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Customer Reviews for American Standard Deep Soak Bath Drain in Brushed Nickel

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Model #1640.305.295

  • Adds over two inches of water depth for a more luxurious bath
  • Brushed nickel finish for a highly-reflective shine
  • Universal design fits most bathtubs

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  • 71% recommend this product
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Great drain
My plumber installed my American Standard Ovation tub today. I ordered the deep soak bath drain so that I could fill the tub way up, which is what this drain allows you to do. My plumber said he filled it almost right to the top of the tub. He did not mention having any issues with installing the drain. I haven't taken a bath yet as we still have to have the tilers come in. But so far I am pleased with the drain. I will update later if I encounter any problems.
by SamIam
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Love it, but maintenance is tricky the first time.
Background: I ordered this drain to pair with a new 19 in deep soaking tub and had it professionally installed by a plumber. The plumber had no trouble installing it, even though the tub is slightly curved where the overflow attachment is completely flat. Description: The plug is a basic pop up plug, but unlike cheaper models, it does not easily come free from the drain or wobble around when when it's in the up position. The overflow inlet is at the bottom of the chrome overflow cover, but behind the cover is a plastic fitting that blocks off the bottom 2/3 of the drain -- the plastic fitting is bowed out by maybe 1/4 inch so it does not impede the flow of water. The chrome parts are chromed plastic. It doesn't look cheap, but you have to be careful removing the overflow cover so as not to notch it with your tools and the chromed drain cover will probably break eventually -- this is the reason that it's not worth 5 stars to me, but I guess you get what you pay for. Functionality: This drain absolutely does what it says. But in retrospect, we probably could have done without it. As it is, if we plug the tub and run the water until it goes down the overflow, this drain brings the water level to within 1/4 inch of the edge of the tub. Which means that you can't just leave it running and then get into the tub because the water displacement would flood the floor. I'm not in the habit of running the water until it overflows, so for us this drain is like pretty much like not having an overflow hole. On the bright side, I can now fill the tub way up without having to listen to water trickling down the overflow every time I reach for my cup of tea. Maintenance: We've had this drain for about three months now and it just clogged for the first time yesterday (I cut my husband's hair and he tried to wash it down the drain). There aren't any clear instructions that I could find online for how to clean the drain, but I'm here to tell you that rotating the chrome plug counter clockwise will eventually work. There are three different parts that you can unscrew when you rotate counter-clockwise: 1 is the bolt that holds the plug assembly fixed into the drain, 2 is the spring assembly to force the plug up when you push down on it, and 3 is the chrome/plastic cap that you push down on to plug/unplug the drain. Directly under the chrome cap is a brass fitting which is notched for a flat head screw driver that you can use to unscrew or tighten down the plug assembly easily once the cap is off. However, the parts rotate freely when they're assembled so it took some combination of pushing down and rotating counter-clockwise and pulling up and rotating counter clockwise to get the plug assembly to eventually come free of the drain. Once it was free it was easy to clean out. After I got the plug assembly out of the drain, I made sure to loosen the chrome cap from the plug assembly (it arrived very tightly screwed on) so that it will be easy to unscrew to get access to the brass fitting for future maintenance. Suggestions: If you plan to install this drain, I highly suggest that you learn how to free the plug assembly from the drain and loosen up the chrome cap before installing it. It'll save you 20 minutes of twiddling it around in two inches of backed up shower water.
by MadameIsDecent
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Was an excellent addition to our new deep soaking American...
Was an excellent addition to our new deep soaking American Standard Tub. The extra few inches of soaking depth it adds without having to block the overflow with another device makes a huge difference. Not inexpensive, but I don't regret the added expense. Relatively easy to install and looks great!
by RK
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Part works and the idea is genius. Just by putting...
Part works and the idea is genius. Just by putting the overflow drain at the top you get two more inches of soaking depth. However it is hard to get the cover to fit over the drain.
by Rob
Didn't fit properly
I recently replaced the bathtub in my condo bathroom with an American Standard Cambridge bathtub. When the plumber tried to install this drain kit, he could not get the drain trim to sit flush with the floor of the bathtub. Apparently the ell pipe for the drain was too long. He eventually made it work by swapping out the tee joint and ell pipe from another drain kit, but I'm a bit displeased that a kit from the same manufacturer, supposedly made to fit all products from American Standard, did not fit as-is. The kit looks attractive enough when installed, so I have no complaints in that regard. Solid metal pieces instead of plastic would be nice, as other reviews have pointed out, but for the price of the chrome model it's a compromise I'm okay making. Just be prepared for the possibility that you'll need to do some tinkering to get it to fit properly during installation.
by jcm
The extra 2 or 3 inches of water makes it...
The extra 2 or 3 inches of water makes it worth every cent
by Rod
Installation was easy and the drain works great. My only...
Installation was easy and the drain works great. My only complaint is the material seems flimsy for a heavy duty tub. Brass would be better than plastic for a deep soak tub like the model that I purchased.
by HomeDepotCustomer
Very cheaply made product. Returning it!
Very cheaply made product. Returning it!
by Poconomike
Response from AmericanStandardBrandsMay 20, 2020
Thank you for your review as it is very important to us. We are very sorry for the issue you are experiencing and the inconvenience this has caused you. Please contact us directly through the American Standard website “Contact Us” located at the bottom of our home page. Please reference the title of your review, so we can help get your issue resolved. Sincerely, American Standard Consumer Connection Team AmericanStandard
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