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Customer Reviews for Bounty White Paper Towels 2-Ply (8 Huge Rolls)

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  • Trap and Lock Technology makes towels 2x more absorbent
  • Strong full size sheets clean up messes quickly
  • 8 Bounty Huge Rolls = 20 regular rolls (Full Sheets)

Customer Reviews

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Full size sheets
I have used Bounty for as long as I can remember. However, recently I cannot find full size sheet Bounty, only select-a-size. I will only use full sheets because they do not tear apart when I am trying to use a sheet to clean with. Select-a-size will tear down to the small half-sheet every time I try using the towel for anything more and wiping up liquids. Therefore, I have decided to go to Brawny Towels because they are the only ones offering full size sheets. Bounty is a good towel but not offering what I need. Bye Bounty.
Response from The Bounty TeamMay 26, 2021
Your loyalty over the years truly means everything to us, but we're sorry to hear you haven't been able to find the paper towel that you know and love. Please know we are still making our full size sheets and hope to have them widely available again. Retailers stock based on customer demand, so we recommend mentioning your interest to your local store managers, as this could lead to them stocking more in the future. Feel free to give us a call at (800) 926-8689 with any questions!
    Shrinking roills
    I am a loyal customer of Bounty paper towels and Charmin Toilet paper but noticed that you have "shrunk" the size of the rolls in 2021, but the price remains the same. I would gladly pay more for Bounty instead of purchasing smaller rolls and replacing them more often, the roll size went from 12-120 sheets per roll to 12-108 sheets per roll and the package still says 12=26 rolls. Other package sizes also have been reduced.
    by PGLoyal
      Thank you
      Thank you for continuing to make the full size paper towels! I really hate the split sheet paper towels because you have that serrated part of the sheet that crumbs can get through. You’re the only maker that I know that remains to make the full-size sheets and I want to thank you very much!!!
      by Thankful
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        Bounty Prints
        I would like to order Bounty Paper Towels in Prints . Do you have a site for that? Cant find them in stores here
        by Barbijz
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          It really is the quicker picker upper
          So my fiance knocked the coffee over on the rug well on the floor was not even a half roll of bounty left but before I could a save my paper towels an throw down a dirty rag ( it's an old old rug ) the bounty turned a tea stained color an sucked up the entire cup bout 10oz the entire this was absorbed by my poor paper towels... this roll swelled to about 4xs its size lol we had a good laugh but bounty plz send me some coupons to help replace your ever effective product!
          by Hunny
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            Perfectly Absorbent
            I have avoided bounty for a while because of the price. Well I recently switched to bounty and I will NEVER go back to a cheaper off brand, I had no idea a paper towel could be so absorbent! And the half sheets are great for little messes!
            by Jesse
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              Love full size sheets, hate select-a-size
              I am having trouble finding full size sheet paper towels. I hate the select-a-size towels, so unless I can find what I want, I will have to go to a different brand.
              by dainaa
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                Full sheet Bounty
                I cannot find full sheet paper towels. I've bought so many select-a-size online due to dishonest sellers. I guess I'll have to switch brands & sell the select-a-size I'm now stuck with.
                by brooke550
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                  Trying to find FULL size Bounty
                  My family LOVES FULL size Bounty sheets. I can't find them anywhere. We don't like select-a-size at all. Please, please, please continue to make full size and ship both selections to stores. Thank you!
                  by Mindy8
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                    Don't quit making the full size sheets!!!!!!
                    I have always used the full size sheets but now they are impossible to find. I can't stand using the select-a-size type. I hope I don't have to change to another brand because Bounty is the best.
                    by Linda70
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                      FULL SIZE ONLY FOR ME!
                      We love the full sheets so much that we search all over to find them. Seems most local stores are now only selling only Select a size. We will have to find a different paper towel if we are unable to get full sheets. Please do not discontinue them!
                      by jonizuk
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                        I WANT FULL SIZE SHEETS ! !
                        Impossible to find FULL SIZE SHEETS....... PLEASE don't stop making them ! ! Bounty has been my favorite for many years, but I do not like or want select a size ! ! !
                        by Ambrosia
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                          BRING BACK THE FULL SIZE!!!!!
                          I will buy Brawny until you do. The select-a-size are awful.
                          by Patricia829
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                            Full size sheets onhly
                            We love the full sheets so much that we search all over to find them. Seems most local stores are now only selling only Select a size. We will have to find a different paper towel if we are unable to get full sheets. Please do not discontinue them!
                            by emt248t
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                              Full Sheet Size Bounty Towels
