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Customer Reviews for American Standard H2Option 2-piece 1.6/1.0 GPF Dual Flush Right Height Elongated Toilet in White

Internet #202045569

Model #2886.216.020

  • PowerWash Rim Technology- scours the bowl with each flush
  • Siphonic action ensure a cleaner flush
  • Toilet seat sold separately

Customer Reviews

  • 4.5
    out of 289 reviews
  • 91% recommend this product
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Very good toilet
Good quality toilet, finish looks perfect. Clean look smooth sides easy to clean. Johnny bolts are tricky to fasten due to design, but worth it
by Jimbo323
    Great features
    We bought two of these for our newly remodeled bathrooms. Perfect choice and so much easier to clean!! No place for dust and crud to hide plus the elevated height is easy on senior bodies.
    by GrandpaR
      Easy Installation
      I bought this to replace my 1969 American Standard toilet. The installation was very easy and the height is much better than my previous toilet. This toilet flushes much better with less water. I love it!!!
      by RKGEAR
        it works just right
        wish they made this years sooner. The flush is so strong and fast.
        by C H D
          One works One doesn't
          Bought two of these toilets. One works has advertised. The other one works sporadically. Half the time the water in the tank keeps running and I have to take the cover off and make an adjustment to make it stop. Very annoying.
          by suef403
          Response from Consumer ConnectionsOct 1, 2019
          Thank you for your review as it is very important to us. We are very sorry for the issue you are experiencing and the inconvenience this has caused you. Please contact us directly through the American Standard website “Contact Us” located at the bottom of our home page. Please reference the title of your review, so we can help get your issue resolved. Sincerely, American Standard Consumer Connection Team
            Great product
            I purchased 2 of this product and installed them myself. Very easy to install and look very modern. One had a hairline crack on the basin it's not affecting the performance but after contacting the online support they provided a replacement within a few days with no problem at all. I'm very please with the performance, the looks, how easy to install, and how easy to communicate online or over the phone with my concern.
            by Toto
              Sleek design! Great features!
              This toilet should have been originally installed in the house when we bought the house. So glad we finally did get it.
              by Howdy49
                Love the smooth base design
                Have 3 in my home & purchased 2 additional for a remodel. Love the smooth base design. Makes cleaning easy
                by Toni G
                  why I like my throne
                  2 years of use and still very pleased. water saver, quiet quick fill, could clean a little better when flushed. The straight sides makes for easy cleaning the outside. The extra height makes it so much easier getting off. Seat is holding up good.
                  by Knee saver
                    • Recommended Product
                    Beautiful finish
                    Love everything about it except the commode seat which is Hard to adjust
                    by Ila Luffey
                      Small footprint
                      Actually purchase 2 of these toilets. Sits taller than standard ones and uses less water. Never an issue flushing. I would say the seat isnt as comfortable as my last one
                      by Tguz
                        Easy to install
                        Great clean look style is great. We now own two of them
                        by James k
                          Great features
                          I have had it about a month now and glad to have a toilet that works every flush. Dual flush is ok but not really needed in my opinion. I hope the flush mechanism works for a long time. Plastic seat seems a bit flimsy as I have to sit on lid to get my pants on due to surgery.
                          by Stevo10
                            Toilet Seat
                            Seat often becomes loose. Can you advise on the best way to properly tighten for a longer term?
                            by Larry 444
                              Easiest to clean!
                              We love our toilet - it has no dips and curves to clean and disinfect ! Just flush & clean the base and done
                              by Trackpak
                                Great Toilet with sleek look
                                We like the elongated, comfort high, soft close features.
                                by bobs6371
                                  Works great-Easy to install
                                  My elderly parents bought this toilet recently when they could no longer find repair parts for their old one. My mother wanted an efficient toilet that looked good, and that was easy to clean. My main concern was how difficult it would be to install. She could not have made a better choice. It was very quick and easy to install. It is amazing how well it flushes considering how little water it uses. My mother lives the way it looks and has no trouble keeping it clean because of the enclosed sides.
                                  by Loyal Son
                                    Very efficient and great performance!
                                    This is our fourth toilet like this! We have replaced all of our "upgraded" builder models. Love the chair height and the self closing seat is awesome. Now, we can even get our grandchildren to close the lids!! We are very pleased with the flush efficiency and the fast fill, too! The smooth sides make cleaning a snap!
                                    by tomo68
                                      Sleek design
