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5/4 in. x 6 in. x 16 ft. Ground Contact Pressure-Treated Premium Southern Yellow Pine Decking Board

  • 2X the protection compared to Above Ground treatment
  • Treated for protection against fungal decay, rot and termites
  • Use for decks, walkways, landscaping and other outdoor projects.
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Product Details

Pressure treated deck at sunset to show stairs and an outdoor living space.

Add Value To Your Property

Studies show that adding a deck is one of the best ways you can increase your home's value.

Pressure treated deck overlooking a lake complete with pressure treated steps and Deckorail components

Building Code Approved

Pressure-treated decking is building code approved for use in decking in above-ground or ground contact applications.

Close up of the deck boards showing how to properly clean your deck

Extend The Life Of Your Deck

Your maintenance efforts will give you a pressure-treated project that looks bright and fresh for years to come!

A sunny day of a man using a powerwasher to clean his deck boards

Preventative Maintenance Plan

1. Depending on the location of your outdoor project with regard to direct sun exposure, foliage coverage, etc., it may be sufficient to clean/brighten and recoat every two years. 2. If you decide to wait two or more years to perform your next cleaning/brightening, you may want to use a power washer. Be sure that the cleaner/brightener you use contains a mildewcide.

Close up of the a generic paint can on deck boards

Choosing The Right Stain Or Paint

When determining the right stain and paint for your deck, consider what color will best enhance the wood's finish.

A close up of water beaded up on a deck board

Paint or Stain Tips

If you desire to paint or stain the treated wood project, it is important that the wood be dry enough to accept a coating. The best way to determine if the wood is sufficiently dry to paint or stain is to sprinkle droplets of water onto the wood. If the water droplets are absorbed, the wood is ready to be painted or stained. If the water droplets bead on the surface of the wood, it is too wet. You should wait a few days before attempting to paint and stain the wood.

Close up of a non color additive pressure treated deck board

No Color Additive

Weathershield Pressure-Treated Lumber

Close up of a cedar-tone pressure treated deck board


Weathershield Pressure-Treated Cedar Tone Lumber

Close up of a redwood-tone pressure treated deck board


Weathershield Pressure-Treated Redwood Tone Lumber

Close up of a pressure-treated post with Deckorail solar and ball top post caps

Post Caps

Post caps add the finishing touch to your deck, porch, or fence project. What's more, they protect your post from nature's elements.

Close up of a pressure-treated double v and square edge posts

Deck Posts

Deck posts add a classic, decorative charm to your outdoor living space all while adding support to your deck, fence or porch.

Close up of a pressure-treated B2E baluster and square edge spindle

Balusters & Spindles

Treated balusters are used not only for safety and strength, but they also aid in creating a custom look to your railing project.

Pressure-Treated Pine meets the highest grading standards for strength and appearance. This double treated Ground Contact lumber must be used for applications where treated lumber is difficult to maintain, repair or replace. Treated lumber is critical to the performance and safety of an entire system or construction such as deck joists, beams and ledger boards. An additional benefit of treated lumber is its defense against rot and insect infestation for its vast majority of applications. Southern yellow pine is responsibly manufactured, safe and environmentally friendly when used as directed.Treated wood is typically still wet when it's delivered to The Home Depot or job site. As it dries, you should expect slight changes in width and length. As lumber dries, it may split, cup and warp. This is more likely to occur to occur in lower-grade boards, where knots and uneven grains are already present. Each piece of lumber is unique and carries physical characteristics that may include the following: knots, warping, shrinkage, swelling and/or splitting.
  • Made of pine
  • Ground contact treated lumber can be used in both above ground and ground contact exterior applications
  • Backed by a lifetime limited warranty against termite infestation and rot
  • 5/4 in. x 6 in. x 16 ft.
  • Must use ground contact pressure treated lumber where lumber is at risk for poor air circulation, less than 6 in. from the ground or has poor or no water drainage below the structure
  • Ground contact treated lumber should be used in tropical climates or applications likely to have prolonged contact with vegetation or leaf litter
  • Ideal for a variety of general uses including exposed structures, sill plates, decks, docks, ramps and other outdoor applications
  • Uniform thickness, density and appearance for stable and long lasting performance
  • Hot-dip galvanized fasteners are recommended
  • Individual pieces of pressure treated lumber will reference ground contact on the end tag
  • WeatherShield includes water repellant in the treatment process
  • No two pieces of lumber are the same.
  • Color, grain pattern and texture will vary as well.
  • Premium grade lumber should be used when small knots are the desired appearance for your lumber project
  • Premium grade is a high-quality lumber that has smaller and fewer knots.
  • Find everything you need to complete your decking project here
  • Note: product may vary by store
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  • California residents



