Customer Reviews for Bosch 300 Series 24 in. 4 cu. ft. 240-Volt White Electric Ventless Compact Dryer

Internet #304806605

Model #WTG86400UC

Store SKU #1003421879

  • 4 wire NEMA 14-20 208-240v cord attached, accepts 3 wire cord
  • Condensate Drying – NO DUCTING REQUIRED
  • 15 cycles & 8 options provide customized drying options

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[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] We only have a small area for a stackable in our Condo so this size was perfect. It took me a couple of loads to get used to the low water level and dryer time for certain items. I love it and and so happy.
by Susan
Somewhat loud
This was replacing a much older vented stacked washer/dryer, I have a very small space so the ventless option was the only think that would fit in my small condo now. A challenge before the appliance delivery was even made was trying to confirm what type of outlet we needed. This dryer does not fit the “normal” US dryer outlets. It needed a 4 prong outlet to be installed. The photo on the instruction page was of the washer plug, oddly they did not include a graphic of the dryer plug, so that was stressful. Now installed, I would say the washer is kind of loud when it gets to the spin cycles - almost like a helicopter overhead for about a minute. Even the floor shakes. I definitely am careful on when I run it as I’m sure it is annoying to the neighbor in the unit below mine. Aside from the noise, it seems to clean just fine. Items do seem a little damp when taking them out of the dryer so I’m still figuring that part out.
by JB
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Clever little machine.
Lots of dry settings. Leaves your clothes dry but not bone dry ensuring you’re clothes don’t get worn out so fast. It can do the thinking for you with sensors. It is small but can dry full set of king size sheets and duvet covers and pillow slips.
by Kimincr
Just What We Needed
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] For over 30 years we have been doing laundry in our basement. Now that I am older and retired, I don't want to go and down the steps with laundry, but we don't have space for a full size washer and dryer on the main floor. This BOSCH dryer (and the matching washer) were just what we were looking for! It took just a short time to figure out the best settings to use the dryer efficiently and our clothes and other items dry quickly and thoroughly. The filter is easy to lift out and clean. The dryer looks nice too and isn't as loud as many others are. I am very happy with our purchase!
by DRC2020
Dryer with good looks and good performance
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] We are so happy switching to a Bosch dryer. The previous dryer appliance we had charged more money just to be a ventless condensation dryer. It's great that Bosch makes this feature a standard. This Bosch dryer is a well-made quality appliance. It runs quietly and accurately.
by Calvin
We needed a small but quality washer and dryer set for our new lake house. The Bosch set exceede...
We needed a small but quality washer and dryer set for our new lake house. The Bosch set exceeded our expectations. A bonus was that it didnt need to be vented. Love the condensation dryer. Works perfectly.
by Bosch
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[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Love the dryer. The clothes come out of the dryer without the hot dryer feeling. The clothes are dry and feel very soft, no static cling. I love the fact you don't have to connect a dryer vent.
by karl10475
Excellent compact dryer
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is a very efficient dryer. It dries my laundry very well and the best part is that there is it is ventless and I don’t have to worry about cleaning out an exhaust hose.
I purchased a condo with an interior closet that had a stacked laundry center. The closet has no...
I purchased a condo with an interior closet that had a stacked laundry center. The closet has no venting to the exterior, so when the existing 13-year old machine bit the dust, we decided to do the "right thing" and switch over to a condenser/ventless dryer. So, the prerequisite context... this is my first ventless dryer and the machine I'm comparing it to was super old & analog. The features here are awesome. I having the sensors that intelligently estimate how much cycle time is left and stop the cycle when the dryness is correct is great. If you prefer it a little dryer, change over to the Timed Dry Variable setting to add another 20 minutes (no automated cycle stop). I used to add the 20 minutes to most of the cycle ends, but I'm starting to realize that the clothes really are dry when the machine stops. The machine contains a large amount of steam/ambient moisture, so if you reach in right at the end of the cycle it seems way too wet. Take the clothes out, let the moisture escape a bit... and it's been basically good to go. It's quiet and fits really nicely in my small closet space. It's certainly more expensive than the vented alternatives, but it does actually dry my clothes and feels like quality. If you've got to go ventless, give this a try - just do as others have mentioned and ensure that you fill the washer properly for the fabric type. This washer/dryer combo will wash roughly half of the clothes you're used to washing, possibly less. If you stick to this and just do a few more loads per week, you'll be okay.
by Barb
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Space Saving & Quiet
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought this dryer and the matching washer to stack in my laundry room. Like the energy savings as well as freeing up space for storage and a spare fridge. Love the sliding shelf between the units to place clothes for folding. No matter which permanent press setting I use, clothes are damp when dryer stops. Tried repeatedly resetting and pushing start, but it only runs for 2 minutes and stops. Also, the dryer sheets tend to stick to the lint vent cover. Really quiet and large enough for my needs and the laundry room never gets hot or steamy.
by Desertdweller
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