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Customer Reviews for Clorox Clean-Up 32 oz. Fresh Scent All-Purpose Cleaner with Bleach Spray (2-Pack)

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Model #C-204787896

  • Bleach disinfects and deodorizes kitchen and bath surfaces
  • Clorox bleach has a fresh scent fragrance to refresh your home
  • Bleach attacks tough stains and grease indoor and outdoor

Customer Reviews

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    out of 972 reviews
  • 96% recommend this product
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Clorox Clean-Up cleaner plus
Clorox Clean-Up cleaner plus bleach is one of my go-to cleaning solutions the price is perfect and with the added 40% better spray pattern it's a home run. this works great for most surfaces.
by sethc5
It disenfects well. It
It disenfects well. It is affordable and effective. The only thing i would change is the smell. The smell is too strong for me.
by theoneadonlyastriid
Very good product. Nicely
Very good product. Nicely scented and love the smell of bleach. I use this on everything and more now due to covid. Its hard to get online nowadays but I stretch it out adding more clorox to it and a little water. It is a must buy and will disinfect any area. You can use it to clean around your pets area, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.
by maika15
I love using bleach
I love using bleach to make me feel like my home is clean and fresh! I love the convenience of this spray bottle and how hard working this product is! I would recommend this to anyone needing a product that will do its job at an affordable price from a trusted brand! I'll definitely keep purchasing this product well into the future
Great cleaning product! 99.9%
Great cleaning product! 99.9% we used this pretty much everyday. Essential product for every home! Cleanliness is next to....well you know! 5 stars!!!!!!!
I use this in
I use this in my kitchen every day. It smells strong like bleach, obviously, but I love it. It really gets everything clean how I like it and takes care of tough spills well on the countertops and my stove.
I use this product to clean and disinfect almost everything at home regularly.
I use this product to clean and disinfect almost everything at home regularly.
by Pedro
by Ravin
It just works, plain and simple. Can't go wrong with...
It just works, plain and simple. Can't go wrong with this product
by HomeDepotCustomer
Showing 1-10 of 972 reviews