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5/4 in. x 6 in. x 16 ft. Standard Ground Contact Pressure-Treated Pine Decking Board

  • 2X the protection compared to Above Ground treatment
  • Treated for protection against fungal decay, rot and termites
  • Use for decks, walkways, landscaping and other outdoor projects.
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Product Overview

Pressure treated deck at sunset to show stairs and an outdoor living space.

Add Value To Your Property

Studies show that adding a deck is one of the best ways you can increase your home's value.

Pressure treated deck overlooking a lake complete with pressure treated steps and Deckorail components

Building Code Approved

Pressure-treated decking is building code approved for use in decking in above-ground or ground contact applications.

Close up of the deck boards showing how to properly clean your deck

Extend The Life Of Your Deck

Your maintenance efforts will give you a pressure-treated project that looks bright and fresh for years to come!

A sunny day of a man using a powerwasher to clean his deck boards

Preventative Maintenance Plan

1. Depending on the location of your outdoor project with regard to direct sun exposure, foliage coverage, etc., it may be sufficient to clean/brighten and recoat every two years. 2. If you decide to wait two or more years to perform your next cleaning/brightening, you may want to use a power washer. Be sure that the cleaner/brightener you use contains a mildewcide.

Close up of the a generic paint can on deck boards

Choosing The Right Stain Or Paint

When determining the right stain and paint for your deck, consider what color will best enhance the wood's finish.

A close up of water beaded up on a deck board

Paint or Stain Tips

If you desire to paint or stain the treated wood project, it is important that the wood be dry enough to accept a coating. The best way to determine if the wood is sufficiently dry to paint or stain is to sprinkle droplets of water onto the wood. If the water droplets are absorbed, the wood is ready to be painted or stained. If the water droplets bead on the surface of the wood, it is too wet. You should wait a few days before attempting to paint and stain the wood.

Close up of a non color additive pressure treated deck board

No Color Additive

Weathershield Pressure-Treated Lumber

Close up of a cedar-tone pressure treated deck board


Weathershield Pressure-Treated Cedar Tone Lumber

Close up of a redwood-tone pressure treated deck board


Weathershield Pressure-Treated Redwood Tone Lumber

Close up of a pressure-treated post with Deckorail solar and ball top post caps

Post Caps

Post caps add the finishing touch to your deck, porch, or fence project. What's more, they protect your post from nature's elements.

Close up of a pressure-treated double v and square edge posts

Deck Posts

Deck posts add a classic, decorative charm to your outdoor living space all while adding support to your deck, fence or porch.

Close up of a pressure-treated B2E baluster and square edge spindle

Balusters & Spindles

Treated balusters are used not only for safety and strength, but they also aid in creating a custom look to your railing project.

Pressure-Treated Pine meets the highest grading standards for strength and appearance. This double treated Ground Contact lumber must be used for applications where treated lumber is difficult to maintain, repair or replace. Treated lumber is critical to the performance and safety of an entire system or construction such as deck joists, beams and ledger boards. An additional benefit of treated lumber is its defense against rot and insect infestation for its vast majority of applications. Southern yellow pine is responsibly manufactured, safe, and environmentally friendly when used as directed.Treated wood is typically still wet when it’s delivered to The Home Depot or job site. As it dries, you should expect slight changes in width and length. As lumber dries, it may split, cup and warp. This is more likely to occur to occur in lower-grade boards, where knots and uneven grains are already present. Each piece of lumber is unique and carries physical characteristics that may include the following: knots, warping, shrinkage, swelling and/or splitting.
  • California residents
  • Made of pine
  • Ground Contact treated lumber can be used in both Above Ground and Ground Contact exterior applications
  • Backed by a lifetime limited warranty against termite infestation and rot
  • 5/4 in. x 6 in. x 16 ft.
  • Must use Ground Contact pressure treated lumber where lumber is at risk for poor air circulation, less than six inches from the ground, or has poor or no water drainage below the structure
  • Ground Contact treated lumber should be used in tropical climates or applications likely to have prolonged contact with vegetation or leaf litter
  • Ideal for a variety of general uses including exposed structures, sill plates, decks, docks, ramps and other outdoor applications
  • Uniform thickness, density and appearance for stable and long lasting performance
  • Hot-dip galvanized fasteners are recommended
  • Individual pieces of pressure treated lumber will reference Ground Contact on the end tag
  • WeatherShield includes water repellant in the treatment process
  • No two pieces of lumber are the same.
  • Color, grain pattern and texture will vary as well.
  • Use standard grade lumber is a rustic appearance is desired with your lumber project
  • Standard grade will have more natural characteristics than premium grade and the size of knots may be larger
  • This lumber will contain more knots that will range in size
  • Find everything you need to complete your decking project here
  • Note: product may vary by store

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Actual Product Length (ft.)
Actual Product Thickness (in.)
Actual Product Width (in.)
Approximate Weight (lb)
Nominal Product Length (ft.)
Nominal Product Length (in.)
Nominal Product Thickness (in.)
Nominal Product Width (in.)
Nominal Width


Chemical retention (lb./cu. ft. )
Contact Type Allowed
Ground Contact
Paintable,Pressure Treated,Stainable
Lumber Grade
Pressure Treated;Stainable;Paintable
Pressure treatment chemical
MCA - Micronized Copper Azole
Total Linear Feet Covered

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty
See store for details

Questions & Answers


I recently had a deck built and it has bright green areas (probably the chemical mixed with sap)....

