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Lifesaver with great design
Very happy with my purchase! Got the FF50-VOC filter with the FIT50 and it worked great for what I was looking for. Our house was being remodeled for months, and I was having asthma attacks everyday & especially at night due to the construction dust. With my new air purifier, I was able to sleep through the night without waking up due to asthma as I had been for weeks - lifesaver! Later we found out that our ducts were completely clogged and that's why the air quality was so bad in the house, but the FIT50 really helped me to sleep during that time and not feel like a zombie during the day. I've also used it in the kitchen when frying or cooking, and noticed that it filtered out the smell pretty well. Love the auto feature - it detects the air quality and sets it as needed - I don't have to guess what setting it should be on. And I like the different light indicators for poor quality and good quality air - very happy to see that blue clean air light after being red! Lastly, I didn't have a problem sleeping with it at the highest setting, in fact it was helping me to sleep, so noise didn't bother me. There's a hum of course, but it's not bad at all. And to top it off, I got the wood grain design to match our log house, and absolutely LOVE how it looks!
by Nguyen L.
It's powerful, lights are a bit bright
Clearly a powerful and large air filter. The lights on top, which indicate the buttons, are incredibly bright. Its great if you need a night light, not so great if using in a child's bedroom. Ended up moving it into my living room. There are light indicators for the cleanliness of your air. But it either it doesn't work well, or I've had the dirtiest air in my house for the past several weeks with no improvement. I guess its up for debate.
by Baze
Noticeable difference in air quality
Indoor Air Quality is often looked over in many homes. Having clean and healthy air in the home has many benefits, while improving the well being of users in the home. With the market full of air purifiers, they are not all equal. Alen has built a simple, durable solution capable to purify the air in a variety of room sizes. The air purifier came nicely packaged, and fast. In the box there was the unit, the front cover, the 2 filters, power cord, and a child safety cover for the air vent. The filters were easy to install. The front cover attaching by hinging near the top and securing itself by the magnetic bottom, covering the filters. The cover leaves a gap between the filters and the cover allowing for the air to be sucked in on the sides as well as the bottom. The unit’s controls light up (can be turned off for night time). The controls allow for the use of a timer, or always on. Additionally you can control the speeds, or set to auto mode. There is also the option to turn on the ionizer, which charges particles in air making them stick to the filters. To turn the lights off after setting you hit the power button once, hit it twice and the unit shuts off. During operation in Auto mode the fan will adjust itself as needed in order to maintain clean air, detected by the built in sensor. While the Turbo speed is the loudest, its still rather quiet for an air purifier, compared to others. If the unit is set to auto the turbo speed usually doesn’t come on much unless the air is really dirty. The turbo mode is recommended for a couple hours upon first using the unit in a home to initially clean the air. I personally keep it set on auto mode and let it do its thing, set it and forget it. The quality of air is dramatically different than the outside air, my home is less dusty, and feels cleaner. Great relief for allergies improves sleep also. Great product!
by Mark
An attractive, high-end air purifier that really works
It's a bit tricky to review a product that makes health claims (for instance, this product offers an "allergy relief guarantee"), so I'll instead focus on the benefits and drawbacks that you'll find in daily use. First, some basics about the Fit50 Air Purifier. This is an attractive product, clearly designed with an upscale look appropriate for the price. This is not a throw-away gadget that you might find in a convenience store. It's a serious appliance. Second, this appears to be a newer, lower-capacity version of Alen's $600 product, which is rated for 1100sf, whereas this one is rated for 800sf. The other differences appear to be an updated, more streamlined control panel, and a smaller overall size. On to actual usage. After about two weeks of use, this is what I can say about the product: (1) Air Quality: The Fit50 has had a dramatic impact on the air quality in the master bedroom/bathroom suite I've used it in. We typically leave the door closed to keep warm air in, but that previously led to a stale air smell. With this air purifier running, the air in the room is now the freshest in the house, despite the door always being closed. (2) Auto Mode: The auto-detection setting is a nice feature (responding to particulates in the air by increasing speed), but I think it's a bit over-sensitive. The purifier ramps up every time I make the bed, probably due to large dust particles being kicked up, and also responds to the use of the shower, probably due to water vapor. Overall, it just seems to ramp up and down too much. While it's supposed to have three detection settings (blue for clean, yellow for moderate particulates, red for heavy particulates), it constantly jumps from blue to red and back again. I've never seen the yellow indicator. Frankly, when I have the filter running 24 hours a day and nothing is happening in a room, I don't believe it should jump from clean to dirty to clean within a few minutes, over and over again. Something seems off about the detection system. I really like the idea of knowing what the quality