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Waterjet Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilet in White with Remote Control

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Product Overview

VOVO Corporation's was established in 2002 as a home appliances manufacturer. VOVO is a specialist in the field of integrated toilets, smart bidets and air purifiers, as we design, build and test our own products at VOVO's R and D factory located in South Korea. Using high quality materials and engineering skills, VOVO's products provide long lasting comfort and convenience to the users. VOVO's product VB-4000SE/VB-4100SR products are affordable yet advanced smart electronic bidet seats. Our products are advanced functioning, capable of preforming most, if not all, of the high-end bidet seat functions at an economic price. Awarded with the World's top 3, Germany's IF Design Award, this easy DIY install product gives an instant change to an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious hotel spa. VOVO's products can be easily and conveniently used for all genders under all physical circumstances. VOVO's products are capable of feminine wash, posterior wash, and enema wash at five different pressure levels. Oscillation and massage can be performed at 5 different nozzle positions. The product comes with three different levels of heated seat, dryer and water. The product automatically deodorizes preventing odor from the bathroom. The full stainless nozzle preforms various functions through one nozzle three holes design, and the subtle LED nightlight guides users to the restroom during dark night times.
  • Wireless control unit functions - smart wireless remote controller with easy one touch operation of bidet functions, has 3 levels of heated seat, warm water and dryer, and 5 levels of different nozzle position and water pressure, user friendly design
  • Energy efficient - smart eco-friendly energy saving product with automatic power save mode, reduces power and energy consumption, promotes paperless use, caring for the environment
  • LED nightlight - soft shining subtle LED nightlight shines from the inner bowl to enhance comfortable use during night time
  • Full stainless nozzle -performs feminine, posterior, and turbo wash functions, rhythmic movement and 5 different nozzle positions, one touch self-cleaning and semi-permanent use of nozzle
  • Easy install - quick and easy DIY installation product, comes with installation guide, 1-year limited manufacturer warranty and electrical installation videos for additional assistance
  • Made in Korea

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  • California residents

Info & Guides

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Bolt Spread (in.)
Power cord length (ft.)
Product Depth (in.)
20.8 in
Product Height (in.)
5.1 in
Product Width (in.)
15 in


Bidet Spray Type
Bowl/Seat Shape
Color Family
Adjustable Aerated Wash Spray,Adjustable Nozzle,Adjustable Water Pressure,Antimicrobial,Fade Resistant,Feminine Wash,Heated,Lighted,Nozzle Sterilization,Posterior Wash,Remote Control Operation,Soft Close,Stainless Steel Nozzle,Thin Design,Warm Air Dryer,Warm Water Wash
Complete Kit,Hinge,Mounting Kit,Remote Control,Seat,Supply Lines,T Valve Connector
Product Weight (lb.)
9 lb
Seat Front Type
Seat Length (in.)
Seat Material

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
12 Months

Questions & Answers


Does the remote have memory of settings (Temp, pressure, etc.), or does that have to be programme...

Asked by JBL January 30, 2021

Dear customer, Thank you for your interest in our product. The seat will save the last used setting, so you do not need to adjust the setting every time. Therefore, please set the settings you like while using the bidet and it will remember the setting for next use. If you have anymore question about the product, feel free to contact us back and let us know. Thank you.

1. Is the seat soft closing? 2. When closed is the seat sturdy enough to support your weight?

Asked by Steph November 14, 2020

The seat and lid are soft closing and the seat is quite sturdy.

At 120V, what is the maximum expected current (Amps) load?

Asked by TB November 2, 2020

For a cold start it can pull up to 7.2 amps but that tails off as things warm up. The wall plug should be a GFCI for your safety.

