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32 oz. E-Z Fill Spray Bottle

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  • Capacity for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Projects
  • Sprays up to 3x the Volume of Other Sprayers
  • Adjustable Nozzle to Deliver Fine Mist or 30 ft. Powerful Stream
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Product Overview

"The ZEP 32 oz. E-Z Fill Sprayer is strong enough for all day use on commercial jobs or everyday jobs around the house. Quickly and conveniently complete commercial projects, saving time and resources for other tasks. Homeowners and hobbyists will be thrilled with the quick-work results provided by this affordable, easy to use, high output sprayer from ZEP. The E-Z Fill Sprayer is strong enough for use with professional or industrial strength chemicals. The best option for use is dilutable concentrated cleaners and chemicals. Bleach may also be used, provided that the sprayer is cleaned immediately following use for maximum durability and longevity of the sprayer. Solvents, bleach or acids may shorten the lifespan of the sprayer due to the nature of the chemicals. To extend the life of the sprayer, thoroughly rinse bottle and spray clean water through trigger after each use before storage or reuse regardless of the chemical solution used. Never store abrasive chemicals, bleach, acids or solvents in the container. The Zep E-Z Fill Sprayer delivers 3.1 CC per stroke. The high-volume output sprays up to 3 times the volume of other sprayers, saving you time and reducing fatigue on larger jobs. A fully adjustable nozzle can deliver a fine mist or powerful stream, as far as 30 ft. New wide mouth opening on the bottle makes mixing chemicals easier, reducing spills and eliminating the need for funnels. "
  • Sprayer is Designed with Chemical-Safe Materials and Nozzle with the Power to Easily Hold and Distribute Professional and Industrial Strength Chemicals
  • For Best Results, Use Dilutable Concentrated Cleaners and Chemicals in the ZEP 32 oz. E-Z Fill Sprayer
  • Bleach May Be Used In Sprayer If The Sprayer is Thoroughly Rinsed and Cleaned Immediately After Use. Never Store Bleach in the 32 oz. E-Z Fill Sprayer
  • Solvents, Bleach, or Acids May Shorten the Lifespan of the Sprayer Due to the Abrasive Nature of the Chemicals
  • To Extend the Useful Life of The Sprayer, Thoroughly Rinse Bottle and Spray Clean Water Through The Trigger After Each Use and Before Reuse
  • New Wide Mouth Opening Makes Mixing Easier, Reduces Spills and Waste, and Eliminates the Need for a Funnel
  • EZ ID Labels are Included with the Bottle to Properly Track and Identify Bottle Contents During Use and Storage
  • E-Z Fill Spray Bottle Features Easy to Read Graduated Scale for Measuring and Mixing Chemical Cleaning Solutions

