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Internet # 203091049

Model # 22539-1

54 lb. 15,000 sq. ft. Spring and Fall Starter Lawn Fertilizer

  • Establishes new grass in less time versus unfed
  • Can be used on seed, sod, sprigs, and plugs
  • Helps develop a deep root system
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Product Details

About This Product

Whether you are repairing bare spots, over-seeding or starting a new lawn from scratch, make sure to establish lush new green grass in less time by using Vigoro starter fertilizer (versus unfed lawn). Can be used around landscape plants and gardens. It can be applied all season long and covers 15,000 sq. ft.


Product Information

Internet # 203091049

Model # 22539-1

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Dimensions: H 4.75 in, W 18 in, D 23 in


Coverage Area (sq. ft.)

15000 sq ft

Package Size (lb.)


Product Depth (in.)

23 in

Product Height (in.)

4.75 in

Product Width (in.)

18 in


Active Ingredients


Compatible Grass Type

All Purpose, Bent Grass, Bermuda, Bluegrass, Centipede, Fescue, Rye, St. Augustine (Floratam), Tall Fescue, Zoysia

Delivery Method


Dry Fertilizer Type

Dry Lawn Fertilizer

Emergent Type



No Additional Features

Fertilizer Formula


Fertilizer Weed Control

No Weed Control

Lawn Fertilizer Use

New Lawn Starter

Longevity (weeks)


N-P-K Ratio




Pack Size


Safe For

Not Safe for Kids and Pets

Safe for Edibles


Season Use

Fall, Spring

Time release

Slow release

Total Coverage Area (sq. ft.)


Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

If for any reason you, the consumer, are not satisfied after using this product, you are entitled to get your money back. Simply send us proof of purchase and we will mail you a refund check promptly.

Questions & Answers

Q:Can this fertilizer be applied to new lawn where grass seedlings have just emerged and are about 1-1- 11/2 inches tall?
by|Oct 5, 2022
1 Answer
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A:  Vigoro Spring & Fall Starter Lawn Fertilizer can be applied anytime before or after seeding. If your seed was coated with a fertilizer wait to apply 2 weeks after seeding.

by|Oct 6, 2022
    Q:What is the NPK of this fertilizer? You would think it would be listed in the specs.
    by|Feb 1, 2016
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  20-27-5