                                      We bought this a little over a month ago. Love the sleek design and the quiet flush. What I don’t like is the shallow bowl. I have it adjusted as much as I could but the water level is still too high.
                                      by Brandygirl
                                        So far, so good!
                                        I've only had the toilet installed a short time, but so far really like it. Family members say they like it much better than the previous toilet.
                                        by MarshaF
                                          Love the smooth sides.
                                          So far I love this toilet! I primarily purchased it for the hidden bolts. That area collects so much dust and grime and I thought this would be a great solution. The snap on toilet seat with slow close is a bonus. Easy to remove and I hope easy to replace when that day comes. Toilet itself functions fine so far.
                                          by Becky55
                                            good height ans easy to clean
                                            The toilet is great and makes it so easier to perform bathroom duties. Easy to rise up from!!
                                            by Vjtexas
                                              Works Great
                                              We bought 3 of these toilets for a remodeling project on all of our bathrooms. Flush action is outstanding and ease of maintenance is awesome. Pleased with installation and operation of all of them
                                              by Joanne52
                                                Great looking fixture.....
                                                I purchased this product in Feb/2019 and installed it myself. It came with very good instructions. We have received very positive comments regarding its appearance. Definitely a quality looking bathroom fixture.
                                                by JR33
                                                  Great Idea. Horrible Instructions!
                                                  I bought this toilet because I thought the smooth sides instead of the hard to clean normal toilet side shapes was a genius idea. And it is. But this toilet is a hard fail due to the installation instructions. I eventually figured it out, but I had to uninstall the toilet and start over with a fresh wax seal to get it done. First of all, you have to install the seat BEFORE you install the toilet to the floor. I spent two hours stubbornly trying to reach into the small back openings to try to hold the screw wings onto the lid bolts, before I finally gave up and started over. Second, for the lid install instructions, skip the "Top Mount" instructions and only use the "Bottom Mount" instructions. Third, they should have made the lid's Rubber Plug, Rubber Washer, and Nut one piece; or just ship the toilet with the lid already installed. Fourth, after the lid is installed, you can then attach the toilet to the floor; they should have made the small side access holes about twice as they are so you can get man-hands inside them; actually better would have been to not have those holes at all and just put the indent along the back edge so you can just bend your elbow a little bit when you reach from behind and screw the nuts on the floor bolts. After it is all installed, the lid looks mismatched to the bowl shape; hard to describe. Also the flush is not very effective in cleaning out the bowl.
                                                  by DINKDivers
                                                    Toilet review
                                                    The shrouded toilet works great, we found a small crack in the bowl and As replaced it under warranty with ni issues.
                                                    by Dan75
                                                      • Recommended Product
                                                      Sleek looking
                                                      This is the third American Standard Clean High Efficiency Elongated 1.28 gpf toilet that I have ordered. I like its comfort seat height and its sleek look. I have received many compliments.
                                                      by Toni49
                                                        • Recommended Product
                                                        Slender design fits nicely in smaller bathroom
                                                        I have had this toilet for about 6 months now. It looks nice and the flushing power is great. The only issue I had was the tank leaked at the bolts when I installed it. I tightened up to the recommended specs but it still leaked. I undid it and reinstalled 3 times but there was still a slow leak. I contacted customer service and they sent out a replacement gasket and washers (which took several weeks to get here). The issue is now resolved - no leaks.
                                                        by james11
                                                          • Recommended Product
                                                          We purchased the American Standard Clean high efficiency elongated 1.28 got toilet when we totally remodeled our master bath. Very disappointed in the cheap quality of the self closing toilet seat which now also squeaks when closing. The plastic flush handel is made of plastic, sure to break at some point. Wish the same stile came in a higher elevated model.
                                                          by Rafe
                                                            Love this toilet. It's a great height. It's clean and sleek looking and easy to keep clean.
                                                            by Janep42
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