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  • Porch Make over
  • May 24, 2016
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Behr Granite Grip does come out looking nice but it isn’t the easiest to apply. The direction call for you to roll on the first coat noting that it may not cover and is mainly a sealing coat. So why not have another can for that. When I was trying to roll this on it left much of the granules in the tray mostly absorbing the moisture. After a few square feet of this I decided to pour the mix on the area and used the rolled to spread it out with much better results. After about 4 hours I applied the 2nd coat in the same manner coming out with great results. Very happy with this but it did take 2 gallons for my porch. The porch had reddish pavers and paint prior to this and 98% was gone. Only a small area the red did still bleed through and will need touching up. When I resurface the walkway I’ll touch up that area. Over all it came out great I’m impressed and can’t wait to finish the rest.

Pros Easy Instructions, Easy to Clean, Looks Great, Looks High End, High Quality of Material, Very Adhesive

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Nuevo California
55 to 64, Male
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By: Triktriky
  • awesome! but, hard to get right
  • April 23, 2018
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I gave this five stars because it is an awesome product. For the average DIYer, I would give this product three stars. Very hard to get it perfect, not a one person job. I read some of the reviews on here, and the most helpful one was the one who ended up using a heavy duty sprayer for the 2nd coat. I didn’t have one, so, while one person laid on the second coat with the texture roller are used a regular nap roller with no pressure to smooth it out. This worked much better than trying to use texture roller to smooth out. I still ended up having some roller lines, but not as bad as some people ended up with. Also, it says not to use on vertical surfaces, which I did anyway. And it came out fine. You just have to put on the right amount and watch it so it doesn’t sag. For as much is this product costs, if I were to do it again, I’d probably get a professional to apply it, only if they have already used the product

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By: feldy
  • So far, so good
  • July 21, 2016
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So far, I love the product. Easy to apply and looks great. A couple tips: 1. Follow the instructions. First coat does need to be thin. 2. I had a 1' concrete vertical edge around my patio. I used a disposable brush on it and it worked great! 3. Not a suprise with Behr paint..two coats does not do the trick. Plan on three. I had raw, etched and stained concrete to cover and each area required three coats. Come on Behr...we know the deal. Just admit to it. 4. It seems to be pretty durable once it is DRY. I deliberately tried to scratch it with no success. Once we make it through this hot Texas summer and rainy season, I will update to a 5 Star review if it holds up well.

Pros Easy to Apply, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Looks Great
  • DIY


Hays County, TX
55 to 64, Female
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By: Bren
  • Very pleased
  • February 28, 2016
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The end result was awesome. I have to admit the application was a little more work than anticipated but once done it all came together. The first coat will not be pleasing. Try and keep it consistant throughout. Did use the roller and brush for the corners. U may need to buy more than what it states but i was fine with that. Area is 12x10. Used 3 gallons. Make sure to let dry in between coats. Morning and evenings are cooler and seem to work better. Heat and sun seemed to thicken paint. Good luck!!

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By: Roro
  • While Granite Grip adheres as advertised (having installed it 3 months ago), and has a nice feel,...
  • April 11, 2018

While Granite Grip adheres as advertised (having installed it 3 months ago), and has a nice feel, the pigment coverage is poor. Having applied 4 coats (two more than the recommended) over my garage floor, there's a noticeable lack of "eveness" to the pigmentation (some areas are fully covered, while other areas are "splotchy" ar best). This was very disappointing, having spent 3 days preparing the surface (grinding off mastic from tile that had been placed over 25 years ago).

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By: Gary96825
  • Behr Granite Grip
  • July 23, 2016

This product is not as advertised. It constantly left variations and inconsistencies throughout. After three applications, following the directions precisely, some spots look good but most are a variable shade of what looks like a glossy coat that differs from what it should. You cannot role this paint. The only way to apply is to spray and Home Depot will not rent you a sprayer. A Florida contractor posted a Youtube video about this product that is spot on. Do not purchase this product. I let a HD salesman convince me it was a great product and I now have huge regrets.

