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Customer Reviews for American Standard Passage 32 in. x 60 in. x 72 in. 4-Piece Glue-Up Alcove Shower Wall in Gray Timber

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Model #P2971SWT.373

  • Patterned and textured walls quickly beautify the shower alcove
  • Quick installation by gluing pre-cut panels to wall board
  • Designed for durability and easy care

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This product was easy to install with basic construction knowledge....
This product was easy to install with basic construction knowledge. The walls were easy to trim. I found a grinder with a diamond blade worked best instead of a jigsaw. Use blue tape to guide your cuts and keep the walls from chipping. The product looks very nice all hung and finished.
by HomeDepotCustomer
If looks were everything.
Wish I would have read other reviews before purchasing. Poor pan design water pools along edges and corners . Track of stationary door fills with water and runs onto floor. Seals are tearing after less than 6 months of use. Color caulking included in kit was hardened in tube and had to try and buy a substitute,
by Home3192
Response from AmericanStandardBrandsDec 28, 2020
1. I'm sorry to see you aren't completely satisfied with your Insert Product Name. We put a lot of thought into our products, so it is unfortunate whenever we do not meet a customer’s expectations. We would like to connect with you to learn more about your experience to find a way to help! Please visit the American Standard Website, and email us directly through the “Contact Us” section and reference your review. Sincerely Your American Standard Consumer Connections Team. AmericanStandard
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Passage installation review
First impressions during un-packaging and installation. I had to replace a fiberglass shower and tub unit. I chose to install a cast iron tub and the Passage shower walls from American Standard. Here are my thoughts. 1. Seemed to be well pakaged but no protective plastic over finish as another commenter stated. However, the packing did have protective sheets between each panel. 2. Some cupping of panels, both across and vertically noted when removed from the box. Not sure if this was by design or post manufacture warpage. But it seemed to help keep the edges snug against the wall during installation. 3. No documentation was included with product i.e. installation or care instructions (available online however as well as the video link below). 4. I wish there was a finish / protective trim for the top of the panels rather than exposed wood edges. I ended up painting all edges, including those of the plumbing holes, with Kilz primer prior to installation and applied sealant to edges that joined together during the installation. 5. Online instructions indicate adhesive and color matched sealant is included. However, that was not the case with the Serene Marble walls that I purchased. It is understandable that products with a defined shelf life may no longer be included, but the instructions do not contain product recommendations for adhesive or color matching sealant. I found the following American Standard video displays tools and products used in the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxBItIhpOLs 6. The instructions appear to recommend 2 tubes of adhesive, but that would be very conservative. I used 5 tubes of adhesive and 2 tubes of sealant in my installation (over green wall). Prior to gluing up the wall, I did a sample test using some spare wall material that was trimmed away and verified the adhesive bond of the Loctite heavy duty Power Grab with the drywall. When I pealed apart the sample, it tore the outer layer of drywall away. 7. The installation took considerable pressure to remove the cupping. I used bracing from the opposing walls to assist and left in place for 18+ hours. Once the bracing was removed, the adhesive appeared to hold well and the walls remained flat. I used a truck bed cargo bar which seemed to worked well for each end wall. To assist joining the two side walls, I used a nail pry tool to ‘gently’ push the walls together and squeeze out the excess sealant. However, be very careful as the wall edge can chip easily. 8. All in all, the installation went well and I was satisfied with the appearance. In the attached photo, I was still in the process of applying the sealant around the edges and repainting. I will follow-up if any post installation issues occur.
by DavidA
Very Chic and easy to install
Was easy to install and came out beautiful! Be sure your walls are perfectly even
by Shelby
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When I first got it I though it might be a two man job due to the weight of the package. Once I o...
When I first got it I though it might be a two man job due to the weight of the package. Once I opened it I found that the individual panels were easily handled and manipulated. The glue provided was aggressive and dried fast. I used an old shower curtain rod to hold them in place till they drier. There was no room behind the knobs to install the escutcheons. I may replace them later. I had to add a 1/2-in MNPT x 1/2-in MNPT Cut-Off Riser for the spout because the old one was too short. Other than that it was overall quick and relatively painless.
by HomeDepotCustomer
OK, but bring your own adhesive.
The panels are decent. Thicker than expected. About 1/2 inch thick.  The edges will chip as you are cutting them, so put down a strip of painter's tape to reduce the chipping.  A finishing blade will reduce the chipping as well.  Most if not all of the chipping should be covered by panel overlap, but it is still concerning to see it chip at all.  It would be nice to have matching trim kits available.  No decent way to trim a window or cap the panels with a rounded edge.  As expensive as this kit is, there should be some consideration paid to making it look "finished".  The top of the panels not having a rounded edge is just asking for trouble.  Even with a bead of caulk running over it, water finds a way.  Just round the edge and remove the concern.   The adhesive and caulk are pretty much garbage.  Unnecessarily thick and unable to work through a hand caulking gun.  A pneumatic gun was able to get them on the wall, but it also struggled.  I would just use construction adhesive and a different brand of decent color matching caulk next time.  It will definitely be easier to work and likely will hold better.  
by Michal
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This tub surrounding is pretty nice, it looks like an old grayed board with a smooth finish. I li...
This tub surrounding is pretty nice, it looks like an old grayed board with a smooth finish. I liked the way the outside edges are rounded off so you don't have to use trim to finish it off with. The only thing I didn't like about this surrounding is that it has particle board on the inside of the laminate so if you happen to get a leak it will swell the wood. Unless if they have some kind of treatment to keep water from seeping into it. I did like that you can cut it to fit, and it comes with sealant and adhesive to install it with.
by Fred
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These shower walls are awesome!. They were so easy to put up. Just glue and caulk no mortar, no t...
These shower walls are awesome!. They were so easy to put up. Just glue and caulk no mortar, no tile saw, no grout.. I wanted to transition away from my tiled shower space because of the constant cleaning. If you are tired of cleaning grout lines too, this is the answer - just wipe clean! The walls look upscale high end, not cheap like I always imagined one piece walls to be. They are beautiful. I will never tile a shower area again.
by Chance
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I'm very impressed with this shower wall set! It was very well packaged and arrived in perfect co...
I'm very impressed with this shower wall set! It was very well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. It is lightweight, and easy to work with. Our shower is actually 32"x32", so I had to cut the pieces to fit. They were very easy to work with, and turned out great! I am impressed with how great this set looks. It's not real tile or stone, but it looks amazing and it cleans up very well. I would definitely recommend to anyone interested!
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It was poor quality I loved it but disapointed...
It was poor quality I loved it but disapointed
by HomeDepotCustomer
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