Customer Reviews for American Standard Advanced Clean AC 2.0 Slow Close SpaLet Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilet in White

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Model #8012A80GRC-020

  • Two self-cleaning nozzles for independent front and back cleaning
  • Antimicrobial nozzles and seat; seat does not slam
  • Remote control operation

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American Standard Advanced Clean Electric Bidet
I purchased my bidet in November 2018 and I am very pleased with it. In fact several family members and friends have complimented us on the bidet. It's efficient, classy looking and very well made. However, there is a negative aspect of the bidet that has nothing to do with the performance but has to do with the seat mounting to the toilet. About 6 months after installation, the seat begins to move. I requested a replacement mounting screws and rubber bushings from American Standard. I was impressed by the speed of with which customer service responded to my request. I received the replacement parts within a week. But, that did not solve the problem however, because the real issue is with the mounting plastic plate. The way to resolve the problem would be to redesign the mounting screws so that they are long enough to be retained underneath the seat by bolts. American Standard engineers can reference Brondell Swash 1000 Electric Bidet Seat for how their seat is installed. I prefer American Standard Bidet Seats that is why despite the design flaws I would recommend the AS Advance Clean Electric Bidet. I plan to purchase more for all the bathrooms in my house because I just can't do without a Bidet.
by Bo
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For all of you that think only ultra rich people or the French should have a Bidet Toilet Seat yo...
For all of you that think only ultra rich people or the French should have a Bidet Toilet Seat you do not know what your missing nor will you want to have any other type of seat in your home, R.V. For the one time price you will experience the most satisfying time in the bathroom that you ever had and come out sanitized beyond expectations. This unit is well built, safe, user friendly and has all the bells and whistles that one could possible want. Great buy, for you ladies and men you will love it also.
by Moose
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We were looking forward to this Bede. Once we received it, we were actually surprised how large ...
We were looking forward to this Bede. Once we received it, we were actually surprised how large it was. Before starting the installation I used the written guidelines to ensure that the toilet I was going to put it on was large enough. Our toilet was large enough based on the dimension requirements on the installation guide. Even considering that, once installed the seat looked way too big for our toilet, the 4th picture should show this. I moved the seat as close to the tank as it would go and it still wall too long for the bowl. With the lid down, the Bede looked very large sitting on the stool. ===================== Let me give the Pros first: The installation guide was very good and well organized. I did watch some videos on line also to ensure I did this correctly. The materials appear extremely well made, this really excited us to the potential of this Bede. The seat is comfortable to sit on and the fact that it has a heated seat was great. There is adjustments for temperature too. The water is also heat and there are adjustment level for it. The remote control is wonderful, you can attach it to the wall or keep it free floating. Unfortunately we never got to use it for the reasons below. ================ Cons: We were disappointed that we needed to have this Bede plugged in and that the cord was too short to reach over the vanity. This would not have been a deal breaker, I would have figured out a way to get electricity to the Bede and make it look good. The Bede/seat was much bigger than we expected, I felt that it look terrible sitting on the toilet, but this was still not the deal breaker. The rubber "nut" was very difficult to install, the instructions gave no help on how to push it through the toilet bowl holes. I found the solution online, just use liquid soap and water, fit in hole very easily. Taking it back out was very hard also As you can see from the 3rd picture, the T-water adapter that was provided, did not go onto the inlet to the toilet tank very well at all, it was crooked. I struggled for almost an hour trying to get this attached and yes I do a lot of DIY projects, so I am used to improvising. I did check online and the advise was to "Muscle it on". That is not acceptable to me. Using great force to screw on a Brass adaptor to plastic threads is going to only lead to problems. I went online to get advice and all the advise was to use a lot of force. After getting it on as best as I could, it leaked/sprayed all over the toilet, floor and my face. I bought a new Inlet float and tried to put this adaptor on that one. Could not even get 2 full turns and the 3rd picture shows just how crooked it is and it leaked badly again. With less than 2 threads holding, even it it did not leak, that is a flooded house waiting to happen. End results, I took the Bede off and boxed it back up, wish it had worked out. Sometimes things do not.
by Marathonpapa
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This works great overall, installation was a minor pain and the instructions were a little mislea...