Cons uneven application
  • DIY


Jacksonville, Fl
35 to 44, Male
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By: Mike
  • Behr quality as expected, Thick, Fills Small Cracks, Amazing final product
  • August 05, 2016
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This product applies like cake frosting, it's thick! If my concrete patio was perfectly flat, then yes I'd prob get the 250sqft of coverage this 5-gal bucket says it'll do, but because I had a very rough surface, the foam roller couldn't get into all the crevices and cracks, so I ended up using a hand brush and all my paint that I thought would at least give me 1.5 coats for only 1 coat. Looks like i'll need to buy double what I had expected for the 2nd coat. Make sure you take the time to prep, I pressure washed my patio twice and then acid washed it. When applying, this product dried fast, I applied it in 80-deg heat and it dried over night, I was able to walk on it the next day. BTW - Sahara Canyon is Red clay color, don't trust your computer screen.

Pros Dries Quickly, Good Protection, Very Adhesive

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Boston, MA
25 to 34, Male
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By: Roger
  • Must work in small sections, have a light hand, and have a lot of patients. Three stars just beca...
  • June 10, 2018
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Must work in small sections, have a light hand, and have a lot of patients. Three stars just because I thought it was difficult to blend. Don't skip the prep work! Working on 500 sq.ft. patio and per coverage instruction I would need (2) 5 gal. buckets. This is how I did it...I had a 5 gal. bucket and dipped my roller heavily in paint. With a light hand, rolled back and forth in one direction working the grit out evenly...looks like a grit wave. Working with a wet edge from my last section, I could then work in different directions to blend. After two coats I had transparent spots and I was a little discouraged when I had to do a third coat. Not easy stuff to work with. I had to use more paint than what the coverage amount indicated. I also contacted Behr regarding coverage issue and they were very helpful...I suggest contacting if you have problems and speak nicely. I'm happy with the results for a DIYer.

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By: Question
  • Great coverage and professional look
  • September 08, 2016
  • Recommended Product

I had to redo a pool deck area and saw the rebate offer for Labor Day weekend so I thought good time to start. I did a small test patch with a brush and roller, didn't like the effort needed for an ok result. I looked at YouTube videos as recommended by the Behr rep at HD. I found one where as it says as, in another review, to apply with a hopper. I got a texture sprayer for about $20 at the store you get in the mail with 20% off and free flashlights, used the smallest nozzle and went on great. Need to cut in with a nylon brush and takes anywhere from 2 to 3 coats based on what you had on there previously. I do not recommend rolling as it takes 5x longer. Make sure you prep and cover anything you don't want to overspray. Understand too you are spraying part epoxy in the air, so wear breathing mask at minimum, it creeps up on you even if you don't smell it. Only disappointment was the Behr rep said NOT to spray it on, and I actually found this as best method. Good luck, bring some patience and definitely follow the advice not to try to put it all down with the first coat.

Pros Easy to Clean, High Quality of Material, Looks Great, Looks High End Cons instructions that come with product not best metho

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Thousand Oaks, CA
45 to 54, Male
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By: HomeDepotCustomer
  • This product is a beautiful product but very difficult to apply in a manner that makes the finish...
  • July 24, 2017
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This product is a beautiful product but very difficult to apply in a manner that makes the finished product look like the sample. What is important to remember is that what you're doing is spreading latex flakes suspended in an adhesive. To get the uniform appearance of the sample there are a number of things you have to do very precisely: (1) follow the directions and use only an adhesive roller, absolutely do not do this in direct sunlight, and I would further recommend you to do it when it's below 80° and humid. This product dries quickly and if it is too warm you will not have sufficient time to disperse the flakes. (2) work only a very small area at one time. A single roller full of paint must be applied and completed before you move onto the next section. Begin by lightly rolling the paint filled roller in an X pattern with each leg of the X about 12". Then lightly push on the roller as you spread the granite grip to fill in the X. Do not push hard on the roller. This will cause the flakes to no longer be suspended and you will not fill in the area you were working on in uniform manner and it will appear splotchy. Let the roller do the work for you. Remember the only way this product appears to be applied in a professional matter is when latex flakes are evenly spread out. (3) in all likelihood this is going to take three coats not two as advertised. It is extremely difficult to get a uniform spreading of the flakes in two coats. (4) after you have spread out the flakes in the area from a single roller full of paint so that the flakes appear to be uniformly spread, go back over the area with your roller empty and apply zero pressure to the roller and run it across the recently painted area to remove the roller lines. (5) while the first coat is primarily used to coat the surface of the concrete similar to what a primary would do, your best chance of doing the job with only two coats is greatly increased if you pay attention to how the flakes are spread and make an effort to spread them as evenly as possible. (6) I found that to get a perfect job I had to do the final coat on my hands and knees so that I could control precisely the flow of the flakes with each roller full of paint.


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By: JeffofSanMarcosCA