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Customer Reviews for Centipede Southwest 15 ft. Wide x Cut to Length Artificial Grass

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Model #RGB7

  • Mimics the qualities of real grass but without the tedious upkeep
  • Withstands torrential downpours up to 50 in. per hour
  • UV-stabilized 1-1/2 in. blades give your lawn a lush, green look

Customer Reviews

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Delivered and be sure to have help to unload. The driver might help a little but you are respons...
Delivered and be sure to have help to unload. The driver might help a little but you are responsible for unloading and moving the roll of turf. Overall it seems very nice. It was easy to install and really doesn't look exactly like the pictures but it is soft and our new puppy loves to run on it. I don't know how it will hold up in the Tucson heat but we are hoping to shade part of it. I gave it 4 stars because it doesn't look as realistic as I thought it would as compared to the pictures. The free shipping is great. We did a 15 by 30 and had it all prepared so just had to roll it out and anchor it down.
by Becki
Product was fairly easy to install. The only issue was the staples offered by Home Depot for thi...
Product was fairly easy to install. The only issue was the staples offered by Home Depot for this application were undersized and kept bending. Had to get stronger staples. Overall looks great and so far, is holding up to our 150# dog in his dogrun.
by Swagger
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Excellent product!!
Looked at a lot of products on the market and this one, although fairly expensive, is great quality and really hard to tell from real grass.
by wld
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Perfect fake grass
We ordered this fake grass thanks to the great reviews it already had and we love it. We have a small corner 5' x 10' and it was easier to use fake grass due to the drought in California. Super easy to cut and to install. Looks really great against the real plants and with the chaise lounge.
by Dorothy
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VERY nice turf....even for pets and play!
This grass looks GREAT, especially if you 'fluff' it after install with a turf rake. We have a small dog, a German Sheppard, and a 7 year old that all love to play on this turf. It is not slippery, even when wet. It has a very nice soft feel to it. This turf is also sort of 'randomly patterned, and very slightly 'clumpy', if you will, to make it appear not overly perfect and too fake looking. It is also very easy to clean up dog messes....just use Simple Green, then spray with water. It is very hot where we live, so growing grass was nearly impossible...this was a GREAT solution. Installation was very straight forward, with, by far, the hardest part being the leveling of the ground below. Once leveled though, it really is as simple as rolling it out, then using a box-cutter to shape edges. I used 4in landscape staples to hold it down, the recommended seam kit for the seams, and everything went very well. My yard even had some very tricky corners and pavers to cut around, but as long as you measure and bend closely, it's no problem. I have attached a few pictures, so anyone can view my extremely amateur installation, that went very well, by only my wife and myself for the job! The rolls can be heavy, so, at least for moving the rolls when they arrive, it is a two person job, but after the rolls are positioned, one person can do a medium-sized yard in a full day of work!
by SeahawkNumber12
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Best Value Synthetic Turf. Easy to install
Installed approx 200 sq ft of Centipede Synthetic turf in my yard. Took about 4 hours to install after having previously prepared foundation for install. Very easy to use. Seaming was pretty straightforward and edges were easy to figure out. Looks great and found that it drains very quickly after receiving significant rain 2 days after installing. Was dry 4 hours after rain stopped.
by ogdnut
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Well worth the price, and looks great!
After storing the product on the roll for two weeks, it was not matted when unrolled. Ordered 15' x 12' and was relatively heavy to handle, but could be handled by two able-bodied men. Installation was easy and uneventful. Cut in half, and spliced to create extra length. Seam is invisible, and easy to do. Used Grip-Rite Exterior Galvanized S/TPatio/Deck nails - 16d (3-1/2") to hold down edges and randomly in field, and they worked very well. Base was compacted, existing DG with 1" sand feathered out to edges. Would have used more sand if base was soil versus dg. After laying turf, brushed sand into fibers per instructions. Strong, durable product and Great looking result!
by Golde66
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Excellent synthetic grass!
I purchased a 15x16 foot area for a small back yard play area. It looks really good and I did the basic installation using sand as infill. The sand does help make it look more natural both by helping the grass blades stand up and adding a bit more color variance.
by KBKansas
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loving our new backyard
We love the look of this grass. Our kids love to play on the grass and so do our dogs. It is good quality for the price we paid. Instillation was not difficult we did it in about three hours.
by Lizzie
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Looks Real and Easy to Install
I shopped around for a while for an inexpensive but great quality synthetic turf and this is the only one that seemed to be priced reasonably without sacrificing quality and appearance. I used this to replace real grass I had in small low traffic section of my front yard for easier maintenance purposes. I installed it with my mom within a couple of hours and like the other reviewer, we opted for 5 inch landscaping staples to secure the turf. It was so easy to install and it looks great. I love it!
by Grc702
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Showing 1-10 of 56 reviews