                              We have been using Bounty Full Sheet Size paper towels for years. They are by far our preferred paper towel. However we totally dislike the Select-A-Size version; so much so that we will switch brands rather than buy Bounty Select-A-Size.
                              by mauij7
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                                Bounty Full size paper towels (White)
                                I love the full size white bounty paper towels. That is the only paper towel I will use unless they are not available in the store. Please do not discontinue the white full size paper towel, because I very much dislike the Select-A-Size. .
                                by Robin66
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                                  Full Sheet Please
                                  Another fan of Bounty Full Sheet here. I’ve been buying it in huge rolls for years, and it’s just gotten so I can’t find it any more, whether in local stores or on line. Great product. Please bring it back!
                                  by Edson001
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                                    Please bring back full-size sheets!
                                    Like many others have said, I love Bounty paper towels, but not the Select-a-Size. I once bought that product by mistake and disliked it so much I gave the whole package away. I'm down on my knees begging for the full-size Bounty to show up soon!
                                    by Demishole
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                                      FULL SIZE SHEETS
                                      Bring back Bounty FULL SIZE Sheets. I don't like the select-a-size and don't like switching brands to get a full sized sheet.
                                      by pavone
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                                        miss the bounty basics printed sheets..... which i have been using for many many years.... miss them....hopefully they will come back in the months ahead....using the bounty essentials pick a size but so prefer the basics....thanks
                                        by adeline59
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                                          Bring back the full size sheets.
                                          I agree with pretty much everyone else here. Please bring back the full size sheet rolls. Everywhere I go to shop I'm finding the select-a-size rolls which I absolutely despise & I really do not want to switch to another brand. Been extremely happy with Bounty to this point.
                                          by Beetlebomb
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                                            Full sheet
                                            Please bring back full sheets. I really don’t like the select-a-size as well.
                                            by Jrobert
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                                              Select a size Bounty Paper towels
                                              I DETEST the select-a-size paper towels. All they have in stores now are the select-a-size which I refuse to buy. I will have to try another company's paper towels, unless you start to bring back the full size towels both print and white!
                                              by dmmc20
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                                                Full-Size Sheets
                                                Like the other reviewers, I detest the select-a-size product. They inevitably tear off at the wrong point. However, no store in my area contains anything but that product. When are you going to increase distribution of the full-size sheet product?
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                                                  Bounty full sheet paper towels
                                                  Please bring back the full sheet size Bounty paper towels. The select-a-size Bounty paper towels aren't worth the money in my opinion.
                                                  by eatery
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                                                    Love the full sheets, hate select a size sheets
                                                    The full sheet towels are hard to find and i buy in bulk and usually end up with one roll cause they roll off the shelf in bulk packages!
                                                    by Farmher
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                                                      Hate, Hate, Hate Select-a-Size
                                                      Please let me know where I can buy full size paper towels. Select-a-Size isn't worth the time or money to use them. I have been a life-long Bounty user and am now looking for a replacement.
                                                      by suzg
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                                                        Full sheets
                                                        PLEASE put the full sheet paper towels back out for sale. We hate the select-a-size towels and can't find them anywhere!
                                                        by VickiP
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                                                          Bring back full sheet towels!!
                                                          You can add me to the list of customers who hate the select-a-sheet Bounty paper towels. They are useless! Please, please get the full size back on the shelves. They are nowhere to be found.
                                                          by Priscilla
                                                            • Recommended Product
                                                            I love full sheet Bounty paper towels and have used them for years. I have not been able to find full sheet Bounty, and I HATE select-a-size! Have you discontinued them? I will switch to another brand before I will purchase a single roll of selec-a-size!
                                                            by FullSheetLover49
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