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1/3 HP - 12-Volt Battery Backup Sump Pump System

  • Pumps up to 3300 GPH at 0 ft.
  • Reinforced, corrosion-resistant thermoplastic construction
  • Alarm sounds and lights-up to notify when the system is active
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Product Overview

The Wayne ESP25 back-up system performs up to 3300 GPH at 0 ft. and is built of reinforced thermoplastic construction for corrosion resistance. This complete add-on 12-Volt sump pump backup system comes complete with professional grade battery charger, reliable reed float switch for automatic operation and alarm system, with status indicator lights to let the homeowner know when the system is active.
  • Pumps up to 3300 GPH at 0 ft.
  • Reinforced, corrosion-resistant, thermoplastic battery back-up sump pump system
  • Professional grade back-up system keeps battery properly charged - requires one 40 Amp hour or 75 Amp hour deep cycle battery (sold separately)
  • Alarm system with status indicator lights, lets homeowner know when back-up system is active
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Name1/3 HP - 12-Volt Battery Backup Sump Pump System0.33 HP Special + Battery Backup Sump Pump System1/3 HP Battery Back-Up Emergency Sump Pump System with Alarm
Battery Type Required12-volt12-voltBattery Not Included
Housing MaterialThermoplasticThermoplasticThermoplastic
Voltage 12v12v
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Product Depth (in.)
Product Height (in.)
Product Width (in.)


Amperage (amps)
Battery Life (hours)
0 h
Battery Type Required
Housing Material
Number of Batteries Required
Product Weight (lb.)

Warranty / Certifications

Certifications and Listings
ETL Listed,No Certifications or Listings
Manufacturer Warranty
2 Year Limited Warranty

Questions & Answers


M’y low battery alarm is going off but both batteries test fully charged

Asked by Sharon February 29, 2020

I found that about every 6 months you have to put a changer on it for a day. Your batteries my have a bad cell in them. Or your backup is malfunctioning meaning it needs to be replaced. Or you might have to pull the pump out and wash the bottom of it out/remove the screws on the bottom and clean it. I have had to do that to mine. I hope this works.

why quote flow at 0 feet for a pump that is used below grade?

Asked by JP June 27, 2018

How should I connect this product to my existing discharge pipe of 2" PVC? I am not handy. Thanks.

Asked by Jerseyboy June 13, 2018

You can connect to the existing discharge pipe but you'll need two check valves to make sure water only moves in the outflowing direction and not back into the sump (essentially one pump pumping back in reverse through the discharge of the other). Each valve fits in line with the pvc via clamps or glued. They are available at HD and are easy to install.

What is the power cord length?

Asked by Cramper June 5, 2018

The cord is six feet long. Be award that some of the cord is under the lid and in my case, the outlet is on the left side of the unit so I only have five feet of usable cord which is plenty for my setup. I've lost power to our house a few times since installing this and it has worked like a charm every time. I wish I had one of these when we got hit by Hurricane Irene - that storm cost me a lot of money in damage!

Can I use a Watchdog brand battery in this Wayne Battery Backup Sump Pump System? Or do I have to use a Wayne battery??

Asked by Brian January 28, 2018

You can use any deep cycle lead acid battery, like a marine battery. You want to be sure it has sufficient amp hour rating to run your pump for an acceptable period of time. A maintenance-free battery will save you a lot of headaches.

One comment stated that the reed float switch turns on the pump for a "timed" run time of 20 - 25...

Asked by Danz2Manz January 5, 2018

I have never heard my pump turn on unless it had water to pump out. I manually turned it on thes fall to empty the sump and it ran a ittle longer than it might have but because there was so little water I figured it was ok to run a little longer.

How much current does this pump draw? It can not be 0 amps as stated in the specs...unless it doe...

Asked by Skid September 25, 2017

I measured 1-3 amps DC under load It will depend on height of discharge pipe

can this sump pump be used to replace my existing failing sump pump or is it just designed to be ...

Asked by GC August 24, 2017

I don't think its reliable or powerful enough to be used as the sole pump. I bought it as a backup and it worked great for a short period of time, but a year later is totally dead.

Besides a battery ,what plumbing fittings are needed to install

Asked by Kk July 7, 2017

Depends how you connect it to your existing system, but in general, a 1 ½" male adapter, a Check valve, a 45º street elbow and a wye.

