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  • This is an awesome spa, American Spa's are made by Cal Spa. I love the bluetooth stereo and the w...
  • October 11, 2017
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This is an awesome spa, American Spa's are made by Cal Spa. I love the bluetooth stereo and the waterfall. the controls are easy to operate and this spa has a lot of power. I looked at a lot of spas before choosing this one. I am so happy with my choice. There are other spas out there that have more bells and whistles like more jets and air jets but the more jets mean less power to each jet and an air pump cools the spa down fast. I cannot imagine wanting more jets than this spa has. I have to turn them down.

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45 to 54, Male
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  • I love my new hot tub, American Spa's are made by Cal Spa. It's worth every penny.
  • October 10, 2017
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I love my new hot tub, American Spa's are made by Cal Spa. It's worth every penny.

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  • This is my first hot tub purchase for an above ground spa, and I must state, I am shocked at the ...
  • October 25, 2019
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This is my first hot tub purchase for an above ground spa, and I must state, I am shocked at the wonderful fun this tub has brought to my family. First: Delivery: After knowing the date/approx time of the delivery, I arranged for a "hot tub" moving company to bring the tub to my back lawn and place it on my slab. This was done for a fee of $250 and was WELL worthwhile. They made it look like child's play. I then contacted my electrician who came over and hooked up the 240 volt system and soon, the water was flowing. It took about 30 min to an hour to fill. After checking all the bells and whistles, I noted a leak from the frame. I took off the cover to note one of the hoses to a diverter was loose and leaking. I contacted CalSpa, in California (watch out for time changes!) and they were better than phenomenal. They allowed me to use a local vendor for the repair (and who is 5 blocks from my home in South Fl.) and paid for the service to the vendor. The hot tub repair company showed me how to use the tub, set up the chemicals and raved about the quality of CalSpa pools. The workmanship is excellent, the customer service (ask for Jade) is to die for, and the tub is exquisite. The sound system PUMPs base, and is of great quality (simple blue-tooth connection to any source), the jets are so powerful, they push you away from the seat, the jets are plentiful and easy to use, the lights are amazingly beautiful and the waterfall looks great. All in all: A fantastic purchase. I would not hesitate to purchase one of these tubs from CalSpas again, and in an age of retail where one lives and dies by reviews: Consider this 5 stars. I note other people talk about lack of insulation: I live in South Fl, it has held temperature perfectly with no issues and another person mentioned a lack of clips for the top. My tub had clips for every corner.

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By: Reviewer
  • This is a great buy compared to other models that...
  • November 06, 2018

This is a great buy compared to other models that do not come with "upgrades": Bluetooth, lights. Jets are powerful, adjustable, and it looks great. One thing to be aware of is that the insulation in it is bare minimum and my husband is adding additional insulation.


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By: HomeDepotCustomer
  • Love it. Looks great and seams to be made well....
  • December 26, 2018

Love it. Looks great and seams to be made well. So far so good.


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By: Trevor
  • Love the spa, delivery not so much...
  • August 04, 2016
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My review is mixed. The spa itself.....excellent. It was packaged well, no leaks or parts missing, no problems with that whatsoever. The spa is high quality. I have owned a Cal Spas (that's who makes American Spas, btw) and another from Costco. This is hardened acrylic, which I find better than the rotomold versions. (Though, rotomolds are still's a preference thing for me). The jets are strong and powerful, the spa heats up VERY quickly and we've been using it daily since we got it. Love the spa. The only thing I would say that I would prefer on the controls would be individual temperature controls for increase/decrease. One last note on the spa. This is every bit the equivalent of a Cal Spa I purchased about 15 years ago for well over $ 10,000. The delivery was the issue here. It was delivered quickly, and that I appreciate. No problem there. However, the communication on delivery was absolutely horrible. The shipping process is very secretive and you are not kept "in the loop". That may be find for a tool or something from HomeDepot....but with an 800# spa, that is dropped on your driveway or takes some coordination to be off work, have people ready to move to your backyard, etc. HomeDepot doesn't seem to get that, and their chosen delivery company USF Reddaway doesn't either. They should do better on these items.

