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Questions and Answers for Secure-A-Tank Toilet Tank Support/Tank Brace Set (2-Pack)

Internet #205403861

Model #SAT-006

Store SKU #1000116962

  • Braces the gap between wall and tank to prevent leakage
  • Designed to enhance support and prevent wobble
  • Plastic-built makes it resistant to molds and termites

Questions & Answers

Q:Will these brackets support a 5” gap
by|Sep 17, 2021
1 Answer
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A:  Hi - The Secure a Tank braces will support up to a 4" gap.

by|Nov 15, 2023
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    Q:Had a new toilet professionally installed, but the tank lid is loose and if it is jarred, makes the sound of porcelain scraping on porcelain. Will this Brace fix this problem? (ie, will it prevent movement?) It's not like I can use felt like on a chair leg! I don't know what to do.
    by|Jul 12, 2020
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    A:  I think it would help. Be really careful cutting it the right size. I found it worked better cutting it one mark longer than what the top measurement gave me.

    by|Sep 26, 2023
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    A:  No this item fixed my tank from moving. I also have the Lisa rattle I just put a piece is felt on each side of lid that worked for me.

    by|Aug 14, 2020

      A:  This bracket clips on on the back of the tank under the lid and braces against the wall. You can adjust the size of the bracket depending on the space between the tank and the wall. Hope this keeps the tank top from moving.

      by|Jul 13, 2020

      A:  I’m not sure exactly what your problem is. These will brace the tank against the wall and stabilize the tank. It sounds like the installer didn’t tighten the tank bolts enough.

      by|Jul 13, 2020
      Q:Did someone really say that these things resist termites? Will order or pick one of these up after I stop laughing.
      by|Dec 20, 2019
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      A:  You got to be kitting

      by|Dec 23, 2019
        Q:would these work on a toilet tank lid that has the water saving push buttons on top? the kind that you push 1 button for pee the other button for poo
        by|Jan 29, 2019
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        A:  Yes, the button placement has no issue where these are installed.

        by|Apr 1, 2021

        A:  Yes, I am using it on one of those.

        by|Jan 30, 2019