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60W Equivalent Color-Tunable (2000K-8000K) A21 Bluetooth LED Smart Light Bulb - Arctic White

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Unleash the power of light with ilumi Color Tunable LED Smart bulbs. ilumi Color Tunable Smart bulbs give you the perfect light for every occasion. Imagine waking up feeling refreshed with a personalized sunrise that eases you out of bed, or hosting an unforgettable party with lights that dance to the beat of the music, or feeling secure when traveling knowing your lights will automatically turn on and off so it looks like someone is still home. As seen on television's Shark Tank, the A21 LED smart bulb simply screws in like a regular light bulb, perfect for a bedside lamp, fan lighting, or everyday fixtures. The ilumi A21 LED Smart bulb will last up to 20 years and is extremely energy efficient. Control your ilumi Smart bulbs through the free ilumi app on iOS or Android to change the color and brightness, or explore one of the amazing built-in lighting programs to experience your lighting like never before. Requires Apple or Android devices that support Bluetooth Low Energy including the iPhone 4S, iPad Gen3, or above and Samsung Galaxy S3 and similar newer Android models.


  • Brightness: 800 lumens
  • Estimated yearly energy cost: $1.57 (based on 3 hours/day, 11/kWh. cost depends on rates and use)
  • Life: up to 20 years (based on 3 hours/day)
  • Light appearance: 2000K-8000K (tunable white light) plus rich colors
  • Energy used: 13-Watt (equivalent to a 60-Watt incandescent light bulb)
  • Lumens per watt: 62
  • Uses 78% less energy compared to a standard incandescent light bulb
  • Setup in seconds - screw it in, download the application and enjoy
  • Show your style - personalize your atmosphere with any shade of white light or rich colors
  • Individual and group control - simple group and scene setup for flexible lighting control
  • Bluetooth smart mesh - just the free ilumi app and your ilumi smart bulbs for whole home control
  • Hyperlux LED technology - enjoy bright light in any color from crisp whites to rich colors without compromise
  • A brain of its own - remembers your favorite settings and schedules for the right light at the right time
  • Give life to light - preset lighting experiences to harness the power of light
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Product Information

Internet # 205830893

Model # ML2101W

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Bulb Diameter (In.)


Product Height (in.)

5 in


Actual Color Temperature (K)


Average Life (hours)


Bulb Type


Bulb Type


Color Rendering Index (CRI)




Light Bulb Base Code


Light Bulb Base Type


Light Bulb Features

Dimmable, Energy Saving

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Wattage Equivalence

60 Watt

Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty

2 year limited warranty on parts and labor

Questions & Answers

Q:How many can you control at once?
by|Jan 11, 2016
1 Answer
Answer This Question

A:  Hey Firestone! Thanks to our patented Bluetooth Mesh, you can control up to 50 ilumi in a single network. The bulbs themselves are able o send and receive commands from each other, effective giving whole home control to anyone who has these thorughout their home. Thanks for reaching out, and let us know if you have any more questions!

by|May 3, 2023
    Q:Hello, Is this CSA approved ?
    by|Dec 1, 2015
    1 Answer
    Answer This Question

    A:  Hey AJ! ilumi has not pursued certification via CSA, though we are ETL certified in both the United States and Canada. Hope this helps, let us know if you have any additional questions!

