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Customer Reviews for Custom Building Products LevelQuik RS 50 lbs. Self-Leveling Underlayment

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Model #LQ50

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  • Seeks its own level in minutes
  • Levels from feather edge to 1.5" in one pour
  • Walkable in 4 hours

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Tends to be softer and can be easily rubbed off by your hands after it cures
I used this as instructed. Observations. 1. After 30hrs it is still not dry 2. It tends to be soft after curing 3. It is very brittle and can be rubbed off if you hand. If you just rub it for 10 sec all the material will come off 4. I stepped on it after 30 hrs and the places where I stepped the material just came off like a power poured on the floor.
by DIY
Easy to use fast settings was able to feather edges with disk grinder when set up
Easy to use fast settings was able to feather edges with disk grinder when set up
by Soupkid
Consistent every time....
Consistent every time.
by HomeDepotCustomer
LevelQuik RS 50
Great product didn’t have any problems. I had a 15 gallon bucket mixed to bags at a time with 3 gallons of water concrete flowed like a champion
by Milton
Consider before purchasing
The pro of this product is that it finishes with a little texture, so if traction is a concern it will be a good choice. The negatives are, it does not self level, no matter how thin you make it. It is very difficult to get this to flow out even. It tends to be soft after curing and can be rubbed off if you do not use latex additive. It is not as hard as other products It is not as smooth, but has a texture. For some applications this is a challenge, it also does not feather as well as other products. Overall I was not pleased as we used it to level a concrete floor that was over 100 years old. It did not perform any where near as well as another product we tried at the same time. It left a slightly rough, soft uneven finish.
by Jasper1
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Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
Use a bow rake!
First time I've used a floor leveler. I followed directions to the letter. I had 3 helpers and lots of buckets. I used a laser level to calculate bags. Minimum depth is about 1/8' to 1/4" Worked great.
by John
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Used 18 bags of this to level the floor of my kitchen. Did the job nicely. Used 6qts of water per 50 lbs
by admrose
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Make sure you have the horsepower
Great product!!! Decided to relevel a hall-bathroom floor for marble mosaique, rather than deal with 50 y.o cement base. Two bags bought
by GraC
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Listen to others! 6qts water per bag!
I have a 20.5x13.5 room that was recently mudjacked and I needed to level the floor about an inch or more. I used 35 bags. I did 18 bags first run then 17 the second time. The second layer I did after 3 hours so I did not need to primer a second time. I may need more bags for a small skim coat to finish it off. This would be easier with multiple people but I did it completely by myself, so it’s possible! I’ve never leveled before besides watching YouTube videos. As stated in title use 6 qts water per bag. My method to do it alone was use a small trash can and mix 2 bags at a time. I did 3 one batch but the trash can is incredibly heavy so I stayed with 2 per batch. Keep the trash can close to where you need to pour because it’s very heavy and I just tipped it over. Use a 5 gal bucket with quart measurements so you can make batches fast. I used a 24” metal leveler with a long paint pole to push it around but the leveler does most of the work for you. Harbor Freight mixing drill did the job with ease. Move fast because it sets up fast. 35 bags cost me $1000 but to have a level floor to lay my vinyl planks is priceless. Would recommend for the DIYer at home. Stuff is very solid once dry
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Showing 1-10 of 1,096 reviews