of air is in the room, I'm just not certain I can completely trust the Fit50's assessment. (3) Timing Controls: There is a timer feature, which allows you to set it to shut off after 2, 4, or 6 hours, which is great if you just want it to clean up the air when you leave, and then shut off, or perhaps run right before you go to bed but not all night. Even better would be a programmable feature, which would require the addition of a clock, which this unit does not have. I'd love to be able to tell it to turn on at 5pm-9pm every day to clean up the air before arriving/going to bed. (4) Noise/Lights: On the lowest setting, the unit is not particularly noisy, just a smooth fan noise, but on the three faster settings, it's quite noticeable. You won't want it on anything but the lowest setting when sleeping. One thoughtful feature is the ability to shut off all display lights, for instance at night. The lights are very helpful when adjusting settings, but they are also very bright, so it's great to have the ability to turn them off (by pressing the power button a second time). (5) Cooling Effect: A side effect of having the unit running is that a lot of cool near-ground air is forced upwards through the unit's top-mounted grill, which then falls back down in a large radius around the unit. Even ten feet from it, a constant cool breeze can be felt. This may be nice in the summer, but during winter months, a cool breeze may not be what you want, especially in a bedroom. In a small room, it will be hard to avoid the cool breeze effect, which is a drawback to the use of this unit in cold temperatures. (6) Energy Use: Using a watt meter, I found that the Fit50 draws 39W at speed level 1, 46W at speed 2, 55W at speed 3, and 64W in Turbo Mode. Depending on your electricity rates, it will cost about 10-15 cents per day to operate 24/7. That's about the same as a small room fan, and this product does so much more, suggesting that it was designed with high-quality, energy-efficient components. Overall, I am very pleased with the Fit50 HEPA Air Purifier. I had previously used a small, inexpensive air purifier, and it did almost nothing to improve the quality of the air in the room. This product most definitely does improve the freshness of the air. As for the product's health claims, I can't back them up, but I do sleep a bit better when the air is fresher. The cost of the product is daunting given the difficulty in assessing the health claims, but I know for sure that ti's far better than the ~$100 product I used previously.
by Termie
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Great Air Purifier
I always wanted an air purifier for my house, so I was very happy to get this one. It all came in one box. There was a filter, front panel, child guard for the top, and a cord. All went together in a couple of minutes. The filter is pretty thick and has a washable pre-filter. If you regularly wash or vacuum the pre-filter, it extends the life of the big filter which is somewhat expensive. The control panel on the top has an ozone ionizer button which I have on. Also a filter replacement reminder, a two, four, and twelve hour timer that I have on the twelve hour at this time, because the colored light around the power button indicates that I have a significant quantity of airborne particles detected. I am not surprised. There is an auto mode that I am using for best use. To sum it up, I am glad to have this purifier and hope it helps during the spring allergy season.
A breath of fresh air
We own a veterinary practice, and we keep ‘bringing our work home’ in the form of adoptions of abandoned animals. With 5 cats and 6 dogs, not to mention 6 horses, our ranch house has always been a magnet for pet dander and dust. I set this air purifier up in the lounge and set it to automatic. I’ve been running this for a few weeks now. One of our cats is asthmatic, and every other day she would have an attack and require an inhaler. Since installing this air purifier, not only have I noticed a difference in air quality, but our cat Willow has too. She hasn’t had an asthma attack since. Given the amount of airflow, the noise is not at all obnoxious. With the optional exhaust guard that prevents small hands or items from being dropped inside the unit, it is ever so slightly louder. We didn’t used the optional guard on ours.
by Texas
We had our garage floor
We had our garage floor coated which left a distinctive odor so we bought the Allen 50. It's been running for about a week and the odor it hardly noticeable.
by Frank C.
necessary for dog parents
It has helped reduce so much of the "dog" scent in our living room. Absolutely recommend. When we see the filter and how much dust and fur it is capturing I realized I should have invested in this much earlier. So happy to have this and excited to get more when we move to a bigger space !
by Brittany K.
There is a peace of mind having this unit in our home. It is quiet and unobtrusive and really makes a difference in the air quality. Most of the people in our home have allergies and these have improved. There is less dust and pet hair than before. We also like the different filter options and the air quality indicator.
by Caroline O.
These units are incredible!! Super Hero Air Cleaners!!
We have this unit in our largest bedroom/bathroom, and boy, am I sleeping better with this unit on all the time!! I can tell such a difference in the air quality, and when I vacuum the pre-filter, it is incredible! We have a house that is older and all split up, so we have 5 total units. We started with a mold problem, and after it was fixed, I wanted to make sure it stayed fixed, and these units are really making a difference! Plus, we have LOTS of pets, and the dander issue is much reduced, which I can tell by the ease with which I breathe now when I am at home.
by Beth M.
Showing 1-10 of 376 reviews