    by|May 3, 2023
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      easy to use and control
      if you have a BlueTooth device (phone or tablet) this is easy to operate. To install, just screw it into a socket and switch it on, download the free app and launch it. It finds the light and pairs with the light. Once that is complete you can set the color and brightness as needed. The light is heavier than most lights weighing 10.2 ounces. The app provides a set of experiences (and even a memory game) that set the light on a sequence of being on or off as appropriate. For example, vacation mode, music pulse, circadian, etc. If it loses power, it goes back to being white when powered on again. I wish it would have an option to remember its last setting. This is the future, where light bulbs can be controlled remotely, the internet of things has arrived!
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      Great smart light
      This is a nice smart LED light bulb that works out very well. I like the fact that everything is integrated into the light and it does not require a hub for it to function. The app that you download to control the light is okay, it's not the easiest to navigated and configure a schedule for the light, however if you take some time you can get the hang of it and everything will work out well. When I installed the light it came up right away saying there was a firmware update, which it did quickly and without any issues. The light the unit makes itself isn't bad, the only color I do not like is white. It just look bad, at least in my sons room where I put this light. I have it on a schedule to turn on, but more of a warmer slight yellow color, and then later in the evening it will change to blue as he likes the color at night. At his bedtime the light will then turn off. I don't see a way of automating a dimming function in the light. While you can adjust the brightness manually there doesn't seem to be an option to tell it to dim over a period of time until it is off. This can be fixed easily within the app, so maybe it will be resolved one day soon. The light is larger than a standard light bulb but still fits well in most lamps. My sons lamp is smaller than most so it sticks out of the top a little, but nothing too noticeable. The light cost the same as other smart type LED color lights, which is fairly expensive if you are trying to replace all the lights in your home. Most people will probably end up changing out lights over time rather than all at once to help spread out the costs. In all it is a great unit and worth looking into if you are looking for ways to automate your home lighting.
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      Works unreliably after frustrating learning curve of APP and not so good Bluetooth connectivity
      If you decide to try this device out, you may be playing with your emotions a bit at first with the excitement of a cool gadget. I say that because I am quite tech savvy, have iPhone 5 fully updated and this thing had my mind twisted into a pretzel. Once you plug it in after realizing it has no instructions in the package, it will REQUIRE you to download the Ilumi APP in order to create an account profile to control the device. It will then require you to download the latest firmware update and then you can frustrate a lot when it fails to work and you need to turn on and off all devices, reset it back to factory defaults, turn off the power because you are frustrated and wait 4-hours before you attempt to make yourself upset playing with it again. Customer service takes about 48 hours to respond and they do respond but more so to check out troubleshooting through their webpage, which again, is frustrating. It all just seems to be rush, rush, rush to get it out on the market at a rather high price point. While it is a LED bulb, it is more of a device requiring a parent device to control it since you cannot do much of anything with it without a smartphone or tablet with the latest operating system installed...it will not work with older tablet that are limited to OS updates since some will no longer allow or handle the newer OS updates like the Ipad 2. I installed the app and frustrated with trying to figure it out without instruction or a clear OS based APP. It seems to be a rush-to-market APP with little thought of the end user having to go through multiple layers of confusion to simply use the device including the back and forth to the troubleshooting on the webpage. But hey, lets throw in the game SIMON to play where I wish they worked on the APP to be more like competitors with a simple, easy to use OS but this thing loses bluetooth connection way too easy to be a reliable device in my humble opinion. It has many functions/features, most of which are not "new ideas" that exist with other similar items. I find "rise & shine where you select a theme like "Barcelona" a bit hokey with the simulated sunrise and not so natural use of colors. It has a music experience which works but is just a simple selection of colors that repeat in pattern and does not appear to dance to the beat one is cool colors, one are warm colors and the last one is just Dance with all available colors. The selection of music access within the device is limited for some odd reason which made me frustrated as you could select songs for a play list but they would not play. It also has a "Torch" feature which will light the ilumi bulb when you enter the room using a geofence range but the flaw with that is you should have your phone (smart device) on you at ALL times. With all of this, the bulb gets very hot and I do not see anywhere that it is UL listed but if you want to give it a whirl and make yourself a bit crazy, go for it. I thought my daughter would love it but I highly doubt she will have the patience to figure it out to have lights dancing to her favorites songs.
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      Light Bulb to a Whole New Level
      I like saving electricity by using more efficient light bulbs but this light bulb does not just save electricity it's a smart light bulb too, it can be programmable and can be set for different colors depending on your mood (all colors). It synchronizes with the music on the phone and that is a plus. I first put it on the bedroom but I changed it to the library since depending on the mood we can change the color of it and I also like the fact that it is very bright and you can dim it down. The application was easy to find and install. I am planning on buying a few more for the bedroom since I like the feature of Rise and Shine, what it does is schedules the light to turn on the time you want. Use it as my alarm. My wife didn't see the use of it when I told her but once installed and seeing it in action she likes it as well.
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      Remote controlled RGB light that can put out any color
