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Urban 5.3 Gal. Zinc Plated Easy Close Step on Trash Can

  • Vintage design step can
  • Slow quiet close lid makes for no more slamming
  • High quality mechanism tested for 100,000 cycles
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Product Overview

Wenko 20 l Easy Close Step on Trash Can has a Retro design with Zinc Coated Steel and a durable mechanism to ensure a long life. The removable liner has a wire carry handle for easy removal. The external carry handles make it easy to re-locate the can.
  • Durable internal mechanism
  • Easy close soft closing lid
  • Retro zinc plated design
  • Removable plastic liner with wire handle
  • Fully enclosed base

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Urban 5.3 Gal. Zinc Plated Easy Close Step on Trash Can
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Bucket/Tub MaterialPolypropylenePolypropylenePolypropylenePolypropylene
Lid/Top MechanismStepStepStepStep
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Bucket/Tub Material
5.3 GA-Gallon
Color Family
Lid/Top Mechanism
Trash and Recycling Features
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Trash Can

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Nice Garbage Can
This is a great trash can for a bathroom or office. Previously in our bathroom we had a trash can that was so tiny that it seemed like I was constantly emptying it. Plus, it didn't have a lid which kind of grossed me out. This trash can is larger than most in the small range while still small enough to tuck next to a toilet or other tight spot. The foot pedal works easily and the lid closes softly which is nice. The inner plastic part of the can easily lifts out with a handle so it's easy to remove the trash without fiddling with the outer metal part. It's nice, too, because if your bag leaks (or you don't use one), you can easily rinse out just the plastic can section. It's got a cool look--kind of retro with the shiny silver, old school garbage can style.
by Sarah
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Nice Size
This little trash can reminds you of the old trash cans, It even has the wire handles on the sides. It has a step on opener The opener is easy to use Smooth opening and closing It has a inter pail to remove and empty I have chosen to place it in my bathroom Which has caused a lot of attention from guest Wanting to know where I got it Really useful.
by Christmas2
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Quality built trash can.
This trash can makes it easy for anyone to know where the trash should go. The look of a galvanized metal trash can is synonymous with trash and many people are able to recognize this shape from a very early age. I for one have looked at very sleek, ultra-modern looking trash cans and had some uncertainty if it was for trash or not. No problem like that with this can. Here are some details about the can: • As I mentioned above, no question this is for trash. • The galvanized can and plastic inner bucket are made of heavy material and seem like they should last a long time. • The pedal to open the can and the soft close work very well. • I know the box says this is for inside use but I needed it for my patio and so outside it went. It has not been exposed to the rain because it’s under an overhang but so far, it has done well with the cold and the moisture (fog/dew). • The ability to remove the inner can is nice so that someone doesn’t have to carry the whole can to the street because it is a little on the heavy side. • It seemed a little pricey for a trash can but I had to remember that this is a pedal operated, self-closing model which makes the price very attractive when compared to similar models. Overall, this seems like a quality trash can that should last a long time.
by Roadrunner
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Easy Close Step Can
I really like this cute step garbage can, and am glad to have a cute can that keeps our dog out of garbage. It's got a vintage feel to it...reminds me of Oscar's can from preschool days! It opens well with a light step, and closes softly. It also has a liner can on the inside for easy removal and cleaning, which is convenient. It's too small to be a kitchen garbage can, but is a nice size for an office, bathroom or guest room.
by Momthebuilder
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Cool retro trash can!
The Urban 5.3 Gal. Zinc Plated Easy Close Step on Trash Can looks great on my pool deck! It's just the right size to hold my recyclables. I love the easy close lid, no slamming noise. It comes with a removable inner plastic liner. So no need to use a bag if you prefer not to. It's sturdy and well made. It's 5.3 gallons. I could only find 4 or 6 gal bags, so I went with the 6 and they're fine.
by HomeDepotCustomer
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Good Quality!!
I was happy with this cute trash can. The lid opens with good control by the press of the foot step, without scooting backwards. The lid closes slowly for a nice quiet closing. The photos I uploaded show a very good wide opening when fully opened for easy disposal of trash from overhead. I would like to have seen a trash can liner retainer slot at the inner bucket rim. It currently functions pretty good despite not having this slot, as you can see in the photos the liner tucks down inside pretty well when replacing the inner bucket.
by Achersaway
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Great Purchase For Your Office Or Craft Room
This trash can is simple and easy to use. The slow close lid makes it quiet and without the clang of a dropping lid, rather nice to use. The foot pedal is handy for under table storage. The interior removable trash bin is great so you don't necessarily have to take the whole can out. The interior plastic bucket is thick enough plastic that wear and tear should not be an issue in the least considering the smaller size of this item. It's components are simple, and gravity based, which means only one small spring in the lid that is easy to access & replace if necessary.
by Anroyals
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Great for the Garage
This 18.5" tall zinc coated garbage can is perfect for storing the dog waste I pick up in my yard. The black Polypropylene liner has a handle and is easily removed from the can. When I'm finished picking up after the dogs, I step on the can's foot pedal and the garbage can lid opens up and I reinsert the liner. The lid closes slowly on its own. It's a good fit as well. There's a handle on the lid and 2 handles on the can. It's lightweight and easy to relocate. I'm lining the liner using 8 gal garbage bags. I keep it in my garage.
by Lady
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The URBAN zinc plated steel trash can from Wenco reminds me of the larger metal trash cans we had when I was a kid. It has an old school look with two handles on the sides of can to easily move it around and a handle on the top of lid to resemble typical galvanized trash cans with removable lids. I remember using the lids of the larger metal trash cans as a shield when I was small. The inside has a bucket type liner with handle so you can easily remove it from can and dispose of contents inside. The easy- close mechanism is well made and keeps the lid of bin from slamming closed when you remove your foot from the petal that opens trash can. The opening and closing mechanism and metal petal are well made and seem to be very durable unlike plastic step trash cans that usually break after a certain amount of time. I remember " The Good Old Days " when I was younger and would go to the metal step trash can in my house to throw something away and end up continuously stepping on the petal to open the garbage can and then let it slam closed to make a musical beat like it was a drum. This would most often annoy either my mother or father.
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Cute design as a mini-trash can of old
This is a functional trash can suitable for a garage or laundry room. It is designed to look like a classic metal trash can, though with a lift out plastic "bucket" liner to keep the metal clean. The step pedal opens the lid without having to touch it so this is nice for areas where hands may be dirty or full. The lid closes nice and tight as well.
by DIYBob
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Showing 1-10 of 31 reviews