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Smart Edge Manual Trigger Roller

  • Produces sharp clean edges with the twist and trim function
  • Thumb trigger allows precise and controlled painting
  • Integrated 6 fl. oz. paint reservoir
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Product Overview

A new fresh look to any room starts with quality paint and the Wagner Smart Edge Roller. The Smart Edge Roller makes prep work easier and more enjoyable by eliminating hours of taping and cut-ins. It's a 3 in. roller with adjustable trim tool for clean edges and is easy to load and easy to clean.
  • Twist and trim tool delivers sharp clean edges and eliminates hours of taping
  • Integrated paint reservoir eliminates need for paint tray
  • Thumb trigger for controlled and precise paint delivery
  • Reservoir hold up to 6 fl. oz. of paint and covers up to 96 lin. Ft. in one fill
  • 3 in. x 3/8 in. roller
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Handle length (ft.)
Nap Size/Thickness (in.)
Product Depth (in.)
2 in
Product Height (in.)
18.5 in
Product Length (in.)
Product Width (in.)
4.5 in
Reach Height (ft.)
Roller Diameter (in.)
Roller Length (in.)


Applicator/Tool Type
Battery Type Required
None, Manual Operation
Variable Flow
For Use On
For Use With
All Paint Types
Frame Material
Handle Material
Comfort Grip
Handle,Roller Cover,Shed Resistant Roller Cover
Number of Batteries Required
Paint capacity (gallons)
Paint coverage per fill (sq. ft.)
Paint Tool Product Type
Product Weight (lb.)
0.65 lb
Roller Core Size
Roller Cover Material
Roller Product Type
Manual Roller
Voltage (volts)
Wall Types
All wall types

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

Questions & Answers


Can I use this with elastomeric paint?

Asked by RW May 9, 2021

You cannot, it's too thick and should not be thinned.

can you use this with acrylic paint? if not, why?

Asked by homedepotcustomer February 25, 2021

Supposedly, you can use these tools with ANY type of paint, so long as it has the right viscosity. I found that these plastic pumps can't withstand the pressure of normal interior paint without thinning. The tubes bulge and the seals leak. So, that is why I don't like these pump-action tools for ANY application. That advice applies double to any thick "one coat" paint.

How do you fill it with paint

Asked by reddog July 5, 2017

You remove the head and put on an extension that goes into the paint reservoir and pull the plunger back. I actually used the tool as simply a paint plunger since the roller didn't work for me.

Can you use epoxy paint with this roller?

Asked by JustMe May 28, 2017

NO. These don't work well for any high-viscosity paint, and epoxy resins can soften the plastic tubes, making them even more likely to leak. Also, clean up would be a nightmare. Epoxy requires chemicals to dissolve. Unless you had some way to pump gallons of noxious poison paint thinner through that tube, you'd have to throw the tool away after use. I'm not convinced the plastic and rubberized components would even withstand exposure to epoxy at all.

Does it work using wood deck stain

Asked by RC May 17, 2017

Yes, you probably could. These only work with thin viscosity material, and most stains qualify. But it seems an inefficient tool for that application.

Can it be used with Lanco elastomeric roof compound

Asked by Paul October 2, 2016

No. It is not suitable for thick viscosity compounds.

can i put a handle on the end so i can reach up high

Asked by mary September 25, 2016

No you cannot.

Does this product work well on textured walls against the trim

Asked by EC February 4, 2016

I painted a stucco home with cedar trim, and found this to be a perfect fit for cutting in atop ladders. The knap is not heavy, but just pump out the paint and make a couple passes.

Can the 3" roller head on the smart edger mauual trigger roller be used the wagner power roller system

Asked by Doug September 29, 2015


Can this be used to cut in ceilings?

Asked by Tek420 June 15, 2014

Yes, the edge guard wheel rotates to help you with the changes in direction cutting in a ceiling requires.

