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Customer Reviews for BEHR PREMIUM 5 Gal. Gray Granite Grip Decorative Flat Interior/Exterior Concrete Floor Coating

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Model #65005

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  • For horizontal concrete surfaces like garage floors & driveways
  • Revives concrete surfaces and fills in hairline cracks
  • Provides a slip-resistant, textured multi-speckled unique finish

Customer Reviews

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Takes forever to dry and when it gets wet it changes color. Horrible
Takes forever to dry and when it gets wet it changes color. Horrible
by Will
Response from BehrJun 15, 2021
Hi Will, thank you for your review. I'm sorry to hear that the coating takes long to dry and changes color. This is not normal, and I understand your disappointment. Customer satisfaction is important to us, and we appreciate your feedback. Please reach out to us directly so that we can learn more about your project and assist. Our customer care team is happy to help you! -Giovanna Behr
DON'T DO IT!! Seriously this product was AMAZING for me but let me give you a couple of tips. I...
DON'T DO IT!! Seriously this product was AMAZING for me but let me give you a couple of tips. I know the label on the container says you CAN us a 1/4" roller - - DON'T DO IT! I purchase the recommended 1/4" roller and not only does the sand or aggregate in the paint bunch up and compact on the roller, you get a very uneven finish on your surface (not to mention that the product hardly has any coverage on a 1/4" roller so you are CONSTANTLY rewetting your roller). What worked for me was a 1-1/2" fairly stiff paint brush to initially go around the edges, the filled in the rest with a fairly stiff 3" brush. Using the brush in small approximately 3' x 3' sections I was able to smooth out the uneven finish I was getting with the roller before it dried. I litterly threw the roller in the trash. Another tip; work first think in the morning when the sun is coming up (see picture). Working at this time of day will give you shadows that will show any imperfections and will allow you time to correct them. DON'T be cheep on how much you need. 50 sq ft per can is all you will get, and yes you MUST use at LEAST 2 coats as the container says. It was confusing to me and the HomeDepot associate because the top of the can stated that coverage was 100 sq ft per can and required 2 coats. It does not, even a call to Behr the representative said that he has been trying to get Behr to change the wording. PLAN ON DOUBLE THE AMOUT YOU THINK YOU WILL NEED. After your first coat the surface looks like garbage. But after the second coat - WOW! I am very pleased with the final result and the quality of this paint. Even the HomeDepot paint department associate and cashier tried to discourage me from purchasing the paint because of all the negativity it receives. I am one to tell you for me, it was AWSOME! The pictures below are from my experience using it on my balcony and yes, I used 2 coats.
by WarrantyClarification
Granite Grip Driveway Disaster
Product does not work on at least older weathered driveways. Applied this product 3 times. This product takes more than double what other other products take to install. The viscosity and solids in this resin type product are not adequate. Afterward, Home Depot did honestly inform me this product is a problem on driveways. How I wish I knew prior to using it and even worse on dealing with the Behr Paint Manufacturer. Behr has offered to reimburse me for the material and half of the painter install costs at this time. A contractor for over 35 years and have never been treated like this. Behr should pull this product and Home Depot should not sell same for driveways. This product is not customer friendly nor is Behr! By the way Behr, This is a failed product not a warranty. The product was just put down and never driven on. Feel free to contact me relative to this product at Email below. I will let you know how I make out with Behr and Home Depot
by GraniteGripGripeBooBehr
Response from BehrJun 14, 2021
Hi GraniteGripGripeBooBehr,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. I'm very sorry to hear that Granite Grip had to be applied three times, as that's definitely not what we want our customers to go through; especially because Granite Grip is designed to withstand tire traffic. We recommend continuing to work with Behr. We are eager and happy to help.

Kindest regards,

Doris Behr
Ended up with 2 shades of Tan
For our patio I needed 25 gallons of this paint. That ran me over $1300. I wad disappointed after the 2nd coat to see once it dried I had 2 different shades of tan. On bucket was lighter than the other 4. For the price I'd expect less variation. Basically it was one bucket that ended up lighter. I had 2 gallons or so remaining so did my best to do a 3rd coat on as much of the lighter tile. It helped just q bit. I wasn't sure how you mix buckets together as I was dealing with a decent quantity of this. The texture of the paint is exactly what I wanted so am happy with that. It's only been a week but overall I'm ok with it. I certainly would appreciate a couple or few gallons comped to me so I can touch up and try to match the rest of the patio.
by EMC
can not ged rid of a bad product
I bought this product at some one else suggestion. I am pretty good at DIY projects, so I disregarded the negative reviews. I chalked it up to "they just did not know what they were doing". I can do it better. I followed the instructions to the tee. I even sanded the surface with a grinder to ensure that it would stick. It immediately bubbled up and peeled. I sanded and etched those areas again. Same thing happened. Now I want to remove it from my patio. I can't!!!!! I called concrete companies who inform me, that I need to replace the entire patio. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT. IF ANYONE HAS ANY SUGGESTIONS TO REMOVE THIS CRAP PLEASE POST IT. BUT STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT.
by Cannotgetridofit
Response from BehrJun 14, 2021
Hi Cannotgetridofit,