Asked by Maggie August 1, 2020

The green color is from oxidized copper that was used to treat the wood. Copper kills fungi which would otherwise rot the wood. The color will go away with rain and time as the copper runs off the wood. You can pressure wash it for faster results and then stain. Just ensure the wood has dried before you stain it

Can you use this board as the top of a hand rail?

Asked by Ron June 19, 2020

If you'd like

Would this be ok to use for outdoor furniture to set in. It will be stained and have urethane coat.

Asked by Maddog June 18, 2020

Yes this will work for that

I need 90 board how can I get them

Asked by Eddie03 June 11, 2020

You can schedule a delivery. There is currently a nationwide shortage of pressure-treated lumber so it may be hard to find.

I have 5” wide pressure treated deck boards and I need to replace a few of them. I see on the website you have 4”wide or 6”wide deck boards.

Asked by AllenB June 1, 2020

5/4is only sold in 5 1/2 true width. but I an sure if you need to get a specific size you can have some custom ordered thru one of the mills but it will cost a great deal and you will need to order a min amount. If you need specific widths you will have to check your local HD to see if they can even make that happen for you.

Are your premium 5/4 deck boards No. 1 or No. 2?

Asked by Jim May 9, 2020

we get both but you have to make sure you are getting the ones that you want. I would pick all my own boards . Thanks

what kind of pressure treated lumber is best for gardening

Asked by jackie April 5, 2020

For a raised garden, use a 2 x board for added strength

How many boards will it take to build a walkway 4 feet wide by 40 feet long

Asked by Jfry February 7, 2020

40' x 12 in/ft = 480" of total length; 480" length / 5.5" wide = 87 four foot wide pieces laid side by side to get to reach 40' length; 16' / 4' wide (ignoring saw kerf) = 4 pieces per length; 87 pieces needed / 4 pieces per length of stock = 22 pieces of product needed to be purchased for surface decking. That's why Ms. Gantt always said to "show your work" in algebra class - now I get it! You will of course need more wood if you're also building the support structure and not resurfacing existing. Highly recommend pressure treated support structure - it doesn't do any good to have a good surface on top of a structure below that rots away.

Why can't I get the YellaWood 5/4 x 6 x 16 at a California Home Depot? I just moved here from MO...

Asked by RB December 1, 2019

California has strict environmental restriction which is over the top

how many do I need for a 15 x 36 deck

Asked by PHILLIP November 18, 2019

66 boards

5/4 in. x 6 in. x 16 ft. Standard Ground Contact Pressure-Treated Pine Decking Board - page 2

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Doing the job....
Doing the job.
Was this helpful?
Was this helpful?
Excellent for deck. We used the 16 feet boards and it made our build so much easier. Very happy.
Excellent for deck. We used the 16 feet boards and it made our build so much easier. Very happy.
Was this helpful?
Surprised to find most of the boards, 16-foot lengths, with straight edges. Sure made repairing d...
Surprised to find most of the boards, 16-foot lengths, with straight edges. Sure made repairing deck muck faster. Great price!
Was this helpful?
1st lot was a little knotty but the second lot was much better and we are thoroughly satisfied wi...
1st lot was a little knotty but the second lot was much better and we are thoroughly satisfied with the results. These 16 ft boards are just the ticket for our DYI project.
Was this helpful?
garbage.... only lasted 4 years
this new pressure treated decking lasted 4 years. I've been a contractor for 30 years and never seen treated lumber this bad.
Was this helpful?
Very good product for my project
Very good product for my project
Was this helpful?
This product looked good when I purchased it but after it was exposed to the elements severe warp...
This product looked good when I purchased it but after it was exposed to the elements severe warping of the boards happened making about 10% of it completely unusable. I believe the wood should have been dried better before selling it to consumers or a 10% discount should be given to compensate for the unusable waste.
Was this helpful?
Used this on edge in contact with the ground to create sliding doors on each end of a hooped gree...
Used this on edge in contact with the ground to create sliding doors on each end of a hooped greenhouse so I could cover it with hardware cloth. End result was something that doesn't rot and prevents all kinds of unwanted critters from getting to my tomatoes.
Was this helpful?
Poor quality. Knots throughout the boards...
Poor quality. Knots throughout the boards
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