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Customer Reviews for AeroGarden Seed Starting System for Extra

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Model #800295-0100

  • Plastic construction for longevity
  • Includes 50 biodegradable grow sponges for your convenience
  • Offers easy extraction and transplantation of seedlings

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Starting seedlings!
This is a great way to start seedlings! Plenty of room for success!
by FloridaPhilip
Seed starting tray Bounty
Absolutely love seed starting tray! I’ve had grown beautiful seedlings in a shorter time with less mess than soil. I have gifted many plants to friends this year. I am still using it as I started a flower cutting garden and rotate in more flowers like Zinnias.
by dfmayo1
Excellent results
I bought my first AeroGarden in 2011 and now own several. It’s nice when a product delivers what it advertises and exceeds expectations. The seed starting system alone makes it worth the purchase price. I have the original styrofoam one and the upgraded plastic model. I grow 15 or more varieties of tomatoes and peppers each year, and seed starting is the water to go for variety and savings over local nurseries offerings. I am so impressed with results from starting my babies in the AeroGardens. Not only do they sprout 2-3 days earlier than the seed packets say, they develop faster and have an extensive root system. I’ve learned to push back my seed starting 10 days closer to expected transplant times because they grow so fast! I generally only plant one seed per grow sponge because the germination is close to 95% (except the tomato seeds from 2016, I put 4 in each, and of course they almost all sprouted...I hate thinning them!) I like to plant them individually in seed start and grow them for another week or so before setting them out in the garden. The quality of the seedlings the AeroGarden produces is amazing! AeroGarden has been one of my best purchases, and after seed starting season is over, they get a workout growing salad greens and herbs. Thanks for an awesome product! My two pictures show my 13 day old tomato seedlings, planted with seeds bought 2016-2019, already showing true leaves, and basil, peppers, potatoes and others that are 21 days old. I’ve already started removing plants getting too big, and the basil laying across the top has roots over 12 inches long......
by Daunz
hobby gardener
Definitely getting good use out of it. I have been using it to propagate seeds to be transfered to the garden outdoors. However, be mindful that some plants root much faster than others, so perhaps planting seeds of similar types would be best when using it.
by barry
Do not leave middle rows blank.
GREAT for starting seeds. However, I left the 2 middle rows without sponges so I could add water if needed. We experienced a considerable amount of water underneath the unit several days in a row, which I suspect came from the center spout (we don’t know for sure, but never discovered another source for them”leak.”
by Dixie
I have so much fun with these seedling trays.
One of the best investments. If you have a 2019 or older Bounty or an Ultra, these are great. You can practically start your whole garden for the season with just one tray. After you put the seedlings outside, you can grow lettuce, tomatoes, or herbs during the summer inside the house with your AeroGarden's original deck. My tray currently has petunias and coleus in it. I originally started tomatoes to go outside for the season in my seedling tray. Now that they have outgrown it, the tomatoes have been transplanted. Once the petunias and coleus outgrow the seedling tray, who knows what I will start in the tray next.
by Steampunkgardener
I’m so happy using this thing
It’s a great toy for me so far I’ve been able to sprout many seeds using the seed starting system and this unit has enough light to grow things I wanted another one Sunflowers bloomed within two days and quite large Towards the back of unit Catnip on the left tomatoes in the middle Mary Janes in the front see it the jagged leaves Bonsai on the left front It’s been a week very happy with product Just hope it’ll last and won’t break in a couple of years
by KTboston
It works
Nice kit for the bounty. Will help start seedling for eventually outside.
Seed starter tray
This is a great seed starter tray....I start my tomatoes and cucumbers and squash plants in this tray.....I can’t live without it!
by Debbie
Aero Garden Seed Starting System
The product works well ( had great success starting seedlings) provided you have a good LED light source properly set above the tray. Very simple to use.
by BeeKay
Showing 1-10 of 36 reviews