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  • ABB's Welcome Door Entry system is a commercial quality high end video doorbell that really deliv...
  • January 09, 2018
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ABB's Welcome Door Entry system is a commercial quality high end video doorbell that really delivers. It has a very polished professional look that looks like it belongs in a ritzy Manhattan condominium complex. That's not really a surprise, since the components delivered with this kit really are part of vast collection of ABB devices that support large apartment buildings and condos. Not only does the outdoor station really look sleek and modern, the video quality this delivers is very good (see video and pictures). No grainy views that leave you struggling to tell who is there. The picture clarity of this unit is great on both tablets and smart phones. The view is wide, yet clear. Additionally, the door can be answered anywhere in the world on any device you have paired with it. The setup is not complicated, but the directions leave something to be desired. The kit comes with three components, the Outdoor Station, an IP Gateway to connect to your Internet router and a mini System Controller. Each component has a brief multi-language instruction sheet, but to really understand how to connect it, you need to access the QR codes and download the more extensive .pdf documents. The kit should come with a simplified diagram suitable for this basic in-home residential application (an attached picture of the hookup and settings is included below). The instructions include references on how to connect these components to very large commercial installations that make it appear to be more complex than it is. The set up really is straightforward. The outdoor station is hardwired, so you will need to run a two wire cable to the unit. Only the mini-controller is plugged into 120VAC for power. The IP Gateway and the Outdoor Station are powered through the 2 wire system bus that all three units are connected to. The IP Gateway is hardwired to your router. The system works by sending your video through the IP Gateway to a free cloud-based service ABB runs that places the call to your tablets/smartphones. Setting up the IP-Gateway is easy, but you must be able to log into your router to figure out what IP address the IP Gateway was given by your DHCP service. Once you know the address, you log into the Gateway and use it's screens to configure your device and pair it with the app you've installed on your tablets and smartphones. The mobile apps are downloaded from the Apple or Google app stores for free. The app itself is very basic, providing an ability to answer the door, see a history of doorbell uses and adjust various settings, like Ringtones, etc. The Outdoor Station has a couple DIP switches and dials that can be used to adjust various configuration options, but none of them need to be altered from the factory set positions (we've included in the diagram, the settings used in our installation that worked right out of the box). We tested the units first by just connecting the units together and using them inside before moving the Outdoor station to the front door. Everything worked perfectly with no issues. In many apartment buildings, these systems include one or more Indoor Stations as well. With this kit, there's no need for the indoor station since the smartphones and tablets serve that purpose. You can add an Indoor Station and with it you get a ton of additional features, like automatic picture taking of visitors, intercom features, etc. In addition to multiple indoor stations, there is also a very large collection of additional gear you can add to this system like door locks/releases, landline connections, guard stations, lights and many more. To support those, connections need to be made at the outdoor station, so we ran Cat 5e cable to support all 8 connections needed to support the options (only 2 wires are needed in the base installation to connect the system bus). We are super pleased with the ABB Welcome system. The app is great and simple and the hardware is rock solid. It is not inexpensive, nor are any of the optional features, but it's quality far surpasses other units we looked at, making it a good value. We plan to add several of the optional features after seeing how slick this installation is. We highly recommend it..

Pros High Quality, Looks Great, Lots of Features, Nice Design, Sturdy, Stylish, extremely extensible, professional level gear

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Columbus, OH
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By: BuckeyeDIY
  • One word that comes to mind with this system is: Professional. Living out in the country, this do...
  • January 11, 2018
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One word that comes to mind with this system is: Professional. Living out in the country, this doorbell system is exactly what we needed. It is perfect. Being able to answer the door from anywhere in the world is key! Having already a doorbell, the wiring was in place to use this unit. It took some time doing research, as the instructions that come with this unit are a bit useless, although they are in many different languages. It does require you to have some knowledge in how doorbells and transformers work. Once I got all that info, it took about an hour to install and get working. The other great thing is you can teach your kids that if they need to get a hold of you quickly and no phone, just go outside and press the button! Overall, a nice unit, a little high on the budget, but works far better than competitors on the market.

Pros Durable, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Good Size & Weight, High Quality, Looks Great, Stylish Cons Difficult to Install
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Bristol, CT
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By: DannyT
  • High Quality Door Entry System. We plan to install this on our back door on our office as that is...
  • May 07, 2018
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High Quality Door Entry System. We plan to install this on our back door on our office as that is where deliveries are made. We prefer to keep the door locked but that can be inconvenient since it is a distance from the front offices. This Welcome Door Entry System will allow us to see and hear when the deliveryman is at the door and we can unlock the door as needed with the optional door strike release. I haven't fully prepared to install it yet so I cannot speak to how easy or difficult it will be. The instructions were a challenge but then I found a more detailed booklet online. It will be especially convenient to see who comes and goes when we aren't there. I like that I can communicate through my iPhone and keep an eye on things. Only requires low volt doorbell wires. System can be expanded to other indoor stations as needed. Price point is high but overall this is a high end system and I think it will be worth the cost.

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Redding, CA
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By: jonjon1