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Customer Reviews for Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier with Allergen and Odor Remover, Washable Pre-Filter

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  • Features 3 stages of filtration to contain pollutants and odors
  • Captures mold, dust, pet dander, smoke, pollen and more
  • ENERGY STAR-rated filter for energy efficient use

Customer Reviews

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  • 84% recommend this product
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It's actually quiet on low.
I started developing allergies recently and needed a good air filter to help. I'm also a really really light sleeper so the noise from most HEPA units keeps me awake even on low. Not this one! It's so quiet on the low setting that I wondered if it had stopped working (it hadn't). Plus the air in my room is noticeably cleaner than in the rest of house, and I live with a smoker. Also, my cat seems to think it's great and frequently sniffs at the outlet when it's running. If he approves, it must be good.
by Sammy eh333
Beautiful Design and Air Flow Intake 360
This is a wonderful device. I bought it for my Son and his room. But we set it up in our living space to see how it would look. The Air intake is 360, and it is a light white noise sound. I am going to buy another one...maybe two. I own five of the BlueAir Purifiers. Wonderful machines.
by RushFamily
Perfect solution
I've got pollen and allergy issues, so this was the perfect fit for my home office. I move it up to the bedroom at night, so it's been a real good fit with great results!
by JimZ
I feel GREAT!!!
This item has helped my ENT so much in so little time. Being cooped up has not helped. I was beginning to feel like going outdoors for a walk had better air quality than what I was breathing and sleeping in, every day. After 30 minutes, I can breathe deeper, no post nasal irritation, no phlegm always stuck in the back of throat. Advise to lower speed after a few hours on full blast so it won't keep me up at night.
by AiMEs630
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Less dust!
I bought two of these, one for the bedroom and the other for our living/dining room. The results are fantastic. There is less dust and fur bunnies around (5 cats). They’re expensive but totally worth it. I feel like we breath better and the air quality has improved a lot.
by Shell
Air purification and style. This unit sits on the floor or could be used on a counter top as it d...
Air purification and style. This unit sits on the floor or could be used on a counter top as it draws air into the pleated filter at the base and shoots out the top. There are three speed settings and I ran the eco/low speed during the night near the bed. The top LED was dim enough that it wasn't a distraction and the fan was quiet. It looks cool too. I also played with changing the blue filter cover with the charcoal gray one. There is a surprise message at the inside bottom for me when I take it apart to change the cover. Nice touch. My testing is in a finished basement. I don't believe the air is a fresh and healthy as it could be, but there is not smoking in the home or strong cooking smells. I do believe the results of it on during my sleep were not different enough to notice an improvement of how my respiratory system felt. Its not hurting though so I will continue to use it. There are two higher fan settings and they resume if the power is interrupted.
by alwaysathomedepot
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Great air purifier with a simple design. I use this on one side of my main house level and love i...
Great air purifier with a simple design. I use this on one side of my main house level and love it. It is small, quiet and essentially has three filters which take an array of 'contaminates' out of the air. It is also light and easy to move around. It provides great air quality for a good price. Overall, I love it, especially how quick it can filter and change out air in a given room. The whole lower section is the filters, the blue part (in the photos) is a stretchy pre-filter that wraps around the particle filter. Inside the particle filter is the carbon filter. All the filters are round, so the intake is as well. That means it doesnt matter where you put it, it takes in air from all around. The fan is the white part on top. In the middle of the exhaust vent on top is a touch button which can adjust speeds; low, medium or high. The button also turns the unit on and off. The button does need a good press to work, it is a bit finnicky. Three lights around the button indicate fan speed. They turn red when the filter has to be changed and there is also a delayed power off function for the purifier. The stretchy cloth pre-filter will probably get caked in dust but is easy to clean with water or in the washer. The purifier comes with a black pre-filter if you don't like the blue. The manufacturer also sells several other colors such as orange, pink and gray.
by SteveVA
Response from Blueair Support TeamNov 28, 2017
Thank you for the awesome review. We appreciate your input and dedication to our product. blueair
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I'm one of those people that suffer from severe allergies and was very excited about trying this ...
I'm one of those people that suffer from severe allergies and was very excited about trying this Blue air purifier. It is compact, very attractive, quiet, easy to set up and filters (pre-filters and charcoal) are included. It comes with a blue pre-filter also including a black pre-filter cover to change out, if you prefer. Operation is pretty straightforward after opening the box, however, I did read the manual. You simply plug in, press the button located on top of the unit to turn on, adjusting the speed from low, medium or high. On low it is very quiet, you really do not hear it. High is not extremely loud but if you like having outside noises blocked, this is the setting for you. It is an air cleaner and sound machine. The placement of the unit is very important since air is being pulled in and cleaned around the entire unit. Cleaning the air every 12 minutes. It is designed to remove dust, pollen, pet dander, mold, dust mites, bacteria along with the charcoal filter removing VOC, smoke, chemicals and cooking odors. Since I have been waking up with sinus headaches, I placed it in the master bedroom. I started out running the unit on high to really clean the air. I will continue to run the unit on low but can already tell a noticeable difference when I enter the room. The pre-filter can be cleaned with a vacuum or in the washing machine, what a great savings. The charcoal filter inside the unit can last up to 6-9 months, depending on how dirty the air is. The unit tells you when it is time to change the filter and looks easy to change. I look forward to sleeping better and hopefully over time, less sinus headaches.
by pegnc
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Love this small Blue air air purifier! I use this next to my sewing machine when sewing to filte...
Love this small Blue air air purifier! I use this next to my sewing machine when sewing to filter the material fibers from the air, no more sneezing from all the fibers floating in the air.. It is rated for 161 square feet, so it is perfect for one room and has a 360 degree air intake. The air puffier comes with two washable outer skins, so you can wash one and put on he other. One push button on top of air cleaner, with three different speeds, if used in bedroom the light will dim after 5 seconds. Great for one room!!!
by anklebiter
Great for small apartment!
Not only does this seem to get the job done (air quality seems good, allergies under control), it also does the job quietly and compactly. Good size for our city apartment. Better looking than any air purifier I've owned before. Have owned for about 1 month... and so far no complaints. Recommend for anyone looking for a great unit for smaller living space!
by KyPo
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