Customer Reviews for BonJour Aluminum Creme Brulee Chef's Torch

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Model #53338

  • Fuel level indicator window indicates when to refill
  • Adjustable temperature, anti-flare flame and safety lock
  • Ergonimic handle and removable stand

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I've used another torch before for food, but it always cramped my hand so I needed one that was e...
I've used another torch before for food, but it always cramped my hand so I needed one that was easier to use. I liked this one a lot, it worked well, easy to load fuel, and has a feature to keep the flame on without constantly pressing the button. The flame stayed consistent throughout use and was easily adjustable. I tried it out on some creme brulees and they came out great!
by PopKim
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Cool Kitchen Add on
Pretty cool addition to add to the kitchen. Never thought about using one. My wife likes it in the kitchen to add some crisps to some foods. Size and weight is good. Easy to fill up. Instructions were very clear. Has a flame adjuster which is very clear and easy to use. There is an option that will keep the flame on without having to keep the finger on the trigger. And of course this could be used for a nice cigar.
by Jarett
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While I generally prefer to when cooking stick to things like grilling and such, I occasionally like to dabble in baking. This chef's torch opens up a bunch of new possibilities for the simple home baker and is ideal for a host of culinary uses, from browning the tips of a meringue to caramelizing the top of a creme brule. You can even use it to lightly sear meats if you are careful about it.
by Cove
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Bring your Dinners to a New Temperature
Chef's Torch with Fuel Gauge This is a must for the kitchen. Why? Because there are certain foods you can’t make without it. In the pictures below I showed making my creme brulee. The only way to melt the sugar into a crust is with a torch. This torch is great. It is butane fueled. Most super markets carry the refuel canisters and it only takes about twenty seconds to refuel it. There is a window on the side of the handle that shows how much fuel is left. The torch has a slider on the side to adjust the flame size. The back red piston is a self igniter. It is super easy to use and makes amazing dishes.
by snowbabe
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One task torch
The Bonjour Chef’s Crème Brulee Torch is a light and compact butane blow torch. In addition to Crème Brulee, the instructions say it can be used with the following: to brown Baked Alaska, melt and brown cheese on top of onion soup, casseroles and lasagna, glaze fruit tarts and other pastry, brown the tops of roasts, and blacken the outside of peppers, tomatoes, onions, etc. The flame is quite short even on the longest setting. This was OK for raw sugar on a crème brulee. However, there was not enough flame to brown the outside of a hamburger cooked sous vide. I tried for 2 ½ minutes per side and still did not achieve desired results. I cannot imagine that it could brown a roast and am skeptical that it would be able to melt and brown cheese on top of lasagna in any reasonable time. It is difficult to start when cold, taking at least 3 tries to fire the burner. It seems to start fine when already used. I found the controls awkward. To start, one must adjust the flame to medium, remove the safety lock, completely depress the start button (repeat if it doesn’t start), then slide the continuous flame lock lever. It is a two-handed process. This is a fine torch for small items that require little heat, like the raw sugar on a Crème Brulee. However, it does not handle other kitchen tasks and is priced about the same as a multi-tasking propane torch that uses less expensive fuel. I suppose the propane torch would be overkill on the sugar but can handle all other tasks listed.
by squeasel
Works flawlessly
Why pay more for a simple torch. Now my wife doesnt have to get my big clumsy torch out of our garage anymore. It works just like it says. It doesn't come with butane, so make sure you pick some up at your local HD. It is easy to fill. Don't forget to shake the bottle a little before filling. The handle has a nice feel to it and it is very easy to turn off and on.
by Rusty
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by HomeDepotCustomer
..very good...
..very good
by HomeDepotCustomer
Used it for Crème Burlee and it worked great. Continuous on feature made it easy to use. Flame ...
Used it for Crème Burlee and it worked great. Continuous on feature made it easy to use. Flame adjustment was also easy to control for just the right amount of coverage.
by Nan16
The torch is great except it lets you overfill and...
The torch is great except it lets you overfill and then shuts off when using at an angle. It just took several confused visits to HD to actually get it out of their storage cupboard. It was there a few times when I tried to pick it up but their system didn’t tell them.
by Scott
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