Customer Reviews for CHAMPION POWER EQUIPMENT 3400-Watt Dual Fuel Powered Electric Start Port Inverter Generator with 192 cc Engine

Internet #206842512

Model #100263

  • Economy Mode for extended engine life and better fuel economy
  • Foldaway handle for easy storage
  • Cold Start Technology for a quick start in cold weather

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This is the one
This is the perfect balance of noise, power, portability and reliability. Right out of the box this generator has been a breeze to operate. I've been running it on propane and the fumes are very minimal. I have no hesitations recommending this to family members an friends.
by BiG 10
Everything I Wanted
I did lots of research for a new Generator. it needed to work for my RV and be a back up for home. It arrived in two days and was easy to set up. Added some oil hooked up the Batttery and decided to do initial run on Propane. Boom~ worked like a charm. I am amazed it is 30 amp, and still runs so quiet. Very nice to have the toggle switch open for full 30 amp or as needed. I have recommended it to three friends already.
by brucehi
Yep, nice gennie, dual fuel for dual purpose.
I purchased this generator for 2 purposes, and its the reason why I chose a dual fuel, and a size that was dual usable. 1) Hurricanes & power outages in FL. I really wanted to do the full-home generator backup, however, not really knowing how much longer we might be in this house, it was just too tall of a $order to handle. 2) Camping. My generator on the RV died. $2k to fix, $4k to replace. The camper is NOT a young buck, so spending that $ was a crapshoot. This generator can handle both situations, though not perfect, still well enough. a) Light enough to put on the tray behind the tow vehicle and bring the gennie boondocking. b) Easy enough to purchase the proper adaptor/hose to connect to the Extend-a-Stay on the RV propane tank so I have a big tank of fuel. c) Easy enough to bring the camper to the house post-hurricane if I need a place to sleep & hang out w/ air conditioning. d) Great for keeping at home, and dealing with short power outages, hooked up to a 20lb propane tank. e) Great for adapting for use on Natural Gas (haven't added new regulator yet, plan to by end of week) so that I can connect to NatGas at home, which should be fully accessible post-hurricane. f) Great for plugging into a through-the-wall Reliance unit so I can have power inside without leaving a door/window open. ------ Now, there are some limitations. I wanted to use the Generlink system to connect the Gennie to the house thru the meter, however, researching told me that the 3400W unit was not strong enough to flip the Generlink into running the house. Sadness. Not a Champion issue, but wish that wasn't the case as I see no reason Generlink couldn't allow smaller wattage units to work, the homeowner simply has to turn on less circuit breakers to stay under wattage rating. --- I wish the unit was tri-fuel, I mean it can't be that big of a change to make it tri-fuel out of the box. --- I wish they had a unit that was bi-fuel with Natgas & Propane, no gasoline. Smaller, due to no tank.
by jmeray
Powerful, Quiet and Effective
Power outages happen and the last one in our community lasted for three days. The Dual 3400 has several features that was important to us when choosing a generator. 1) It is an inverter so it is safe to charge our electronics, 2) Dual fuel, running it on propane is cleaner, easier to store, and easier to obtain during a power outage when gas pumps may not work. 3) Being an inverter the generator runs quieter(about as loud as a vacuum cleaner.) 4) The 3400 is relatively light, my wife and I easily lifted the pre-assembled generator out of the box it came in. 5) Very portable, the wheels are attached and the handle extends to make easy handling( like pulling and ice cooler), 6) It has the capability to be connected to another 3400 generator for extra power. 7) Electric Start or Pull Start option. 8) The Champion Brand has an excellent reputation for durability. 9) Style, It's the best looking generator on any page. 10) Versatile, the 3400 can be used to power a home or take camping. We love our Champion and think you will too.
by Jesbara77
Great Generator
It arrived without any shipping damage with all parts included. I attached the battery, added oil, connected propane, and it started right up. For the break-in, I varied the load every 15 minutes between 0 and 50% for 5 hours. I then changed the oil, added an hour meter, and added a permanent trickle-charger socket. I purchased the cheap cover just to keep the garage dust off of it during storage. I also purchased a neutral bonding plug in case I need to run the home fridge or furnace off of it as this generator has a floating neutral. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that needs a midsize dual-fuel inverter generator
by themortster
Great Compact Generator
I use it as a backup for my home and take it camping in my 30ft travel trailer. Easy to use love the duel fuel option because I always have LP when I am camping. It is quiet enough for how I plan to use it.
by Greg the camper
Great Generator
Plan to use on future RV. Love the Propane feature, no gas fumes, stabilizer, or mess with gasoline. The electric start is a great option and being an inverter no worries with powering the electronic equipment we have.
by Kevbo
Works like a dream and a life saver
Power goes out on us frequently and was looking for something to power some basic electronics and refrigerator. Did some research online and found this item at a reasonable price. Was delivered in two days and extremely easy to set up and get running. Runs nice and quiet and so far is doing the job admirably. Would recommend it to anyone that needs a midsize generator for recreation or emergency use.
by Frustrated homeowner
Great product
Purchased this generator to use with my Jayco fifth wheel trailer. The dual fuel option is very useful as I don't intend to use gasoline, just propane. I researched generators for a long time and after buying a smaller Honda gas inverter I decided to buy the 100623 with all the features. Very nice, quality unit.
by Bruce C
Worth The Wait!
Let me start off by saying the month I waited to get it was well worth it! I ordered this Generator after reading reviews, watching videos and mainly because I have been through numerous Hurricanes here in Florida the last major one was Irma that went directly through my city and we were without power for at least a month! After I finally decided on this model particularly because of the Duel Fuel Feature and the lower Decibel ratings I ordered it! Then Hurricane Laura came up through the Gulf of Mexico I am not positive, but I think that is partly why it took longer than I had anticipated to receive it! This week we had have our outside electric meter and boxes replaced because the house was built in 1970 and no one made parts for it anymore. We were going to be without power for eight hours, so I broke out the Champion Invertor Generator! It was so easy to setup add the oil, connect the new battery terminals and once I had I hooked up the Propane it started up instantly! It ran like a charm for the entire day on Economy mode I love it!
by KenInNaples
Showing 1-10 of 1,068 reviews