Actual Product Length (ft.)16 ftActual Product Thickness (in.)1
Actual Product Width (in.)5.5Approximate Weight (lb)33
Nominal Product Length (ft.)16 ftNominal Product Length (in.)192.0 in
Nominal Product Thickness (in.)5/4Nominal Product Width (in.)6 in
Nominal Width (in.)6 in


Chemical retention (lb./cu. ft.).15 lb/ft3Contact Type AllowedGround Contact
FeaturesPaintable, Pressure Treated, StainableLumber GradePressure Treated;Stainable;Paintable
Pressure treatment chemicalMCA - Micronized Copper AzoleTotal Linear Feet Covered16

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer WarrantyLimited lifetime

Questions & Answers

Q:How many to a bundle?
by|Oct 20, 2023
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  David, these decking boards will be sold individually.

by|Oct 20, 2023
    Q:What is the difference between this premium board and the standard to justify a 50% price increase? Model #253919 Store SKU #1001754829 VS. Model #253944 Store SKU #1001754837
    by|Sep 6, 2023
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  PremiumBoard, please consult with a PRO associate at your nearest Home Depot store for information about product pricing.

    by|Sep 7, 2023
      Q:I am installing 5/4 x 6 pressure treated decking. It was just purchased and had not dried out. Should I install thr boards tight ot leave a gap?
      by|Jul 5, 2023
      2 Answers
      Answer This Question

      A:  Tight, DON’T leave a gap. When dry, gaps will appear.

      by|Dec 2, 2023
        2 found this answer helpful

        A:  Pete, Ultimately, your deck boards should have an edge gap between ¼ inch and ⅜ inch to allow for proper ventilation and for debris to pass through. However, most pressure-treated lumber decking that is sold through box retailers has high moisture content (meaning it’s wet) — so the boards are swollen. Always butt wet boards tight against each other or leave a minimal gap. Your wet deck boards will contract and create a wider gap as they dry. This could happen in a relatively short period of time (days to weeks) or may take longer depending on your climate and exposure to the sun. Otherwise if you are wanting to wait and install until after they are dry we recommend doing the "drip test". Drop water onto the deck surface, if the water quickly absorbs, then the wood is dry. If the water droplets bead up, your wood is still wet.

        by|Sep 17, 2023
          1 found this answer helpful
          Q:On the floor deck which side facing up
          by|Jun 29, 2023
          2 Answers
          Answer This Question

          A:  the best side facing up

          by|Jun 30, 2023

            A:  Deck, This would be a preference by the consumer. There is not a top or bottom of one side that is suppose to be better than the other. It's truly an appearance preference.

