walls and surfaces.
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The perfect scrubber for hard to reach areas
I've been using Unger products at work for years now, and this design is a great addition to my window washing tools. This one tilts from side to side, rather than up and down, which gives you more options for those hard to reach areas. The swivel lock is attached with a brass fitting, which is to be expected with the high quality products Unger puts out. It allows it to move when needed, or stay at a certain angle to help you reach a window that may be in an awkward location. It will attach to the Unger extension pole, which has a quick release button for ease of use, but it will also attach to any standard screw on pole as well, as it is threaded inside the shaft. The micro fiber cloth comes with a scrubber pad on the opposite side to help with those stubborn stains on the window. The entire tool is well made of high quality materials, and I expect it to last for years to come, in fact I have been using an older model for over 4 years now, and it still works as good as when new!
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