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Customer Reviews for Bully Tools 14-Gauge Round Point Shovel with American Ash Long Handle

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Model #72515

  • Handle designed to increase leverage and reduce fatigue
  • Manufactured strong and durable
  • Perfect tool for digging and landscaping

Customer Reviews

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Good heavy duty shovel
I’m not a shovel expert, but this shovel by Bully Tools seems very well made. The handle is solid, long and thick. It’s well polished and lacquered wish a clear coat. The handle is a little thinner in the middle which provides a bit easier handling and less slip. The shovel has good weight and feel to it and nothing seems loose. The metal is quite thick and is the same thickness all throughout. I thought that the tip should be a little thinner, but it still digs well and doesn’t bend. The welds seem very good and along with the well positioned ribs / bends makes the shovel very tough. I have so far used it to dig up three holes to replace my old fence posts and it did the job great! The foot caps are wide and solid which helps driving the shovel into the ground by stepping on it. The shovel head is angled which helps drive it into the ground at an angle instead of tilting the entire handle. Overall, this is a great shovel that should serve for many years of hard digging. My only gripe with it is the coating or the sticker, or when the sticker is attached. When I took the sticker off the metal part of the shovel it pulled off some of the protective coating with it – see pictures. The coating it there to protect the metal from the elements and keep it from rusting. So not sure if the coating is too week or the sticker is too strong. Could be that the sticker is applied too soon after the coating is. Who knows… Just thought I’d mention this. Either way, even if the shovel rusted, I’m sure it will serve well for a long time. Good handle and nice heavy gauge steel make this a good product.
by PaulN
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Good basic shovel
I needed a shovel to replace a well worn one. This certainly does the job. It is a very sturdy and well built shovel that looks like it will last a very long time. It has a solid shovel area with a sharp pointed area and ridges that make digging into the ground very easy. The shovel is attached to the long sturdy ash handle with a large bolt and feels very secure. I would have like it to have a padded or rubber grip on the upper handle to lessen the friction and the chance of blisters on my hands. But that's what glove are for. It you looking for a well built shovel then this is a good choice
by PF68
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Strong Sturdy Shovel
I picked this shovel because its 100% made in America. I also chose this shovel for a few reasons: first, my shovel lost its point and needed to replace it with a pointed shovel, I like the long handle, and the strong metal shovel. I like the fact the metal shovel is coated to withstand all types elements and hopefully will prevent it from rusting. I have already put it to good use with planting new plants and installing a rail fence. I gave it four stars because of the ash wood handle and I don't know if ash would splinters or not. Other than that its a great shovel.
by Capecodder
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A Shovel You'll Be Proud To Own
I have busted more long-handled pointed shovels than I care to remember! They are usually marketed as "hardwood handles" or have fiberglass handles with wimpy wood underneath. Folks, this is Ash wood! Ash and Hickory are the best woods I know of for tool handles. One thing that makes a good shovel is the fit between the blade and the wood. If you have a poor connection there, you can take it to the bank that the shovel will break as soon as you put strain on it. Bully Tools is a company I'd never heard of before, but they make garden tools anyone would be proud to own. The big, tough welds on the steel, the heavy gauge steel itself, the sharp edges, the nice wide foot brackets, the tight fit between handle and blade, and the quality Ash handle on this shovel make it one to last a lifetime of hard work. You can bet I will look for the Bully Tools label next time I need a garden tool! And best of all, it is 100% American made! It is so refreshing to see things made in America again! Knowing that your neighbors made a product you are using makes you feel great! I ordered two Bully Tools spades and this long pointed shovel from Home Depot, and have to say that the packaging was over-the-top great! Not only were all three garden tools well boxed, but each was individually wrapped to protect the handles and blades. Not a scratch was to be found by having three heavy garden tools shipped on one box. Thanks Bully Tools, and Home Depot!
by TheOldViking
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High Quality American-Made Shovel!
This long handle shovel will provide you years of service in the garden, thanks to quality craftmanship and design. I am 6'6" and this handle is even long enough for me to use comfortably with no excessive bending due to its length. The blade is well-formed (as you can see in the picture) and extremely well-made. It really is a high-quality American-made product that shows pride in manufacturing. I highly recommend this spade. You will not be disappointed!
by DickB
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Made in America, and the heft and quality are obvious. It's definitely worth a few extra dollars...
Made in America, and the heft and quality are obvious. It's definitely worth a few extra dollars to get U.S. workmanship, and a tool that will last many seasons.
by Greg
I may return the two I bought If I...
I may return the two I bought If I can find something better . These Seem to be heavy built but handles rattle . I thought about taking the handles off and refitting them my self and putting a boiled linseed oil finish on handles . I measured the outside of the shank of the shovel head with calipers to make sure it was tapered its not so I cant refit the handles . They are a little clumsy feeling for lack of better words compared to other shovels Ive used in the past . I Havent used them yet . Would have gave them 4 stars if the handle did not rattle .
by johnm
Sturdy shovel that fits well in my hands. Easy to use for my beginner level home-improvement proj...
Sturdy shovel that fits well in my hands. Easy to use for my beginner level home-improvement projects. Would recommend for anyone starting a garden or doing intro level landscaping.
by Monica
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A real tool
So this is what it is like to use a real tool, deaigned to work and designed to last. Cant believe how rugged this thing is. Also cant believe the engineering that went into it. From the reinforcement gussets to the welded back. The pictures do not do it justice.
by belgrath04
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5 Star Review
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by Peggy
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