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Another cheap spray head
I thought paying a little extra for a industrial grade spray bottle would be a good idea. Lasted 1 month with very little use before the spray head cracked. Not worth the extra money
by No
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    Do not work after 6 month if not used
    I purchased two kinds one like that and 2 of yellow kind. Slimmer than this one. None of them worked after 6 month when i needed to use them for cleaning. Dont buy this worthless product! Threw all 3 in the garbage! Wish someone have told me.
    by Sergei
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      Great until it breaks. Two different times
      See photo where the unit starts to separate. After first tume, Home Depot let me swap for free. After second time, I have to believe it is bad design rather than a fluke. Both times, the crack has allowed Clorox to leak, drip, and permanently stain the bathmat.
      by Matthew
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        I bought it a little over 2 months but recently used. It can hold strong chemicals. My problem wa...
        I bought it a little over 2 months but recently used. It can hold strong chemicals. My problem was the quality of the head/handle (black part). I filled it almost up to 30 oz which is the Max printed on the bottle. But the weight of the product itself was too much that it broke. I thought since the capacity is 32 oz it could resist, but it didn't. I guess if you fill it half way or less, this sprayer could be useful. It did not meet my expectations, a much cheaper bottle can do the same performance.
        by crisbrns
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          1 small con. good bottle.
          This is a good, heavy duty spray bottle and it holds a lot of liquid. Having said that, it's got weight to it when it's full. The way it is designed, the top part that falls back against your hand and your thumb joint knuckle where your thumb wraps around and your fingers grab to spray it, digs in. So when you are pulling the trigger to spray the liquid, there's some movement each time. It ends up blistering your hand eventually if you do much spraying with it. Wear gloves. I just use it to spray water when I iron. I don't want to have to wear gloves for that. Other than that complaint, it's a good sprayer and it's got a fine mist and I don't know what the others are talking about when they say it doesn't mist well. I imagine that could be based on the fact that they have no idea how to adjust it to spray a mist properly. Anyway, It's a real good sprayer except for the fact that it will rub a blister on your hand if you don't wear gloves and you spray very much with it. They need to fix the design where the curvature does not go down into your hand. Hard to explain, but hopefully somebody can figure out what I mean and proceed with caution.
          by Rie
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            ZEP High-Output Chemical Spray bottle I’ve had a collection of ZEP spray bottles over the years. ...
            ZEP High-Output Chemical Spray bottle I’ve had a collection of ZEP spray bottles over the years. This new one with the black pump is a high-volume hand pump spray bottle that is chemical resistant. It has a very nice feature in that the bottle opening is larger than my older bottles, so it is much easier to fill. The bottle is bigger around and shorter than my previous ZEP spray bottles, so it is much more stable when it is set down, yet holds the same amount of liquid. The pick-up tube does have a mesh on the bottom to help prevent picking up debris that might clog the sprayer. The spray nozzle adjusts from a fine wide angle mist to a jet stream that may easily reach 20-30 feet. I was easily able to spray the second story eaves of my house. This spray bottle puts out a lot of liquid without a lot of hand effort.
            by scheck
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            Don't cheap out on a spray bottle. This bottle works great! Easily adjust from a fine mist to ...
            Don't cheap out on a spray bottle. This bottle works great! Easily adjust from a fine mist to a stream that shoots about 20 feet! A large comfortable trigger makes it a good choice for longer use applications. I keep this on hand for a bleach disinfecting solution for the kitchen and bath. The cheaper sprayers leak after a few months. I am sure this will last a lot longer. Easy to read markings, a clear bottle, and a wide mouth on the bottle make it perfect for mixing chemical solutions for whatever cleaning job you have. There is a large area for writing the type of chemical on a sharpie. Also includes a couple of stickers to write the chemical name on top of the sprayer for easy reference or date of mixture prep. Well worth the cost considering how long the cheaper bottles last.
            by Joe_Seattle
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            Much better than the average sprayer! Wide-mouth bottle. Extended trigger for more leverage. Wide...
            Much better than the average sprayer! Wide-mouth bottle. Extended trigger for more leverage. Wide range of spray patterns. I am very glad I got ZEP's U43010 with the wide black neck. Easy to fill. Sturdy bottle. Powerful spray. Spray nozzle adjusts narrow to wide with a half turn. Note that ZEP's mailroom seems to have confused two different "chemical" spray products. The model with blue plastic is a lower-price U39001 and does not have the Wide Mouth, is a very ordinary sprayer. The U43010 has larger tougher black plastic bits and I can fit two fingers in the bottle neck. See my picture. The difference is very clear in the store. If you get it shipped, make sure you receive the right model. I filled mine with degreaser. In just a few minutes I had treated a lot of filthy engine, both wide-spray down the side and pinpoint into corners. It's a big strong sprayer and the trigger may be a bit large for smaller hands.
            by Paul
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            Nice to the Touch.
            Im not a complicated man. I just want certain things to ork certain aways, So when every squeeze bottle manufacturer decided to their liquid Products with the same supplier’s squeeze top which no longer allows for the selection of a mist versus direct spray, I decided to buy the sprayer. here’s the issue with the sprayer number one the neck of this bottle does not have enough thread to properly secure the handle and you will find after a few spritzers that your liquid will be on the floor. Second issue is that it allows for a finer missed which requires more tension on the handle but because the handle is built with less heavy weight plastic it snaps and breaks the fix is to elongate the neck of the bottle and allow for more thread to properly secure the sprayer possibly adding some type of lock mechanism to the neck and the sprayer to attach it to secure from accidentally disconnecting something like a pin second would be hard in the spring and handle of the sprayer to allow for that finer messed or restrict the sprayer to the point where the person cannot use it rather than break it. I would be more than willing to spend $10 or even 15 if I know that I could have a quality sprayer that does the job and where I don’t have to worry about it for a year so far I probably spent about $30 on various sprayers with similar results 
            by bitlo
              It’s sprays all over your hands
              I got excited about this bottle but was sadly disappointed when I went to use it. It sprays the contents out all over your hands regardless of the settings. I’ll be returning it for a refund next time I am near HD. Don’t waste your money on this sprayer. I only had water in it.
              by DogMom78
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