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  • Great 28 Bottle Cooler for the price
  • December 10, 2012
  • Recommended Product

I picked up this fridge last week when my 16 bottle holder fridge died - and I was attracted to this unit for the price but was surprised by this unit when I was able to get it home and set it up. This unit is a nice unit, that has many features, lacks some, but gets the job done for the price. It is a good size, both physical and in its capacity, that is attractive to look at. PROS: -Wooden shelves with no grooves to accommodation different bottle sizes within the unit. Fits my collection nicely. -Holds 28 bottles very comfortably. -Nice lighting that displays the bottles, but is not overly bright. -Stainless steel door that is reversible, which is nice if you move and have to change the way this doors orientation is. -Handle for the door. This sounds silly, but this was a huge benefit to have for me. -Compressor driven. Will last longer than the alternative, and the vibrations are minimal as to not disturb the wine. CONS: -No temperature reader / display on the unit, nor on the outside of the door. -Manually set the temperature dial inside the fridge instead of outside (not bad once set, but can be difficult to get it perfect). -Can run a bit until you get your ideal temperature - meaning it reacts to the environment easily. I would not buy this for an "uncontrolled" environment. Overall - I would recommend this cooler for the price - you really can't beat it!

Pros Durable, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Sturdy, Easy to Install, Looks Great, Stylish, Good Size & Weight, Nice Design Cons internal temperature controls
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Cleveland, OH, USA
25 to 34, Male
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By: Fonseca
  • This product has stylish features but poor efficiency by running constantly
  • August 13, 2013
  • Recommended Product

The product is extremely noisy. I have also had problems with it forming ice at the back inside of the fridge, even at a low setting. Not all bottles of wine fit due to length and diameter. It was easy to set up and I loved the idea that I could change the door opening from right to left. I would recommend this product if used in an area away from conversation.

Pros Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Easy to Install, Looks Great, Stylish, Good Size & Weight, Nice Design Cons noisy and freezes up

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West Point, UT, USA
55 to 64, Female
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By: Henngirl
  • Nice for the price but noisy.
  • December 25, 2012

Pro: nice looking, reversible door, wood racks look pretty good considering the low price Con: unit runs all the time and much noisier than any other cooler I've had so not very good if placed within earshot to where you spend your time. I will probably return unit because of that issue.

Pros Looks Great Cons Noisy
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Danville, CA, USA
55 to 64, Male
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By: Rls1
  • Don't waste your money
  • January 13, 2015

After a short time the compressor failed. A call to the manufacturer resulted in no answer at 5:45 EST when they claim to be open until 7 PM CST. When I finally contacted them the next day the representative named Tim was rude and claimed that I was lying when I said that I call the night before and got no answer. I called back and left a message stating I wanted to talk to a manager but that request was ignored. After an internet search I discovered that compressor failure is common and that the manufacturer will not stand behind the product. This company also owns Magic Chef so I would stay away from that brand also.

Cons Not Durable


55 to 64, Female
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By: Junk
  • Two and done.....
  • December 28, 2012

I purchased this cooler on 12/21/12 on sale for $198.00. I had to return it because the temperature did not change in the cooler regardless of the setting that it was placed on and it was getting to cold. I returned it to the store and received a replacement at the new sale price of $148.00 on 12/28/2012. I brought the replacement home and the temperature on setting 3 dropped to 30 degrees...the manual states that the range is 39 - 72 (plus or minus 5 degrees) and there is ice building up inside the back of the unit. I moved the temperature dial to the "warmest" setting and it is still too cold and ice build-up inside. I will be returning this one to the store and will be searching for a different wine cooler. If you are currently using this cooler or intend to purchase one (although I would advise against it), I would recommend investing in a thermometer to prevent ruining any wine that you plan to store in the cooler.

Pros Durable, Sturdy, Easy to Install, Stylish, Good Size & Weight, Nice Design Cons does not maintain proper temperature, no thermometer


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By: Question
  • Good value for the price
  • November 14, 2013
  • Recommended Product

Purchased this unit for under the counter use which I see now is not the intent on this model. Good value, nice looks, durable, like the lighting and wooden racks. Not as noisy as some have complained about on here. I did have a problem like others of ice build up on the back of the unit and condensation on the glass door. Very hard to level as only one front leg moves up and down. Also temperature did stay mostly the same on the first to the last setting.

Pros Durable, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Sturdy, Easy to Install, Looks Great, Stylish, Good Size & Weight, Nice Design Cons freezes up on the inside, not much of a temp variance between settings
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55 to 64, Male
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By: phil
  • Good price, but I can't live with the noise
  • December 31, 2012

I bought this cooler when my old one died. It was nice looking and a great price. However when I brought it home and plugged it in the noise was unbearable. It is at least 5x louder than my old one and much louder than my standard fridge. Very sad to say it is going back. I will pay more to live in peace and quiet.

Pros Looks Great, great price Cons too loud


35 to 44, Female
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By: gator97
  • Poor Quality - unable to control temp and died after 1 year
  • October 05, 2014

I bought this wine cooler for my nicer red wines. I purchased it on 7/25/13 from Home Depot. This month 10/2014 it just stopped working. It falls outside of the warranty period and Home Depot told me I had to work through the manufacturer. Just now, I've seen multiple complaints on this not working - wish I had known when I made the purchase. With tax it was $280.30 - not money well spent. The other issue I have (besides it doesn't work anymore) is temperature control. If you set it on "whites" it almost freezes... when I put it on Red - it is very cold. I think it is better to spend a little more money and get one with a better temperature control - and one that works longer than 1 year. I'd look elsewhere other than this product. Good luck.

Pros Easy to Use, Easy to Install, Stylish, Good Size & Weight Cons Not Durable, temperature is too cold for reds, died after 1 year


Seatlte WA
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By: vinopurchaser
  • do not buy this unless you have a severe hearing impairment
  • December 11, 2014

1st thing I noticed after taking it out of the box was that it had taken a tumble somewhere along the line from the manufacturer to HD, door was not square on the appliance any more - hey HD is pretty good about returns/exchanges - if that was the only problem I wouldn't bother writing this review, I'd just take it back for an exchange. But I plugged it in and it runs NOISY! Noisier than my full size fridge, noisier than my dishwasher. probably not quite as noisy as the microwave, but close to it. AND it runs all the time, even on the lowest setting it almost runs continuously. So after 24 hours of listening to it, I decided not to exchange it for a new one, but I'll take my money back and buy something quiet with it - maybe a lawnmower. Honestly, I hate writing bad reviews, but this appliance is not worth your trouble. It does have a cool blue light inside, but that's about it.

Cons Noisy, cheap construction

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Berkeley, CA
45 to 54, Male
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By: CaptainMike
  • Looks Great, but Horrible Quality
  • December 25, 2014

The wine cooler lasted just over a year and then stopped cooling. Save your money and buy a higher quality product. I am disappointed that Home Depot would sell this garbage, especially given the long list of poor reviews.

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35 to 44, Male
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By: upsetwithHD