Thank you for reviewing Behr Granite Grip. I'm very sorry to hear about the bubbling issue experienced, as that's never what we want our customers to go through. The remaining Granite Grip can be removed with a floor grinder. Customer satisfaction is very important to us and I encourage you to contact Behr directly for further assistance. We'd love to learn more about your project and find the best way to help.

Kindest regards,

Doris Behr
Don’t believe the reviews
It took 3 coats for my patio that is 12x30. The end result made my old cracked patio almost look like a brand new fresh patio
by Mike09
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Worst product I’ve ever used
We purchased several gallons of this based on the reviews and it needed up being a waste of money. It totally took 3 coats just to fully cover the cement and now there are hundreds of bubbles due to the heat. The product does not state it bubbles in heat. We live in California we have hot summers and we are at the end of spring and already so many bubbles. This paint is worthless we spent over 500 for as many gallons as we needed and now we have to remove it all.. smh BEWARE!!! We even etched and treated the cement before applying....
by CU
Response from BehrJun 7, 2021
Hi CU,

Thank you for reviewing Behr Granite Grip. I'm very sorry to hear about the bubbling and coverage issues experienced, as that's never what we want our customers to go through.

To fix the surface, I recommend removing the loose Granite Grip by scraping or with a grinder. If it's peeling down to bare concrete, the bare concrete should be etched with something like muriatic acid until it feels like 150-grit sandpaper. The concrete porosity can be checked by sprinkling water throughout the surface. If the water is absorbed rapidly, that means the concrete is ready to be coated.

For best results, we recommend applying Granite Grip within a 50-90F temperature range and out of direct sunlight.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and I encourage you to contact Behr directly for further assistance. We'd love to learn more about your project and find the best way to help.

Kindest regards,

Doris Behr
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Great stuff! Perfect solution for our project.
We’re having a 3 season room installed over an existing concrete patio. I was going to use a typical concrete sealer on the section that was going to be enclosed until i saw this product. After a thorough pressure washing I taped it off and applied the coating with a brush on the edges and adhesive rollers on the large open areas. It took a little less than 3 gallons and 2 coats to do a 12’ x 14’ area. It covered all blemishes and cracks on this 20 year old weathered patio. The floor looks fabulous!
by DonP
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After reading all the reviews i was very NERVOUS ! But then i realized that most of the negative reviews were from people who were applying this to " slick surfaces", Garages, interior floors etc. After reading the reviews that were Pool deck related, i realized they were mostly very happy as i am now. I had stained concrete before starting and followed the normal prep instructions , pressure washing etc. After the first coat i was still very nervous as it looks unfinished and as if it will never cover properly. After the second coat things got a lot better but i am very picky and knew a third coat would be needed. After the 3rd coat it looked really good and finally like the picture on the label. I then applied two coats of sealer and that is when things became great. This project took almost 35 really solid hours over three days to complete. I love the results, but would suggest anyone using sealer to add some shark bite or something similar as it is a little slick when wet. I ended up using 52 gallons of this stuff ! Very expensive, but it looks like a Hotel resort pool now. On a side note, i have 2 areas that have bubbled, but they are in areas that i used concrete patch beforehand . It is very important that you have a rough surface for this to work its best. Good luck and remember, several coats will be needed but the results are worth it ! Side note, i had over 2000 sq ft of area to cover in Rock Hill South Carolina 2021 and the surface area is very cool to the feet even on very hot days.
by SC
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Beautiful finish
My finished steps look amazing. Definitely take your time using granite grip. Remember that your not using a regular paint on a wall. 1st coat is just for a base. 2nd coat coverage was better but Definitely not enough. 3rd coat I poured on and spread. That was Definitely the key to this but don't don't it until the 2nd or 3rd coat. I believe my white steps played a huge part in still seeing the white bleed through. I didn't do a 4th coat but had some touch up spots. Be patient and take your time and you will have beautiful results! I tried to add before and after pictures but it only allowed me to post 1 pic!
by Steve
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