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Great disposable paint edger.
Thought this would help and it did for the first time use. After extensive clean up, paint started leaking past the pump and roller seals and ended up being a huge mess. Threw it out after 3 uses. Buy a higher quailty tool if you’re doing extensive work.
by HomeDepotCustomer
Response from Wagner Spray TechMar 23, 2021
We're sorry to hear about the trouble. Give us a call for warranty service at 1-800-328-8251. WagnerSprayTech
Trigger leaks
I bought this yesterday and tried using it this morning. Loaded it with paint and started rolling. The paint started leaking out of the trigger before any came out of the roller. The smart roller that I used for painting the large area worked fine but this one is terrible.
by ck57
Response from Technical SupportNov 18, 2020
We're sorry to hear about the trouble. Call our tech support team for a warranty replacement at 1-800-328-8251.
Not as advertised
Nothing like the videos or pictures. It does not get close enough to trim. Waste of money and time.
by Bjm2020
Response from Technical supportFeb 24, 2020
We're sorry to hear that. The trim brush needs to be adjusted and loaded with paint in order to get closer to the trim. For tips and tricks give us a call at 1-800-328-8251.
Useful but had some functional problems
I recently purchased this for a rental paint job in hopes it would cut the trim time down significantly. The unit was easy to put together for loading and painting. It takes a little experimentation and practice to get the results intended, and the more time I spent with it the better results I got. I did have a functional problem with the unit after I had been used it awhile, and I will discuss that at the end of this review. The unit seems to do best on baseboards and made the work go significantly faster. It wasn't perfect, but the more I used it the better it did. It got very little paint on the baseboards, which if you wipe the shield regularly keeps that from happening. I would say it took only 2O% of the time on the baseboard wall than if I had manually cut it it. Cutting in around the door and window casings was fair to good, it took a little more time to get a sharp line of paint up against the vertical casings. I believe gravity has a lot to do with. When you're rolling horizontally the paint will flow south, toward the baseboard, and I noticed this even more on the ceiling when rolling the wall next to the ceiling. It took much much more effort to get the wall covered up next to the ceiling, again I think this is a gravity thing. I haven't had as much experience with rolling the ceilings yet but it does seem like that's going to be the biggest challenge. However the unit did start leaking on me and it was very frustrating because of the constant wiping. The leak occurred every time I had to depress the trigger to load the roller up with more paint. It got quite messy and wasted some paint. I assume a seal has gone bad and hopefully Wagner will correct this.
by Allby
Response from Wagner Technical SupportDec 5, 2018
Thank you for your review. We are delighted you were able to get the hang of using your Wagner Smart Edge Roller. Practice makes perfect. Please call us at 800-328-8251 and we will be happy to fix the issue you are having. Happy painting!
Good self-contained tool for edging
Confession: I'm a lazy painter. It's not that I won't paint things, it's just that I won't prep the space. Ever. Only after I've botched a job do I pull out the painters tape, and then it's too late. Project: I've been putting off a bedroom paint job for a while because I didn't feel like taping out the windows, baseboards and molding. This tool was the perfect opportunity to tackle the project. Overview: The tool is 17.5 inches long with a 3 inch roller. Easy to handle, lightweight (even once paint is loaded in the handle) and really sturdy. It comes with a "fill adapter" which is used to pull paint from the paint can into the handle of the tool. Performance: I've used cheaper versions of similar tools in the past. They never seemed to work as advertised: Either the edge wasn't clean enough or the roller would slide or the angle was awkward. Not so with this. I think the difference is due to the edge brush, which helps ensure a sharper edge. Good to know: - Is the line as sharp as a perfectly applied piece of painter's tape? Probably not. But, in my case, it's pretty close. I'm a perfectionist and the result was more than good enough for me. - I found the roller worked better on my slightly rougher, textured walls with matte paint than on the walls previously painted with semi-gloss where it had a tendency to slide. (Other rollers also slide, sometimes you just need a brush!)
by freelyelee
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Efficient and Easy to Use
I used the edge paint roller to repaint a wall that I had added bead board to. I first watched on online video to see exactly the best way to use the roller. I made sure not to oversaturate the roller. It covered well and there was no need for tape. It worked perfectly. The paint loaded without a mess and cleanup was easy.
by Jteach
2 people found this helpful
.I am quite impressed by this product.
I had the opportunity to review Wagner TurboRoll and SMART Edge Roller.I love to paint.I am a Artist and love to do Wall Murals.I used these products in my little girl's bedroom and was saying to myself "Were was Wagner TurboRoll and SMART Edge Roller all my life? Let me just say it made painting her walls so easy and when it says 7 x 10 on one fill,they are not kidding. I used a little bit of paint out of the can.I only filled the paint roller once for a wall in a half and still had paint left and emptied the leftover paint in the can.It covers the wall with paint very well.I am quite impressed by Wagner and I will definitely use their products in the future. I would highly recommend Wagner TurboRoll and SMART Edge Roller for anyone painting products. I give 5 Stars out of 5 Stars and 2 Thumbs Up!
by StephsBitByBit
Save your money!
Yet another paint product that doesn't live up to the marketing claims. The learning curve for this product is very steep and long. After an hour of practice, I still could not achieve the same results as I could with a brush. You need to keep going over the same area many times to get a decent edge. And NEVER use this on bare drywall - the little edge brush digs a groove in the joint compound, requiring subsequent rework with spackle. Filling the handle reservoir is very messy, and the device is a pain to clean and lubricate. My advice - just spend $15 on a quality Purdy brush and teach yourself to edge by hand, then pocket the savings. You'll get the entire job done more quickly, and you'll be much happier with the results!
by Greg
9 people found this helpful
Did not perform well on edges. Had to go back and use frog tape to correct. I would not use or bu...
Did not perform well on edges. Had to go back and use frog tape to correct. I would not use or buy again.
by Erica
Response from Wagner Spray TechJun 11, 2021
Thank you for reaching out to us. We are sorry you are having issues with your Smart Edge Roller. Please give our technical support a call at 1-800-328-8251 and we will be able to assist you. WagnerSprayTech
Edge roller is good, but could use some upgrades like...
Edge roller is good, but could use some upgrades like making the pump handle smaller as it gets in the way and have to move it a lot. Other then that it does work well.
by Royal760
Response from Wagner Spray TechJun 9, 2021
Thank you. WagnerSprayTech
Showing 1-10 of 231 reviews