What other parts (not shown) are needed to in stall this pump?

Asked by Kk July 5, 2017

It depends on how you plumb it, but if you wye it in to the pipe for the main pump you would need: - 1 ½" PVC pipe - 1 ½" male adapter - Check valve - 45º (Street) elbow (a street elbow can be connected directly into the check valve; a regular 45 will work, too) - 1 ½" wye - PVC primer and cement - Possibly 1 or 2 1½" rubber couplings, depending how you do the install

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This sump pump was big enough to handle all of the water that comes into the crock. For the main ...
This sump pump was big enough to handle all of the water that comes into the crock. For the main sump pump I have a 3/4hp electric. So with the 1/3 hp it can keep up when the main sump pump has lost power.
by Richard
2 people found this helpful
Easy to put in. Well worth it for peace of mind!
Easy to put in. Well worth it for peace of mind!
by Glenn
Some issues encountered after 10/10/2010
We have had this unit since 2010 and we recently had an alarm which was sounding on the system. I then took out the marine battery and brought it to an auto parts store to fin out that it was not holding a charge (Not to bad for 4-years on a battery). Anyways, After replacing the battery, I found that the charger was not working correctly as it kept alerting after the battery replacement which should only happen for about 30-seconds and then result in a reset. This however did not happen and I let the thing whine for about 5 hours. The next day I took the control unit apart and found the source of the issue which I think is the same thing that a lot of people have been giving it negative reviews for. It seems that when the board was constructed, they used a 470uf Electrolytic Capacitor @ 35v. This component was built in the same batch as some of the other bad capacitors out there so in turn it ended up boiling and eventually bursting or doming over. I was able to pickup a new 470uf@35v Cap from my local electronics store and with some simple solder work, I was able to de-soldier the old bad CAP and replace it with the new one. The system has since been working fine ever since. It seems they should have went with a better sealed capacitor and not a standard Electrolytic.
by benand1985
56 people found this helpful
Installed and tested several times and backup system works like a charm. I feel a lot more secure that I have this system. Now after 15 years I feel I can finish my basement and not get flooded again.
by DrDGH
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failed quickly
We’ve had this system a little over four years. We have used it twice maybe. Currently the wiring does not charge our battery and the pump will no cycle on. I would NOT recommend this system as it is not reliable
by west
so far so good
Product delivered on time and undamaged in original packaging. Everything was packaged well. Install was very straightforward and easy with two pumps set up side by side. I tested with main power on, garden hose filling sump pump well, and unplugged main sump pump (simulating failure of main pump). Also tested with all wall power off (simulating power outage). In both modes, the back up pump triggered with the float switch and ran for 25 seconds (timer based vs float sensor trigger for off). Battery used was a deep cycle size 27 that I purchased from local auto parts store. For initial install and test operation, this product gets five stars from me. Time will tell on durability and operation in a real emergency.
by Jack
System died after 3 weeks. Can't get anyone...
System died after 3 weeks. Can't get anyone to respond to my calls
by Cynthia
If the design of a product changes, the pictures or information for the product should be changed...
If the design of a product changes, the pictures or information for the product should be changed accordingly.....period. Online shoppers deserve to have up-to-date information and pictures to make an informed purchase, and they shouldn't have to troll through numerous reviews to discover that the product's pictures and/or description do not reflect the product being sold. At the time of this review (July 21st, 2018), the webpage shows the battery case with the control panel on the outside. Shoppers need to know that the control panel is now on the inside of the case affixed to the top cover for the battery case. As at least one reviewer pointed out, this affects the size of the battery that will fit in the compartment. Despite this, I do believe that this is the best backup sump pump for the money, and I'm confident that it is going to serve our needs well into the future. I researched NUMEROUS backup sump pump systems and I strongly believe this system is the best that you can get for the money. Works awesome.
by TN4
Pump arrived as promised. Easy to install. ...
Pump arrived as promised. Easy to install.
by Benzito
The backup system does not have replaceable parts, such as the pump itself, a proprietary DC pump...
The backup system does not have replaceable parts, such as the pump itself, a proprietary DC pump that Wayne does not sell. The marine battery is way overpriced.
by Paul
Showing 1-10 of 100 reviews