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  • Color is nice but it took 3 coats to get...
  • October 01, 2019

Color is nice but it took 3 coats to get this color to look even over an existing light beige color.


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By: SickOfPainting
  • Perfect color ...
  • March 12, 2019

Perfect color


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By: HomeDepotCustomer
  • What an amazing transformation!!!
  • May 24, 2012
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My home endured a little storm damage last summer 2011. I am a single female homeowner, with a small budget for repairs. Then I decided to pressure wash the house myself for the first time, and my creative design from the pressure washer did not offer any curb appeal to my home. So this spring I knew my first project would be shutters and the front door. So remembering how in the past I was always really pleased with Behr paints I knew that would be my product of choice. The colors I selected were a slightly different variation from the original colors. But completely transformed the homes curb appeal. My boyfriend had just bought a new home and highly recommended Behr as well because he had just painted the new home he purchased on the inside. The clean up is excellent, and the rich color textures available are simply beautiful. The hardest part was selecting the right colors, because there were so many colors that I liked. My boyfriend assured me I would only need one gallon of paint for the shutters and door., He was correct, and I still have paint left over. It didn't take as many coats as I thought it would. I know Behr was the right choice, it looks good, and its a durable exterior paint. I have since completed project #2 my masterbath, and will be adding the whole interior of the house this year as well. Again, I just have to decide on which beautiful colors I will be using. Its very exciting to see the paint transform a room, or something on the exterior! Can't wait to get started on the next project! tbgirl6


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By: girl6
  • Use 16 gallons on a Farm House.
  • December 02, 2018
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I'm a retired Teacher of House construction at a trade school. Great paint !


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By: Henrys
  • Excellent product
  • January 27, 2019
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I bought a 1940's house in the 1999. All the woodwork was painted a flat off white paint that looked dirty and dingy and couldn't be helped by washing it. Over the years I have converted all the woodwork by lightly sanding and filling in spots and painting with this hi gloss paint. It makes the paint on all the walls in every room just pop. It gives the rooms a clean finished look that just can't be achieved by anything else. Dust slides right off and if it needs to get washed everything comes right off and it looks brand new again. I can't imagine using any other paint for my woodwork. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Jackie A

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By: Jackie A
  • Great Paint!!!
  • September 04, 2019
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Beautiful finish. Tried other's and came back to Behr. Can't beat the cost compared to the other brands. Used this the high gloss white many times and decided to try the flat ( matte) color on walls and the coverage was so good that I HAD ONLY HAD TO DO ONE COAT! AWESOME!!!

CJ 2019

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By: CJ 2019
  • Love the coverage
  • December 02, 2018
  • Recommended Product

We are painting the interior of our house for first time. It is 11.5 years old. The builder used another brand of paint and the trim has yellowed over the years. We like high gloss trim and ceilings. We have a lot of crown molding and a rather large house. All trim, doors, and ceilings with this paint.


Atlanta, GA
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By: Valueshopper
  • gloss it up
  • February 18, 2016
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This isn't really bad stuff. Kinda pricey but great way to gloss it up


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By: carla
  • Great product!
  • January 30, 2019
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I use this paint on all the trim and doors I paint. It goes on easy and looks fantastic! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


New Jersey
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By: Harlem
  • Great paint and resistant to constant cleaning!
  • July 17, 2019
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I have my daughter and a house full of animals so I’m always wiping something off the walls. This wipes easy and does not lose it vibrancy! 8 months in and loving it! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]


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By: Angel03