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Customer Reviews for Custom Building Products Polyblend #11 Snow White 8 oz. Grout Renew Colorant

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Model #GCL11HPT

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  • Makes grout joints look like new
  • Stain and fade resistant
  • Use to restore or change grout color of cement grout joints

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Don't use this. I followed the instructions EXACTLY. Purchased the haze remover , brush etc etc. Let it dry overnight and the next day tried to do a few joints. Fortunately, I did the area under our sink cabinet, where it wouldn't show and boy was I glad. The results are exactly as the worst reviews indicate. It is paint, not stain. It does not penetrate the grout, it just lays on top. When you try to wipe off the little bit you get on the tile, it takes it off the grout. On the off chance you do not have to wipe off any overlap at all, when it dries it's uneven in color and the grout lines are uneven in tone. Very,very ugly. I'm glad I kept in under the sink. There could be a way this works, but from what I can see, it's very,very specific circumstances that most will NOT encounter. Great idea, not so great a product! The attached photos, really don't do it justice of how bad it really looks :(
by TJ
Absolutely AMAZING!
I am not one to write reviews usually but... I am so pleased with this product I just couldn’t help it! We bought a house almost a year ago and I’ve been saying since we moved in how much I hate the tile throughout the kitchen, laundry room, half bath and halls. I’ve been wanting to get them professionally cleaned and the grout redone but that’s not cheap. I stumbled upon this product and thought I’d give it a shot. If it didn’t work I’m out $14 and a little time. I did my laundry room first because if it didn’t work out oh well, no one goes in there anyways. It looks like a whole new floor! The more grout I do the more excited I get and the more I want to do! My kitchen is pretty big so I have a lot left to do but already I’m telling everyone I can about this product! It’s simply amazing! I’m using a toothbrush like recommended. It sounds tedious but it really isn’t and for my flooring it fits perfectly in the grout lines. I’ve tried several methods for cleaning up the extra and I’ve found a dry cloth rubbed lightly over the tile works the best! My tile is forgiving so if there is a little over it’s not obvious so this may not work as well for everyone but it’s been super easy for me.
by plb
I bought this product in the hopes of restoring the...
I bought this product in the hopes of restoring the grout in a 1920s bathroom tile floor. It didn't work for this purpose. The grout lines were too narrow and shallow to apply the Grout Renew. I suspect the grout also may have been too worn or perhaps wasn't grout at all but something else they used back in the day. However, the grout renew worked fine on our more contemporary kitchen floors, which is why I'm giving this 5 stars. The problem was with our vintage floors and not the product itself.
by HomeDepotCustomer
Great product
This product is awesome. My kitchen floor never looked better before.
by OS
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Great Item!!
Easy to use. Take your time and work in small areas for best results. Used tooth brush and cotton swabs for great coverage.
by Christy
Works great
Granted this is quite labor intensive, but I am so happy with the results. I feel like I have a brand new floor!
by Eleni
Don't rush for best results.
How you apply Grout Renew and the time you take in doing so really seems to makes a difference. I used an artists paint brush, and due to irregularities in how my tiles were set 25+ years ago, painted one tile at a time and wiped up mistakes as I went. (The paint and wipe off with big strokes from a rag method didn't work for me because it took off the paint on the grout too.) I suggest working left to right and top to bottom if working on a wall/ tub surround so that you avoid touching what you've already done. It took several hours to do my tub surround, but I am pleased with the results. I am also following the recommended wait time of 72 hours before getting the walls wet in hopes that it will help with the longevity of the results since it took so much time. This was a low cost way to freshen up our tired looking bathtub when replacing the old tile wasn't a feasible option.
by BDickens
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Unbelievably simple with great results
So easy to restore the grout color! Phosphorescence makes the grout look dirty no matter how much you clean the floor. This project is actually fun to do! Wish I found out about this product years ago.
by Mamamermaid
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Do not use on subway tile
Incredibly difficult to apply and remove from tile. I estimate treating 80 square feet of subway tile at my current rate to take about 40 hours and even then there’s still remnants and specks which need to be scratched off with your fingernail. Absolute garbage.
by Mike
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Super Easy!
Pros: very easy, very inexpensive, looks great Cons: hard to determine correct color, samples pics/labels aren't exact, only way to know is to sample on floor - which could get costly. 5 hour project completely transformed and updated grout. Very easy to apply - I used the blue tape suggestion and an artist brush - available in a small assorted set in the paintbrush section at Home Depot. Worked right from the bottle - no extra container needed. Cleans very easy with water, and doesn't run or bleed through blue tape, so clean-up is really easy. Did the whole room and still have about a quarter bottle left!
by DanM
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Showing 1-10 of 1,869 reviews