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Customer Reviews for American Standard H2Option 2-piece 1.6/1.0 GPF Dual Flush Right Height Elongated Toilet in White

Internet #202045569

Model #2886.216.020

  • PowerWash Rim Technology- scours the bowl with each flush
  • Siphonic action ensure a cleaner flush
  • Toilet seat sold separately

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Love the clean lines and small footprint
We just replaced 2 toilets with the Clean High Efficiency Elongated Toilet. The extra ADA height is great. And, the flat sides make cleaning much easier. Our plumber said the 2nd installation was much easier because he put the entire toilet and seat together and connected the supply line before bolting it down.
by Sunshine799
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Love the easy clean!
First time ever installing a toilet. Followed the instructions and 6+ months on it is still working great and no issues with the seat sliding around, however it is a cheap flimsy plastic. I would pay to have a more durable seat. We did not use the wax ring that came with btw. Buying our second one today and eventually a third to have them in all our bathrooms.
by Yes she did
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    NOT such a "royal flush"!!
    Purchased & installed this "Saver #710FA.101" (bone color) in March 2017 for a remodel. The toilet never clogs, but we ALWAYS need to line the bowl with layers of tp to prevent solids from sticking to sides. Always leaves behind traces of solids. Now we save on water but use twice the amount of toilet paper. Can't understand your term of "Everclean". Also, the standing water level in the bowl is extremely low which allows solids to stick to dry bowl sides. We keep a 20 oz. cup on tank with a post-it saying to add 1 cup of water to bowl before using. Very disappointed in the only brand that I trusted in all of my installations for the past 48 years. Also comes with the cheapest plastic seat known to mankind. Oh well, I guess it's time for a change. Wish I could return it!!
    by Tinman37
    Response from CSApr 14, 2017
    We are very sorry to hear about your experience and the inconvenience it has caused. Your review is very important to us. You can contact our Customer Care Tech Team directly at 1-800-442-1902 M-F 8:00am-8:00pm and Sat 10:00am-4:00pm EST and a representative will do their best to help you resolve the issue. Sincerely, American Standard Customer Care Tech Team
      Good toilet, but----
      I've ahd this toilet for over 3 months now. Easy install, nice height, elongated bowl is great, flushes well, but I can't keep it clean! Quite simply, 1.28 gpf is just not enough water to rinse the bowl. Small particles and toilet paper stick to the sides, so I often have to flush twice-and there go the savings! Plus, the 'Everclean' surface is anything but. I have to use a brush 2-3 times a week. My old 1.6 gpf Cadet was a far superior product, as far as cleaning goes--disappointed!
      by Terry 347
      Response from CSMar 6, 2017
      Thank you for your review, as it is very important to us, If you shorten the slack in the flush valve chain the valve will remain open longer and allow more water to clear the bowl. If you still are having issues after you have made this adjustment please contact our customer service dept., at 1-800-442-1902 for further assistance.
        Don't buy until....
        Great looking but a PIA to install and if the toilet comes loose(what seat doesn't) it's impossible to tighten. You can not reach the seat bolts from underneath and you can't get the seat off unless you cut the bolts. Our solution is to squeeze some loctite goop around the seat bolt covers and hope it hardens enough so the seat doesn't slip sideways anymore. Poor design. Thought it would be great for keeping clean but the frustration of the seat makes me wish I'd gone with the old style.
        by Palatti50
          Easy to Install and Works Well
          Installed this toilet a couple of days ago. Installation was very easy and the unit works well. Changed the plastic seat that came with the kit for a more solid soft close seat.
          by E Ray
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            This is the second H2Option dual flush right height toilet we have purchased from American Standa...
            This is the second H2Option dual flush right height toilet we have purchased from American Standard. The bone color matches our existing sinks from almost 25 years ago. The feature we love most is the comfort height. It is especially great for my husband who has a bad back and has had a knee replacement. We also like the dual flush and the fact that it is water efficient. It was very easy to install since it is two pieces. We also purchased the self-closing toilet seat. It is very quiet and convenient. It was shipped to the store for no charge. It exceeds our expectations, and we hope to replace the remaining toilets in our home in the next few years.
            by Kissy
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            Great design
            Very pleased with toilet beware tank to fill valve nut was not tight a day leaked requires tank removalike to tighten
            by Howzer55
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              Easy to Clean and maintain
              purchased 2 years ago and is the best flushing toilet I ever owned even better then my TOTO.
              by Doug14
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                Very satisfied
                I bought 3 toilets for the 3 bathroom and I'm very satisfied with them and I will include a bidet on one of the toilet.
                by Behavior
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                  Very nice functional toilet
                  Only fault I could find, no wax ring with this toilet. A 6 dollar part that is needed, but not included. Sort of like buying a car without wheels. Other than that, we love the water saving dual flush, as we have a low yield well. We are very satisfied so far. We have been using it for several days now and I am happy with this purchase so far.
                  by TBone65
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                  Works Fine ! Buy one.
                  Got 2 of these. After the first success got the 2nd. Yeah; sometimes they don't scrape all the waste from the bowl. But, saves water, flushes ALL the stuff every time, very nice. No flush failures yet. First toilet had a broken part during shipping; American Standard understood the issue on a phone call and got a replacement part delivered over the weekend. Great customer service. Not disappointed at all.
                  by jerryd
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                  Love the product with only one very annoying exception!
                  The toilet is efficient, quick to flush, fast to refill and offers water savings with a combination two button system, but it does not allow enough water to enter the bowl, in fact, very little, therefore you need to clean the inside of it every time you go and blast. It does not flush off. Sorry but this is truth!
                  by Hello
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                  Great toliet
                  Came with everything you'll need except the wax gasket and toilet seat. Well packaged, good instructions if you need them. Maximum flush is fast and handles everything easily. Light flush is good for just liquids, even any toilet paper may not go down with the light flush.
                  by Doon
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                  not good
                  i but arount 2year but very bat toilex i have to replease fluidmarter twices
                  by mary12
                    Not a fan of the toilet seat!
                    Have 3 of these toilets. Product is easy to clean. Toilet seat slides around way too much.
                    by Saatc
