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Customer Reviews for Cree 60W Equivalent Soft White (2700K) A19 Dimmable LED Light Bulb

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Model #BA19-08027OMF-12DE26-2U100

  • Provides a soft white light from a color temperature of 2700K
  • Offers dimming for a customized lighting experience
  • Does not contain mercury

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I bought 4 LED light bulbs from CREE about 1-2 years ago. I paid quite a bit, since LED was still...
I bought 4 LED light bulbs from CREE about 1-2 years ago. I paid quite a bit, since LED was still expensive 2 years ago. They have 10 year warranty. Well 2 of my bulbs are out for months now. I am very disappointed and when I took it to HOME Depot, where I bought it from, they said I have to contact CREE company. That really sucks. I have to make a phone call, etc. I will definitely not buy anymore CREE product. dissatisfied with CREE LED light bulbs.
by GoLed
I've had two CREE bulbs in the past year, two failures. One just quit working, won't light up at ...
I've had two CREE bulbs in the past year, two failures. One just quit working, won't light up at all. The second one, the glass cover fell off. No more CREE for me.
by azjerry
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They were good at first but not over the long haul.
I bought a house a couple years ago and the previous owners stripped it of nearly every light bulb. (They also took the mailbox for crying out loud!) So I decided this was as good a time as any to make the switch to LED. I bought a pack of these Cree "60 watt" soft white bulbs and they seemed great. So I bought another 20 or so to put in every A19 socket around the house. Two bulbs quickly died. One was in a closet and the other was in a room I rarely used. Flipped the switch and nothing. Probably had less than an hour of use between them. Since then, I've had another one die completely (also in a rarely-used fixture) and 6 others have begun to fail. Two flash and flicker. The other four are losing elements in the ring of LEDs. The flickering bulbs and the bulbs losing brightness are all in high-use fixtures. It seems pretty clear that these bulbs won't last anywhere close to the 22.8 years estimated by Cree when a third of mine have failed or degraded noticeably in less than 2 years. I don't see any point in paying a premium price for these bulbs. May as well just buy three times as many cheap bulbs for the same price and swap them out when they fail. Also, the inner coating of the bulb that gives it a "frosted" look becomes less opaque the longer the bulb is in use. The ones that died early still look frosted. The dying bulbs I took out of the fixtures today are nearly clear in places. There's just a slight haze left from the original coating.
by jtown
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Great option for upgrading a bathroom fan/light from CFL to LED
We recently installed a bathroom fan/light combo that we purchased at HD that was pre-wired for the CFL style bulbs. We don't particularly care for the CFL light and the fluorescent style flickering that they exhibit. We bought a couple of GU24 to E26/E27 adapters online so we could use LED bulbs instead. Since the Cree bulb only draws 9.5 Watts it is well within the 24 watt maximum specified for the fan/light with two bulbs drawing 19 watts total. Even with the length added by the GU24 adapters, the bulbs were still compact enough to fit comfortably within the domed light fixture. So far so good, and since the bulbs are in a bathroom with very occasional use, we're hoping for many years of service.
by LosRubios
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I bought two of these from Home Depot for use in a light fixture that takes two light bulbs. After just one month one of the bulbs burned out which is a shorter life than a regular incandescent bulb. Unacceptable for an expensive lightbulb.
by Jerf
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Impressive appearance & performance
This particular bulb was deemed a "best buy" in a magazine devoted to rating products. Its outstanding features are that it can be used in an exterior closed fixture and also be used with a photo sensor. We installed the 40watt equivalent LED bulbs throughout our townhouse property and are pleased with the appearance and performance. The promised extended life of this bulb was a huge selling point. Out of 96 bulbs purchased only one was defective and will be returned to the local store for an exchange.
by HappyGrandma
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Switched four dozen bulbs with these.
We exchanged almost every mismatched, under-performing bulb in our house after testing these. The light is warm, bright and consistent ... feeling like a good old-fashioned incandescent bulb. We are very pleased with the quality of light and forthcoming energy savings.
by Ellemenopee
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Burnt-out after a month.
Bought three of these for our bathroom. One has burnt-out after one month. It is only on about three hours per day. It's a lot of money to pay for a bulb with such a short life span.
by Joe
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I relamped my home with Cree LED lamps, mostly the 60 watt equivalent. I have one 100 watt equivalent bulb also. I am into Cree for 12 lamps. Out of those 12 lamps tonight I have had my third failure. I am disappointed. I have had one replaced under warranty direct from Cree and they included a second bulb for free since it took so long to replace the one. ( three emails and more than a month ) I have started to look in to other LED lighting to replace the burned out Cree bulbs. I offered to ship them back so they could do quality control on them but they didn't send a box with return postage. Oh well. Good luck.
by burnedout
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Cree Quality
I've been buying these as my incandescent and/or CFL lamps burn out. The light the 2700k (Soft White) Cree LED produces is very pleasing to the eye. Much better than the CFL. The CFL had a dingy yellowish tint to it. Cree bulbs are closer to the light temperature of incandescent lamps. The warranty is pretty good. If it doesn't last for 10 years of normal use, you can return it with the receipt and they will replace it. Two more features that sold me on this product is it is dimmable and you don't have to wait 20 to 30 seconds for the light to 'warm up'. I've read some reviews where they say this is "Made in the USA." It is "Assembled in the USA." which means it could contain foreign parts. But hey, someone in the US has a job because of it so I will buy more Cree bulbs as I need them. The price on the Cree has dropped significantly. They are priced at what CFL are or used to be. As time goes by I'm sure the price will drop more. Would rate this a 4.5 only because the price is still a little high to buy these in bulk.
by Al
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