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Customer Reviews for BLACK+DECKER 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Rechargeable 3/8 in. Drill/Driver with Charger

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Model #LDX172C

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  • Keyless chuck provides quick, easy bit changes
  • Mid-handle design for balance + control
  • Fan-cooled motor helps to extend tool life

Customer Reviews

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Battery charger stopped working almost immediately and costs more to replace than the original price of the drill itself. Takes the concept of "built-in obsolescence" to the extreme. B&D should be ashamed of themselves.
by Jim O
Great little driver
Bought this 3 years ago for my girlfriend and she never used it. Took it out of the basement today and, without any charging, it ran perfectly! Lightweight, cheap, very handy for small jobs!
by Doctor J
This drill is very easy to use, even for someone like me who cannot put anything together, even with instructions. I was able to use this drill within a few minutes of opening the box. I just hung a bulletin board using this drill with no problems whatsoever. My family is threatening to hide it because I am going around the house "fixing" everything. If you want a drill that is extremely easy to set up and use, by all means buy this drill - You will not be sorry.
by Dottie
Love it
I love the power tool it gets the job done qhd yo put pad locks on my doors and it adevtadevhe job faster then of I was using my hand
by Vinna
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It is what it is
This drill is tiny and easy to move around in tight spaces. However, the suggested 7.2 volt is actually less than that. It doesn't have a lot of power, nor speed. The variable speed is controlled via the trigger. Needs to be extra mindful of the chuck. It's very fragile, common on all B&D drills. The charger takes a very long time to charge. It's a good drill for around the house for light duty only. Drywalls and such is perfect for this drill. Anything beyond that, make sure you've a full charge before the job, and have a backup drill. It's a bit pricey for $30, but if you can find one for clearance, $20 is a good buy.
by shakennotstirred
Low end drill. SINGLE SPEED, not variable.
I'll get straight to the bottom of it: This tool has very limited use conditions. Since the battery for this drill is hardwired, it can't be replaced with another pack. That leaves this drill unsuitable for moderate to heavy duty applications or more frequent usage. Additionally, the advertising is outright incorrect. This drill is not variable speed. It is SINGLE SPEED, which means on or off. You don't have the full range of control that I would have expected out of a product from this brand. Unfortunately, that makes this drill less suitable for many light-duty or outwardly visible applications. I cannot recommend this for use as a power screwdriver due to the single speed. It makes it far more likely to strip screws or damage the project. As a drill, it's limited to light duty only. The speed is low, so it will take time to drill a hole. The battery won't last all that long under strain, so it can't drill many holes before needing another 9-hour charge.
by Fixit
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Great Household Drill
My wife bought this drill for herself a year ago, but I've found myself using it instead of heavier alternatives for most small tasks. I've used it for small drywall jobs, it even was good enough to predrill and then drive some 3inch deck screws into PT wood. While lacks the power for any large projects, it is great for everyday household use and small to medium projects.
by EricDalnas
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light drill
good as you would expect for a black and decker product
by decker
Disposable drill, pass on this.
The drill was cheap and had expected more from the black and decker name. Battery would not hold charge after a month of use. Could not return because it was over 30 day. Drill itself was good when new but quickly loses ability to hold even close to full charge and then seems more a nuisance to keep charged between ridiculously short uses. Unless $30 is the most you can spend at the moment and you absolutely need a drill, just go with a more reputable and reliable brand. It may cost you twice what this one does if not certainly more but in the long run you won't throw away $30 on this THEN have to buy the more expensive replacement a month down the road.
by GH05T
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good little drill/driver
Holds a charge for quite a long use. Comfortable, and lightweight. Wouldn't use it on a commercial job, but great for a DIYer to get things done around the house. I used it to mount a mirror, hang 8 miniblinds, and change out 32 outlets in 2 days with no recharge and it started to finally lose power on the last miniblind. so I put it on charge for 15 minutes and finished off the job. It does exactly what I would expect a B&D to do work well and made well.
by Samm
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Showing 1-10 of 16 reviews