    by|May 3, 2023
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    Effective fertilizer by Vigoro
    Using a broadcast spreader, I applied this fertilizer to an area of the yard which was newly seeded and had bare spots with partial growth. After 1 1/2 weeks, the grass has filled in nicely and is much more green than it was! I also applied this fertilizer to the rest of the yard which was planted 2 years ago. The entire yard looks very uniform in color and looks much more dense than it was. I'm looking forward to seeing how much better the yard will look in the coming weeks. Keep in mind that I used this in July in Michigan which was VERY hot and humid with only 1 day of rain. I did water it multiple times so that the fertilizer wouldn't burn the grass. This is the first time I've used the Vigoro brand and I was very impressed! I plan to use Vigoro for the rest of my fertilizing needs throughout the year!
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    I trust the brand and love the product!
    By the time I received this product the weather turned to extreme heat of now Summer. Average temperature has been high 80's to mid 90's. Way to hot now to grow new grass from seed. I have reseeded an area of my backyard that last year I had a 12 foot inground fishpond. But I removed that and filled it in with topsoil and decided this would be a good test area to reseed and use this starter fertilizer. With the initial grass already growing that I planted last fall and a light seeding this spring the area before using this Starter Fertilizer the grass was not very green and was not thick. So I have spread another coating of Vigoro Tall Fescue grass seed and then used this Vigoro Starter Fertilizer. It appears that the new grass seed is not germinating as I suspected it would not but the existing grass is getting thicker and very green from the Starter fertilizer. It is a 20-27-05 rating and whatever is in this product it works great. In the fall I am surely going to do this right and complete an area on my front lawn that I need to completely reseed and use this Starter Fertilizer for sure. I see that this product is working making my grass so much more dense and very green. And keep in mind we have been experiencing extremely hot and humid days. This is another great product by Vigoro and I am a satisfied customer and rely on them to keep my property looking beautiful.
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    Good for Established Lawns Also
    I discovered Vigoro Starter Fertilizer in the fall of 2015 for use on my tall fescue lawn. It has worked exceptionally well as a starter fertilizer on new areas that I seeded this spring. After a few weeks, these areas were indistinguishable from the existing lawn. What I use this product for most though is fertilizing my established lawn. Why? The fertilizer has an N-P-K composition of 20-27-5. Most lawn fertilizers for established lawns focus primarily on the nitrogen component which is important for blade greening and growth. However, these fertilizers lack a significant amount of phosphorus and potash. Phosphorus encourages strong root growth while potash contains potassium which helps the lawn resist pests and drought. Many neighbors and others have stopped and commented on the beauty of my green lawn. It is important to water the fertilizer soon after applying it so that it does not burn the grass and kill it. Applying too much fertilizer may also kill the grass. Using a starter fertilizer on an established lawn is more costly but thus far it has provided significant benefits.
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    Green that lawn
    Great coverage with our spreader, put it on five days ago and with the rain the grass has shown a great improvement even in places where we had bare spots. It was easy to see when applying to the grass and I watered it and of course it rained the nest day and really soaked the nutrients into the ground guess that is why the grass just shot up and is a nice and dark healthy looking green.
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    seems ok
    We have a new lawn that we are trying to get established so we have been trying many different products. We have also been in a bit of a drought so our lawn needs a lot of help! When we received this fertilizer we immediately filled up our spreader and spread it all over our lawn. This is not organic fertilizer so it is not safe for children or pets to be on it until it rains and soaks in a bit, which we really didn't like. However after applying our fertilizer we did get some rain and our lawn did look a bit greener. Although it's hard to tell if this product was working or just the much needed rain helped.
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    The grass is coming up well!
    Best thing I can say for this fertilizer is that the new seed I put down in conjunction with the fertilizer is coming up great! I've never used starter fertilizer before, and I was happy to find a product I could safely put down on new grass. I laid down some new dirt, put the fertilizer on top, added seed, mixed it all up and have had great results! As noted, this bag will fertilize up to 15,000 square feet, which is a lot of new seed - this will get me through some fall planting, and spring as well. Well worth the cost if it all comes up as thick as it has so far.
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    Vigoro's Starter Fertilizer seems to be working well so far. We had new grass planted a few weeks ago, so I threw this down on it and the grass has been growing well so far. Obviously, it's important to water new grass consistently for the first few weeks after planting, but it's even more important when you put down fertilizer so that the fertilizer's chemicals don't burn the grass. The fertilizer spreads nicely using both my handheld and push spreaders.
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    Gives Great Nutrients To New Lawn
    This starter fertilizer by Vigoro is very easy to apply on a newly seeded lawn. Here on the East coast we are in a water drought and this starter fertilizer is helping the new lawn retain its water. Within ten days I have noticed the seedlings getting a little bit bigger and looking a bit stronger and not looking like a piece of thread. I can already tell this starter fertilizer is working in the short period of time its been applied.
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    I put this product down a month ago in areas where the grass is thin as a supplement to fertilizer applied by a lawn care company. I followed the instructions on the bag and was very careful not to apply too much so the grass would not get burned. The grass did not burn but I also have not noticed a difference in the thin areas either in color or density. Today I applied some more so time will tell whether it makes a difference.
    Excellent For New & Old Lawns
    I used this on new patches of turned soil that I wanted some grass at as well as old lawn areas. This product is super easy to spread. I used a hand held seeder. The new grass area, I spread the seed and this product and grass grew. I can't say it was any different than any other fertilizer since for our area it takes about 14-21 days for grass to grow. Where the difference for me was, is on the old lawn! On the old lawn, I spread only a little seed to just blend into an already existing lawn. I also used the fertilizer and watered accordingly. Within a week, the old grass perked up and started to green. The new grass about three weeks later was also evident. This is a solid product.
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