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This is our second bidet, and this one (like our first) is electric. There is of course a big jum...
This is our second bidet, and this one (like our first) is electric. There is of course a big jump in price between the electric and non-electric, but if budget or install allows (i.e., if you already have an outlet or have the ability to add one near your toilet), the electric version is well worth it. It’s like a little spa day first thing in the morning! This unit comes with a remote, while our other bidet has the control panel mounted on the side of the seat. The only advantage of having the remote, versus an attached control panel, is that it allows more flexible options for mounting. Both high-bond double sided adhesive and screws/expansion sleeves are included for mounting. This unit has all the benefits of an electric bidet seat, including sprays for backside/youth/feminine, heated seat, heated water, and self-clean. Install is simple, assuming one has an outlet near the right-side back of the toilet or can install one. The seat also includes a sensor that prevents the spray from continuing if the user jumps off the seat.
by Salex
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I wanted another electric bidet for my spare bathroom (you have to have an electrical outlet eith...
I wanted another electric bidet for my spare bathroom (you have to have an electrical outlet either behind or within a few feet of the toilet to power it up). This fit the bill. I have a high-end unit in the master bathroom. The main differences are that the Vovo Waterjet bidet has one nozzle (definitely not a deal-breaker), and that the seat lid is a bit less rigid (meaning not as thick and sturdy - again, not a deal-breaker). On the positive side, this has a drying function which is not on my other electric bidet. Other than that they have the same functions - adjustable water pressure, adjustable nozzle position, seat temperature, water temperature, nozzle cleaning, LED light, feminine and posterior cleaning, and the aforementioned dry function and temperature. Oh, there's also a turbo wash function! Overall, I recommend this Vovo bidet. It fits within a budget, does what the high-end bidets do, and looks great! Installation time was less than 45 minutes, and that's taking my time. It can easily be installed in under 30 minutes!
by DrBuff
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This is definitely a premier bidet, with features only found on high-end competitors. I don't be...
This is definitely a premier bidet, with features only found on high-end competitors. I don't believe I've seen this many features on any other bidet I have checked. They are: 'Posterior' and 'Feminine' washes with either steady stream or pulsating. Turbo wash setting. Adjustable 5-step nozzle position (for each of the Posterior and Feminine washes) Adjustable water pressure - 5 steps Adjustable seat, water, and dry temperatures (independently adjustable) Color LED bowl lighting. I've never been a fan of this feature, but there must be a lot of people who are. Only a pale blue color is available, so if you want other colors you'll still have to get one online. Nozzle cleaning setting (brings the nozzle out so it can be easily hand cleaned) Remote control of all functions. Each of the temperature settings, the wash pressure, and the nozzle position are shows with 5 small LEDs on the remote. Any time any remote button is pressed, the LEDs light up to show the settings. The remote control version does not have a 'kids' setting. There is a seat sensor which will stop or inhibit operation if no one is seated. This could be very important if you have inquisitive children and leave the remote laying around. Observations: Installation is very easy and intuitive. There is a mounting part which is installed and fastened down in place of the normal toilet seat. Once it is in position (a template is provided to ensure you get it right), then the seat is slid into position on the mount until it clicks into place. Connect the water and plug it in, and it's ready to use. The water supply Tee is metal, not cheap plastic, and is well-made. I had no leaks on the first try. All of the wash cycles automatically stop after 1 minute. The dry cycle stops automatically after 2 1/2 minutes. For some reason, this is not mentioned in the user manual. The lowest dry temperature I found to be quite hot. It seemed warmer than the stated 97 deg. I didn't try the higher settings, nor do I want to. I couldn't sense much of a difference with the Turbo setting. Theoretically it starts at the lowest pressure and then increases, but the change over time was not dramatic at all.
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I am really enjoying this Vovo bidet, It has every feature you could want in a bidet, all the was...
I am really enjoying this Vovo bidet, It has every feature you could want in a bidet, all the wash functions that bidets usually have like a heated seat, water pressure and temperature controls, night lite, a heated drying blower that works really well and it comes with an actual instruction book for installation and operation that you don't see any more. The remote control has all the functions and It takes about 20 minutes to install the seat and it comes with everything that you will need to install it. Have had it for a week now and no issues so far. The toilet paper is only for blowing your nose now!
by Bob
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For those looking for the advantages of a bidet or smart toilet, but without the budget VOVO prov...
For those looking for the advantages of a bidet or smart toilet, but without the budget VOVO provides a DIY solution. The kit includes everything you need for tool less installation. You may need tools to remove the existing toilet seat. The installation manual, aligning template and quick guide are well written and illustrated. For most people it should run 30 or less minutes. Things to keep in mind; the seat is avail in round and elongated so make sure to specify what matches your toilet. The power chord is only 4 feet long therefore close access to a GFCI outlet will be needed. Use of extension chord is not recommend. It works with both 2 piece and 1 piece toilets, although single piece toilets with curve may not fit. Installing is basically removing old seat, disconnecting water line to add a T-valve (included), reconnecting water line and connecting a new hose (included) to the T-valve. Use the template to align base bracket and secure fixing bolts, slide on seat, make water connection, plug in and add batteries (included) to remote. While there is a control panel on the side of the unit, the remote control gives you full access to all the functions. These include seat warmer, water temp control, water pressure control, LED night light, dryer temp, turbo wash and nozzle cleaning. Using it for the first time can be unnerving as warm water is sprayed on your bottom. You have to manually start and stop the washing and drying functions. While it did not eliminate the need for toilet paper, it lessened the amount as you only needed to pat dry. If you have kids you may want to consider the VB-5000SE/SR as it has a kids function. The unit also provides an energy savings mode that only heats the seat when you sit on it, and the rinsing water will be cooler. Speaking of seat, both the cover and seat will gently close eliminating slams. The LED night light has to be manually turned on and off. It emits a blueish light into the bowl. The power chord comes out of the right side of the toilet seat, as you are looking at it, and is not switchable. I found the unit easy to install, of quality build, and with a nice set of features. The hard part will be me getting used to getting sprayed clean.
by 2coats
One of the best bidets I've ever used
This VOVO electronic bidet toilet seat did not disappoint me. My friends have been recommending me to use bidet and this is the product that I chose after looking over reviews on different websites. The delivery was very accurate and prompt and I was very satisfied with the safe packaging. The product came in perfect shape and it was very easy to install, only took me less than 10 mins (I'm not a professional installer!). One of my favorite parts about this bidet is its design. I ordered Elongated shape and it is very sleek and comfortable when you actually sit down. Another favorite part is that it has 3 levels of water temperature, seating temperature and dry temperature so you can adjust the heating level to your style. I always put mine on the highest temperature. This bidet comes with cute and convenient sized remote control as well. It allows you to control in 5 levels of water pressure and nozzle position. It's been slightly more than 1 week ever since I started using it, and so far, I love it.
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Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Your butt will never feel fresher....
Your butt will never feel fresher.
by HomeDepotCustomer
The cleaning nozzles are so very far back. You have...
The cleaning nozzles are so very far back. You have to be sitting on the back of the seat or youll have water shoot up your back
by CleanB
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