This works great overall, installation was a minor pain and the instructions were a little misleading but the bidet itself is a great product, the seat is heated and the water jet temperature can be adjusted to over 100 degrees, however the warm water doesn't last long, it will begin to cool and eventually become cold. The elongated toilet seat real estate area is definitely compromised with a large portion of the rear space being taken up the the mechanical's of the bidet. The contour of the seat itself positions your body more forward but lines you up almost perfectly for the sprayer. The remote control is mounted to the vanity or a wall and can be easily picked up and hand held (so you can see what buttons to press). The options include Water temp control "Front and Rear" sprayers Adjustable spray nozzle position (which I wasn't really able to seem to tell if it moved or not). Nozzle "cleansing Sprayer strength adjustment (goes up to 29 psi) Power saving (for either the remote or seat or both). Seat Temp (the seat will stay warm all the time unless you choose power saver which shuts it off for 8 hours). And of course "STOP" The main drawback of having this unit in my bathroom is the power cord. My single power outlet is above the counter top on the wall opposite of the bathroom so I need to use an extension cord and run it across my counter. This looks bad and I'm going to have to find a better way to run/hide the cord. Most likely under and around the vanity (rather than up over the counter). A couple of plumbing notes: The included supply hose comes with the pass through "T" so you can simply insert the hose between the toilet and the water supply line (note, this goes at the 7/8" connector on your toilet (not the water supply valve which is only 3/8"). Also, the connector is brass. Be careful threading it to your toilet's connection if it is plastic like mine, ours is new style and the threads can easily be crossed when you go brass to plastic. Also, the instructions show the toilet mounting plate upside down which you'll realize is wrong when the screws and mounting blocks do not hold it in place that way. The black no slip strips on the plate must be facing down.
by BobO
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American Standard has been making bidets in Japan for 50 years under the INAX brand name. So this...
American Standard has been making bidets in Japan for 50 years under the INAX brand name. So this is a tried and true design. It has many features, but the most important features for me are the following: Slow-close seat and lid. Remote control - no straining to see the control buttons on the side like other bidets have. Having the controls on a remote also keeps it out of the path of those with bad aim! Integrated water heater and seat heater. Has an ECO power saving mode. This feature reduces power consumption by turning off the water heater and seat heater for 8 hours while you are at work. The power settings are automatically restored after 8 hours just in time for you when you get back home. Self Cleaning Nozzles - Nozzles are rinsed with water before and after cleansing. What it is missing that some other bidet seats have, is an air dryer. You will still need some paper. Unfortunately this American Standard Spalet Bidet seat did not fit my American Standard Cadet one piece elongated bowl toilet. I even have an American Standard soft close toilet seat on it. The bidet toilet seat is too wide at the mounting point for my toilet. I will need to replace my toilet in order to use this bidet seat. An elongated bowl toilet is required for this seat, but this seat does not fit any elongated bowl toilet as others have said. Always check to make sure it will fit before buying, or make sure it will fit any replacement toilet you are planning to purchase. You will need to have a GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) electrical outlet near by; the supplied power cord is about 40 inches long. It is a bit bulky. But American Standard has packed a lot of features into this Spalet Bidet seat. The seat arrived packed very well damage free, with the main box packed inside of another larger box.
by MJ
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The electric bidet toilet seat was pretty simple to install. It comes with with rubber bushings t...
The electric bidet toilet seat was pretty simple to install. It comes with with rubber bushings that have nuts inside that go into the two holes on the toilet. This makes it easier to attach the toilet seat without having to reach under and hold the nuts. The plumbing part was easy to install. I did have to buy a new hose because the washer was worn on the old hose and it leaked. The remote works well. You can adjust the seat temperature, water temperature, the strength of the jets, and the position of the wand. It also has an eco mode to save energy. I'm not in a cold climate, so having a warm seat is not an issue. It works well and I'm pretty happy.
by Jteach
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This American standard bidet gives me a new kind of cleansing experience which is a new standard ...
This American standard bidet gives me a new kind of cleansing experience which is a new standard of clean and comfort. The posterior and anterior cleaning is great. I love the idea of different level settings for water pressure, water temperature and heated seat temperature that allow the freedom to personalize the cleansing experience since we all are different. The Posterior massage oscillation is new kind of experience. The lid won't bang down since it has a slow close feature and it can be easily removed with a push of a button in case you need to do a detailed cleaning. The installation was very easy and it took only about 45 minutes. The only thing I am not very comfortable is the bulky wireless remote control, which is about 10.5 inches long and about 3.5 inches wide. Overall it is a great bidet with great features and for a good price.
by SebastianUSA
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by Pf
Good Investment
This is a great seat during our city water months (with enough water pressure). Sadly, it doesn't function when we switch to our winter water tank (not enough water pressure), but it sure is nice to sit on that heated seat! The seat with the built in dryer would probably have been worth getting, had it been available at the time of my ordering. Looking forward to spring :)
by Christine Brampton ON
A wonderful device without much wiggle room
This is a really nice, well made device that does an excellent job in all ways. The only issue is that the toilet seat opening is much smaller than the previous toilet seat. This is because of the size of the mechanical component of the bidet seat. Even with an American Standard elongated bowl style toilet, the front of the seat is very near the inside edge of the porcelain bowl. This would be an issue for men more than women. I have the bidet seat installed correctly and located as close to the toilet tank as possible.
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