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600-Watt Metal Halide Conversion Replacement HID Light Bulb

  • Blue cool lighting
  • Assists plant growth in key stages
  • Indoor gardening light
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Product Overview

ViaVolt HPS (High Pressure Sodium) to MH (Metal Halide) Conversion Grow Light gives the grower the ability to have the MH blue spectrum while using HPS ballast. Grow lights have an effective spectral distribution for stimulating vegetative plant growth. Metal Halide Grow Lights emit light most heavily in the blue wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. Metal Halide bulbs stimulate vegetative growth in plants more efficiently than other light sources designed for growing plants. It is best to use MH Grow Lights in addition to or cycled with High Pressure Sodium grow lights. 58,000 Lumens, 7,200K, T25 Lamp.



Product Depth (in.)3Product Height (in.)11
Product Width (in.)3


Bulb ConstructionGlassBulb TypeSpecialty
Color Rendering Index (CRI)88.4HID TypeMetal Halide
Indoor/OutdoorIndoorLight Bulb Base CodeE26
Light Bulb Base TypeScrew BaseLight Bulb FeaturesNo additional features
Light Bulb Shape CodeBT28Lighting TechnologyHID
Lumens (Brightness)5800Number of Bulbs Included1
Returnable90-DayWattage (Watts)600
Wattage (watts)600

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty1 Year Warranty

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growing plants year-round
The ViaVolt 600-Watt HID light bulb is going to allow me to grow plants year-round now. I have been growing tomato plants outdoors for years, but this year I started with seeds. You can start them indoors before the last frost, but I made a lot of mistakes. I did not have a light that had enough watts. This light bulb is going to be almost like having the sunshine on your seeds. I do have a spare room that I am in the process of setting up now for the winter months. This will allow me to grow a variety of plants year-round and get a head start on next Spring's outdoor garden. Whether for your own consumption, to beat the rising cost of fresh produce or for the enjoyment of growing, there is probably a charity food pantry near you that you can contribute to.
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Works great!
I had to learn a little bit about these bulbs after I received them. They are not your standard bulb size and do require a special ballast. I visited my local Home Depot and the guy there said they sell converters but they do not carry them in the store. Nor did they carry the actual ballast that would fit this size light bulb. I visited a local nursery and sure enough they had what I was looking for. I hooked these bulbs up and was able to successfully germinate some green beans. Would recommend!
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High powered, 600W light bulb
This 600 Watt Conversion MH Lamp bulb has an elongated shape, and a metal base, so it installs right into a socket the same way you install any regular bulb. This bulb is 600 watts, however, be sure you have a socket that is prepared to handle 600 watts, which also has a larger sized base. It is described as E-ballast Compatible, and has a 1 year warranty. 600 watts certainly is HIGH OUTPUT, which will provide a LOT of light for growing your own plants, which can save LOADS of money, versus buying young plants, especially if you have a large vegetable or flower garden, or both. I like that it is clear glass so that you can see inside the bulb. It is recommended that these lamps (bulbs) be replaced every six months for optimal performance. This lamp also contains mercury, so it is important to use care with it, also to properly dispose of it, like any other mercury bulb. As a practical matter, I expect it to be awesome for lighting up a greenhouse or any plant growing area. It's intended purpose is described as "vegetative". The price of buying plants has increased exponentially... I am excited thinking of all the money that I will save starting plants from seed myself, plus it's be fun having my own indoor garden. While a 600 watt bulb would be too great for inside a greenhouse, growing area... I can think of other applications for this bulb as well, especially in a commercial application, new construction especially, places where you might need a massive light source... example: painting a massive, open (commercial) space like a large hall, where 100W bulbs are just inadequate... It is a powerful bulb, therefore, again, it warrants caution with use, but at the same time, I would much prefer it to a bunch of smaller bulbs, for a massive room where it might be just what you need. No regrets, I can't wait to get a head start on my garden. Now that I have one, I could also borrow it for myself should any other purposes arise which demand such a powerful bulb to light up a large area, especially for painting, or something like it so that you have adequate light. Again, no regrets! I am so glad that I found it!
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Big wattage
The ViaVolt 600-watt Metal Halide light bulb is a high-quality bulb with a high output. Great for using as a grow light. The color temperature for this light is rated at 7200k and gives off 58,000 lumens. It comes with a one-year factory warranty. I am using this for my green house as they claim it is optimized for stimulating plant growth for my cabin in the mountains.
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Big Base
First of all I want to say that I love my garden and try to grow or propagate everything I want from seeds or cuttings. When I got this I actually thought this was just a normal base grow light. Well, it's not. This has a base that is twice the size of a normal household bulb base so obviously will not fit. I looked around Home depot for a base and could not find one unless you buy the actual ballast which costs around $100 ish. Anyway, I managed to get a cheap enough base from elsewhere with the correct watts because the bulb is 600w and I manage to get 700w holder. This item I think is really intended for pro growers otherwise it would have been more friendly.
A top quality bulb
I ordered the ViaVolt 600-Watt Metal Halide Conversion Replacement HID Light Bulb for my grow wing and I think it is perfect for4 the job. It is made of high quality material and I am here to tell you that bulb is bright. The bulb is about 11 inches long and 3 inches wide with a base of about1 1/2 inches wide. The box shows 7200k 5800 initial lumens. It is a 600-watt conversion MH lamp and operates well in a 600-watt HPS ballast. The package shows it should be replaced every 6 months with regular use.
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Huge light
Always looking for a better grow bulb for lighting in the grow house. This bulb is slender and seems resilient to the many hours it will be in use. It as important to have a bulb that distributes light evenly through out the effected area. The bulb seems sturdy and made for many working hours. This bulb fits in the transformer a lot nicer. I would recommend this bulb.
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Great Durable ViaVolt 600-Watt Metal Halide Conversion Replacement HID Light Bulb
This very durable, useful, and powerful Conventional (non-LED) ViaVolt 600-Watt Metal Halide Conversion Replacement HID Light Bulb is an ideal replacement but for non-LED, fully 600 watt rated appliances,. especially for vegetative crops with full spectrum requirements. It contains Sodium and Mercury so requires care, but is a durable, effective, and powerful growth light for the correct crops, environment, and correct fixture. Great growth results
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Excellent lamp for grow light
Was hoping to use this lamp as a grow light with my garden system. However, the base did not fit so was not able to use it. Will have to fix another fixture to make it work. The lamp should provide adequate lighting for a grow lamp or as a nice light in our barn with high ceilings. Need to make sure you have the correct fixture for it to fit in to make it work properly
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Large & Bright
ViaVolt - ViaVolt 600-Watt Metal Halide Conversion Replacement HID Light Bulb is perfect for growing vegetables inside because it emits light most heavily in the blue wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. Metal halide bulbs are know to grow vegetables better than any other type of light source. Use them with or in a cycle with sodium lights. These are for the serious indoor grower. Also, you can’t just toss them in the trash; they need to be recycled carefully.
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Showing 1-10 of 16 reviews