            by|Jun 30, 2023
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              Premium deck boards arrived on time and only had 2 boards out of 65 that were not usable. Very few visible knots. Better than expected
              Response from UFPI RepresentativeDec 5, 2023
              Dear Mike, thank you for your wonderful review! If there’s anything else that we can help you with, please e-mail our customer service department at UFPRetailCS@UFPI.com, and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.
                60 splinters in my side
                Be warned to check the stamps onnthe boards if you buy premium or standard. Bought 60 premium deck boards Home Depot delivered 60 standard deck boards with 60 premium upc tags stapled over the standard stamp. Still waiting for them to pick up. Not once have they apologized and have held up my project a week so far and we know time is money.
                Response from UFPI RepresentativeNov 3, 2023
                Dear Bill, we appreciate your business and value your review on your experience. If you would like the opportunity to discuss this matter further, please reach out to UFP Retail Solutions at UFPRetailCS@UFPI.com, and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.
                  • Recommended
                  I was a little leery about having 76 of these premium 16 ft decking boards delivered sight unseen. But the weight being in excess of 2500 lb, I had little choice. But I was pleasantly surprised how good they looked. I couldn't be happier. The driver placed them exactly where I needed them. He was an artist dodging traffic on my busy rural road. My 30 year old deck is coming back to life and it's looking awesome! A fun project and well worth the time and expense.
                  Response from UFPI RepresentativeJun 27, 2023
                  Dear Tetter868, thank you for sharing your experience! If there’s anything else that we can help you with, please e-mail our customer service department at UFPRetailCS@UFPI.com, and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.
                    • Recommended
                    My deck came out great using this lumber. Over 95%...
                    My deck came out great using this lumber. Over 95% of the boards that were delivered were usable for deck flooring. The few that weren't I used to build a firewood shed. I installed the wood in June and I just finished staining it this weekend (11-12 Sep. 2021). My deck faces Southwest and takes a beating from the sun. I'll report back next spring with an update.
                      1 found this review helpful
                      Good quality boards straight and true
                      Good quality boards straight and true
                      • Verified Purchase
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                      Purchased over 100 of these "premium" boards in late February 2017 for our deck. When installed a...
                      Purchased over 100 of these "premium" boards in late February 2017 for our deck. When installed a rubber mallet was used to install the boards as tightly together as possible; couldn't even slip a sheet a paper between the boards. Jump to today, two years later, there are huge gaps between each board, nearly an inch in some spots. Horrible product would not recommend. Hugely disappointed.
                        12 found this review helpful
                        I purchased 24 pieces of this decking to replace 12 year old decking. I installed them using a pi...
                        I purchased 24 pieces of this decking to replace 12 year old decking. I installed them using a pipe clamp to squeeze them together and then screwed them in with 2.5 inch decking screws. After less than four weeks the boards dried out and left a 1/4 to 5/16 inch gap which I was expecting. There were, however, quite a few boards that were splitting; other boards warped and curled. I stripped my deck down to the joists, added bracing and a post and have virtually brought it up to code. This deck was carefully installed. Guidance I gained on various websites suggested a few months between installation and staining. Not sure I agree with that based on the performance of these boards. Had I stained them earlier they may not have split but the problem affected only 30% of the boards. I suggest anyone purchasing these boards carefully inspect them and ensure there are no micro-splits anywhere. Some of these boards look like they have been installed for far longer than one month.
                          9 found this review helpful
                          Not the same as in the store
                          I purchased 2 batches of these boards in store and had one board with one not showing. I didn’t sort through the boards the first time and the second time the stire clerk assisted me and told me that We had to take them as the came and only left me set one board out that had a black knot in it. For my third purchase, I opted for delivery due to size. This was my first Home Delivery, so it was a bit if a test. I paid extra for the premium boards to make sure i didnt get stuck with duds. The delivery went fine, but I was dissapointed when when I unstrapped the boards. The boards look like they sorted out all the bad boards, or shipped me the discard pile. Some boards have 7 knots, some have big black knots and some are a grainy green color. There is no way these are “Premium”and there is no way that this was just as they came from the bundle. Non of the boards i recieved look like the other boards I purchased. I have seen many standard grade boards that look better than this. Some of the boards won’t flex properly because the knots are so big, not to mention rough. They will fail at these locations. I am very dissapointed that Home depot would select these boards to send on a home delivery. These do not look like the boards I saw in store. They should have been returned for credit from the distributor or downgraded and sold at a discount. I really cannot find a good excuse for this. I would not trust them to select wood for me again. Either they don’t know what they are doing, they do know but don’t care, or they take advantage of delivery customers purge the worst boards. The delivery fee was not worth it based on the product recieved. Lesson learned.
                            • Recommended
                            20 found this review helpful
                            I was skeptical when I ordered the lumber for my sitting area deck because it was not being deliv...
                            I was skeptical when I ordered the lumber for my sitting area deck because it was not being delivered from my local Home Depot; therefore, I was not able to pick out the decking boards. I was a little surprised that all the boards, except for one, were straight which made the construction much easier since I built the deck myself. Many happy hours will be spent in this sitting area enjoying the outdoors.
                            • Verified Purchase
                            • Recommended
                            2 found this review helpful
                            Had 37 pcs delivered. Delivery excellent. IMO about 2-3 boards were not acceptable for finish d...
                            Had 37 pcs delivered. Delivery excellent. IMO about 2-3 boards were not acceptable for finish decking. Fortunately I ordered 1 extra board, and used 1 fewer than expected. Overall satisfied price/quality for PT decking. Attached photo is day after decking went down. Used extra boards to make a planter for deck
                            • Verified Purchase
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                            2 found this review helpful
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