      The short description is that these ilumi bulbs are RGB bulbs (see the description below if you don't know what this means) that are programmed via Bluetooth from your smart iOS or Android device. Whether the features are worth the cost is what you will have to decide. There are a couple of features that distinguish these from other smart LED bulbs I have used: First, rather that using just white LEDs, these bulbs have red, green, and blue (RGB) LEDs, which allows them to put out virtually any color. Think of it as being able to put out any color your TV can put out, which can range from multiple colors of white (quite "warm" to very "cool") or soft colors to extremes like vivid red, magenta, or purple. You can program both brilliance (how bright) as well as the color. This type of RGB lighting is used commonly in club and theatrical lighting, but this is the first I have seen where these abilities are brought into the home. The second thing that makes these different from other smart bulbs I have used is that the bulbs themselves are smart: rather than having a central wireless hub of some kind that controls the bulbs, these bulbs have the programming and "brains" in the bulbs themselves, so no central controller is needed. Further, these bulbs are advertised to talk with each other, so while you have to be within Bluetooth range of the nearest bulb (typically 30-50 feet), from there the bulbs can talk with each other. So in theory, you could place a string of bulbs 30 feet apart, and you could still program and control bulbs hundreds of feet away as the programming from your phone gets relayed through the bulbs from near to far. (Note that I don't personally have enough bulbs to test this, but I have no reason to doubt the manufacturer on this.) One advantage of these smart bulbs is that you program default settings into the bulb itself. With the other "smart" bulbs I own, if someone flips a light switch accidentally or if there is a power outage, all the bulbs come back on at full brilliance and stay in that state until the next scheduled signal is sent to them (which could be many hours if an outage happened while I wasn't home). With these ilumi bulbs, you can program the default color and brilliance, and that is what they will turn on to when the power switch is turned on (or when the power comes back from an outage). There are some limits to the control app you should know about. (I used an iPhone, so I haven't tested the Android flavor.) First off, when I read the description that these are color-tunable from 2000K-8000K, I figured I could set an actual numeric color temperature. You can't (at least in today). You can choose from 6 predefined shades of "white" (although 2000K is quite yellow, and 8000K is quite purple), or you can use a color wheel to choose any color you want visually, but you can't set a specific color temperature. (I had hoped to use this feature to decide what color temperature of "normal" bulbs to use in rooms, but I can't do that.) Another limitation is that while you can program automatic on/off or scene changes (go to any color/brilliance at any given time of day), you can't program them to automatically go on or off at moving targets like sunrise or sunset. (My other "smart" lights do allow this.) So if you wanted security lights to go on at sunset or off at sunrise, you can't automatically do that with these bulbs. I do know that ilumi is working on a new version of their app, so some of these features may be added in the future. But as of now (July 7, 2015), neither of the above 2 features are supported. There are other "Experiences" (modes) that I didn't play with much: Music sync (pulse your light to the beat), Vacation (simulate being home while away), Circadian (lighting to support your body's natural rhythm), Simon (Play simon says with light), and Torch (light up where you are, turn off when you leave). I did try Torch, and didn't have much success. It's supposed to turn on a light when you approach with your phone, and turn off a bit after you leave. (Think of it as an electronic motion sensor to only have lights on when you are in the room.) But I never got this to work reliably in my first couple of tests, and wasn't interested enough in it to put in further debug effort. These bulbs do have at least 2 notable costs to them. The first is the price tag: These cost way more than white LEDs (including other "smart" ones I have worked with), so you'll have to decide if the RGB colors and other features are worth the money to you. The second cost is power. This 800 lumen bulb is rated at 13 watts, and ilumi claims these are the most energy-efficient RGB bulbs out there today. Several years ago 13 watts was pretty typical for an 800 lumen white LED, but now you can find many that use less than 10 watts for that much light. The heat sinks on these bulbs are massive compared to most 800 lumen LEDs today, and they do run pretty hot by LED standards. So in conclusion, if you need the RGB color capabilities these smart bulbs have, I'd highly recommend them. If you need a smart bulb but don't need the color capabilities, I'd shop other smart options before making a choice. If you don't need either RGB or smart capabilities, there are many other options that cost way less and are more energy efficient.
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      Very cool technology!
      This bulb, although a bit pricy, offers a great range for adjusting its brightness and color temperature. As the husband (and support staff) of a professional photographer with numerous fine-art pieces on display, I was very impressed with the adjustability of the color temperature of this lamp. It can easily be set to properly bring out the colors in the images where other lighting sources do not. Add to that the "cool factor" of setting a particular mood, as well as having the ability to dim down to almost nothing. This clearly beats the best of dimmer switches I have used. Finally, the 78% power savings over a standard incandescent lamp is impressive - and efficiencies like that keep paying benefits for the life of the bulb. (Which will likely outlive me!) The ilumi app was very simple to install in my Android (Samsung Galaxy S5) phone and has functioned flawlessly.
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      Instant dimmer
      I installed this light bulb in the bedroom of my soon to be born niece. The baby room's lights were not dimmable, so this will allow my sister to use low light for midnight feedings, she's also looking forward to using the color control to add subtle light mood cues, calming blue and relaxing greens. It would be nice if it supported wi-fi so they wouldn't have to worry about pairing their phones.
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      Not as advertised
      I saw this product on Shark Tank and thought it looked cool. I had a Home Depot gift card so I decided to give them a try. I did research on Ilumi's own website and watched their promotional video. This product does not do half of the things they promise, such as turning on and off when you enter or leave a room, change color with your stock portfolio, or finally change color when you receive a phone call or text message. I believe they say those things are possible as part of a future update for their app (reading between the lines, there is no mention of it I can find on their website), but then they shouldn't charge you full price today for future performance. If you take this bulb at face value now, which is just a color changing light bulb, then they are severely over priced. Steer clear for now.
      • DIY
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