                      I Love our new Toilet!!
                      After reviewing everything in the market, I was sold on the very pricey Toto. On the advice of a trusted friend, i was told to check out the Amerivan Standard Duo Flush. The reviews were all strong, except for 2 consistent remarks- loud flush and "skid marks left behind". I kept researching and decided for the price, I'd give it a chance. Can i just say i am in love with this toilet?? The comfort height is (I'm 5'5" and hubby 6'2")wonderful compared to our old standard tolilet and we love the dual flush water saving feature. Weve tested all kinds of "waste flushes" and have never needed the "big flush" option. The flush is fast and quieter than our old toilet. No skid marks to date. Saving water, whats not to love?? Id give this toilet 10 stars. Plus, got a $100 rebate from the water district because in California, we are in a drought and this is a water saving toilet. Buy this toilet with confidence- it will not dissappont!
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                        Not bad but not great.
                        I bought this about a year ago because it got great reviews. But after year the lid broke and now it is running. I am not sure why, its not the flapper, will try replacing the valve seal next.
                        by Joe B
                          Toilet handles all waste. No plunger needed. Saves lots of water.
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                            Great Product
                            Bought one for a remodel of my bathroom and after installing it I think this is the best toilet I have ever had. Went and bought a second one for the guest bathroom!
                            by Wenjiong
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                              Easy To Clean
                              I bought this as a replacement for an older toilet. We have a smallish bathroom and there isn't much space between the toilet and vanity. The slimmer narrow design of this model makes the space seem much larger. The main reason I purchased this model is the smooth sides. No more nooks and crannies around the plumbing to catch lint and whatever else comes along.
                              by EmilyAnn
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                                This toilet met all the specs I wanted in a replacement toilet for our rather small master bathroom. It came in a 10 inch rough in, had a low1.28gpf, was chair height, and it was in stock at a very reasonable price. As a bonus it fits in the same foot print of the original round bowl it replaced and it qualified for a rebate from our local water utility. I watched a couple of videos online about installing toilets to get some pointers and make sure that I bought the right rough in size. I then followed the directions for a fairly easy install, wax ring arrived a little dented, but easily reshaped by hand. I spent more time cleaning the old wax ring off the toilet flange and old caulk off the tile than I did in actually installing this toilet. Only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is the toilet seat is made so it has too much room to move side to side on the hinge pin; can make people feel as if the seat is loose even though hinge is secured tightly to the toilet body. Based on my experience I am going to buy another to replace the toilet in our second bathroom as well.
                                by JMay
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                                  Easy install. Works well.
                                  A quick early review: The installation of this toilet was easy. The directions were adequate. The wax ring came somewhat crushed, but reshaping it worked fine so far. The porcelain on the outside back of the bowl section is rather weak. You can see the seam quite clearly. Since I live quite a distance from the store it wasn't worth my time to take it back. I would suggest you check the porcelain before you leave the store. The flushing works well so far. If you want more water add a small extension to the overflow tube. The new water "rules" may create a problem in the sewer lines with inadequate water volume to keep solids flowing. To maintain some level of insurance I would suggest double flushing at least once a day.
                                  by AJPlumbs
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                                    Nice design and saves water
                                    Pros: We like that we can use a smaller amount of water when needed. The flush is quick and fairly quiet. If more water is used (the right button) the flush is only slightly longer. The build and quality seems very high. Cons: thicker toilet paper causes a clog. Have to use a mid-weight or less. Buttons are in a slightly awkward place, but it's not awful. Just have to get used to it.
                                    by David
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                                    H2Option 2-piece 1.6/1.0 GPF Dual Flush Right Height Elongated Toilet
                                    This is the nicest toilet ever. I had this installed by professionals, and it only took about 45 mins. I love the added height for my elderly mother with Alzheimer's, as well as the two different water saving flushes. I will be saving up to replace my toilet as well. I highly recommend this toilet to everyone esp. the elderly and/or those concerned about how we use our drinking water.
                                    by GFS
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                                    love it so far
                                    Bought it yesterday. Looking at it online for months. Uses way less water and only have to flush once. The power wash didn't work as well as I expected and the fit against the wall was a little too snug. Good toilet. Smaller than old one so it saves space and it looks way better than comparable toilets on the market. But for the price a soft close seat should have came with it or at least a coupon for one.
                                    by Sam25
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                                      Dual Flush Fail
                                      Unfortunately, the water level regulator did not work properly. It took two phone calls to customer service to get the manufacturer to ship out a new one. Shipping took approximately two weeks for us to get the part. Since this item was not sold in the store (not parts for it), we had no choice but to wait. The product shows a toilet, however, you should note that you must order this separately.
                                      by LindaKay
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                                      Much better than touchless
                                      Good toilet. Easy to install. I originally bought the "touchless" auto-flush model with this style, but it would it would occasionally flush or release water on its own. I returned it for this model and am very happy I did.
                                      by MJM12345689
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                                        Very Nice
                                        Very nice product. There was a small blemish in the finish but it is not visible. Bought it for my daughter's condo and she loves it.
                                        by MRaj
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                                        Great Toilet, Great Price
                                        Just had 2 of these toilets installed-using Lowes' plumber subcontractors for the install. Great plumbing company. Nice looking toilet. Great price. Quiet powerful flush. Fits great in the small spaces. Wish I had purchased these sooner! >head slap<
                                        by gatorcindy
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