Pros Durable, High Quality, Looks Great, Lots of Features, Nice Design, Stylish Cons temperature controls


Northridge, CA
65 or over, Male
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By: BigJ
  • This spa is okay. Some things I don't like...
  • July 24, 2017

This spa is okay. Some things I don't like about it are the knobs that control the jets are so hard to turn. They get stuck big time and its a real struggle to free them in order to change where the water jets from. It really bugs me that a company that is designing a relaxing spa would put in such cheap controls that are anything but relaxing. I am also not crazy about the electronic control panel. It is not always responsive when you push the dimples that are supposed to change lighting in the spa. I have a feeling the control panel will not last long but I hope I am wrong. One of the jets keep falling out I will have to call them about that. One more thing is I was shocked to see the skimpy amount of insulation they have around this tub. I am in Florida so not a huge problem but if I was up north I would be very concerned. I plan to add more insulation in time.


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By: Tony
  • Love the hot tub!
  • September 05, 2016
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Had troubles with delivery as it started as private delivery company but Home Depot delivered it themselves and were very helpful in making sure we were 100% satisfied


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By: Pring
  • Problems within 2 months and they want to charge to come out and fix.
  • October 04, 2016

First there are not clips to hold down top. Contacted them immediately and was told they were there and i had to buy. Used hot tub 3 times and now the pumps wont shut off. Called Home Depot and they told me i had to contact dealer. Contacted dealer and they told me I had to pay a trip charge for someone to look at it. This is because i bought it thru Home Depot online. Ridiculous! Was told by American Spas dealer usually picks up the charge, but Home Depot declined too. Over $5000.00 purchase and this is the result less than 2 months later. Having dealer send circuit board, since closest dealer to Northern Virginia is 2 hours away. I will return tub to Home Depot before I pay for a repair on a 2 month old tub.

Cons Not Durable


Stafford, VA
45 to 54, Male
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By: skimaxum
  • completely dissapointed.
  • November 20, 2019

We purchased this hot tub less than a month ago from Home Depot. Let’s start with the delivery. The two that came out and delivered complained due to us having a gravel driveway stating we should have it paved. We’ll get right on paving a 3 acre drive. They sat the tub right in the middle blocking our vehicles. Not too big of a deal but irritating. Today 11/19/19 we got everything set up and had it professionally wired. Everything had power and checked out so we filled the tub. Once the tub was full we went through the priming process. Here is where the issues started. The 1st jets would not shut off without shutting off the GFCI. The temp read 56 degrees and as of this post its still at 56 degrees. Everything I have read in the manual leads me to believe its a faulty circuit board. Granted the manufacture date stamped next to my serial number reads 10/16/19 it could still be bad. So we called Home Depot and the first thing the rep asked us is if we purchased the protection plan. We did not so he said we would have to call the manufacturer or we could drain the tub, and get it ready for them to pick up which would mean paying an electrician again to disconnect everthing, and return the tub. So we called the manufacturer but were transfered to an “Armando’s” voicemail. We left “Armando” a voicemail but haven’t heard back. So we decided to go to the local Home Depot (18 minutes from our house, not far.). The customer service associate was very polite and contacted Home Depot .com and spent 45 minutes on the phone with them in an attempt to get a solution to our problem. After 45 minutes she told us that due to the area we live in Home Depot would not send a technician out to fix the tub. It’s kind of funny that Home Depot will sell us the tub and deliver the tub (again 18 minutes away) but won’t honor servicing it less than 30 days of purchase or take care of our problem. We just got home and guess what? 56 steamy degrees on our hot tub with motor still running. We shut it off. We’ve been a loyal customer of Home Depot and like most everyone else have spent thousands of dollars both in the store and on-line. We will be continuing with this issue until someone makes it right at 0 further expense to us. We should have purchased elsewhere. We will be going back to the store again tomorrow to escalate this further and will update review. It’s sad when even the customer service rep told us to file a formal complaint over this.


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By: KJ48