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Customer Reviews for DEWALT 20-Volt MAX Cordless Brushless 4-1/2 to 5 in. Paddle Switch Angle Grinder with FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE (Tool Only)

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Model #DCG416B

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  • Up to 54% more power when paired with FLEXVOLT batteries
  • Compatible with all DEWALT 20V MAX and FLEXVOLT batteries
  • E-CLUTCH shuts down the motor in under a tenth of a second

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The DEWALT 20-VOLT MAX CORDLESS BRUSHLESS 4-1/2 TO 5 IN. PADDLE SWITCH ANGLE GRINDER WITH FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE (TOOL ONLY) is a nice compact, cordless grinder. It handles both 4-1/2 inch and 5 inch wheels for grinding, polishing, sanding and cut-off. The paddle switch has a safety function incorporated into it that makes it easy to release the safety and activate the grinder in the same movement. While the tool does not come with batteries or wheels, almost any brand of wheels will fit it. And all of DeWalt's 20 volt and Flex Volt batteries will fit, giving a wide range of running time. No tools are required to either rotate the guard shield or change a wheel. It spins up quickly and provides a strong grinding and cutting tool. Another great addition to your DeWalt tool collection!
by CDM
Great grinder.
Use for my job working tile quite often as well as metal work at home. This grinder is worth every penny. Adding the flex volt battery also adds quite a notable difference in power. Also it was to my surprise that even with the big flex volt packs, the weight is very well balanced while using the grinder.
by Dewaltuser
I’m slowly upgrading all of my tools to cordless. It’s just so handy to not have to worry about ...
I’m slowly upgrading all of my tools to cordless. It’s just so handy to not have to worry about pulling out the extension cord to use tools, and speeds up the project. The Paddle Switch Angle Grinder is brushless and uses any of the DeWalts 20v Lithium Ion batteries (not included). It fits nicely in my hand and is light weight, weighing less than 4 lbs. The on/off paddle switch is conveniently placed and comes with a side handle that attaches (screws in) on either side if I need to use it. An allen wrench is included to tighten the locking flange and uses a variety of 4.5” or 5” blades and the blade guard rotates with an easy to release lever. The quick brake is a nice bonus.I had no problems using the angle grinder. DeWalt stands behind their products and provides a 3 year limited warranty with 1 year free service and Home Depot has a 90 day money back guarantee. DeWalt has become my go-to tool and is made in China.
by hdmcbiker
DEWALT 20-VOLT MAX CORDLESS BRUSHLESS 4-1/2 TO 5 IN. PADDLE SWITCH ANGLE GRINDER WITH FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE is just what I was looking for. I'm starting to replace all of my DEWALT power tools with the FLEXVOLT line of tools! What a great idea to be able to use one battery and charger for all the DEWALT tools! I am impressed with the way it feels in my hand. It features an electronic soft start for torque control ( great feature), a rotating gear case to improve user comfort, guard adjustment is very simple. Instructions are some of the best I've ever read, very well written and easy to follow!! You cant go wrong with a DEWALT product! The tool also features a very good warranty!
by BigAl
The 48 inch brush cutter that works off the PTO of my tractor takes quite a beating in normal use...
The 48 inch brush cutter that works off the PTO of my tractor takes quite a beating in normal use which means the blades need grinding in order to keep them semi-sharp. The cord on my older grinder gets in the way. The spinning grind wheel cut the cord with just minimal contact. Today, a new DeWalt DCG416 cordless grinder with a brushless motor is replacing the old one. This new DeWalt grinder accepts either 4-1/2" or 5" Type 27 wheels. The Guard that comes with the DCG416 is movable by hand when turning it clockwise. The guard release lever must be depressed to move it counter-clockwise. Performing the counter-clockwise operation has caused the guard to disconnect. To be safe, the battery must be removed while re-attaching the guard. The paddle switch and auxiliary handle make for a comfortable feel. A different guard, Type 1/41 (must be purchased separately) is required if cutting wheels are to be used.
by HickoryC
I received the grinder in its box without any other packaging. There was a tear in the cardboard ...
I received the grinder in its box without any other packaging. There was a tear in the cardboard but the contents were apparently all there. The grinder comes with instructions, handle and an Allen wrench, to use with the large knurled spindle clamp nut. The hex indentations in the nut are about 1/10” deep, so there isn’t much engagement area for the Allen wrench. The uncushioned screw on plastic handle which can be attached to the left or the right side of the grinder head. It has a paddle type switch with small lever safety. This is a Flexvolt Advantage tool which is brushless and apparently has a brake. The tool takes about 1 second to come to a complete stop after releasing the switch. It has a quick adjust blade guard lever. I have a 5.0Ah DeWalt 20 volt XR battery to use with the grinder, but no Flexvolt batteries yet. A Flexvolt battery can apparently give the tool up to 54% more power than the standard battery. The grinder gets up to speed quickly and seems to have plenty of power. It has one speed. There’s a fine mesh air intake at the base near the battery and the cooling air exits at the tool head. It has a maximum of 1550 watt output and 9,000 rpm. Weight of the tool is 3.92 pounds. I can’t speak to longevity as I only just got it, but the tool seems well made, and has a 3 year warranty with 1 year free service and 90 day money back guarantee. The tool is made in China.
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Has the feel of a corded tool
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Prior experience with a cordless angle grinder was with the old school NiCd units - so I remained skeptical that the gap to corded tools had been closed. To put it straight to the test I went for the arbortech turbo plane which can bog down my corded unit and was amazed to see that I couldn't stall it out. It powered through - clearly under load but keeping the rpms up. I trialed the grinder with both a flexvolt battery and a standard XR battery and was not short on power with either battery - so clearly it has power to spare to accomplish my tasks. Clearly the power gap has been closed and now the freedom from cords yields greater flexibility not only outdoors away from power sources but also in the workshop to not be tripping over cords.
by rooted__timberworks
Super drinder
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I got this tool a few weeks ago and now that I have use it enough I only can say one thing There is no other brand that can deliver quality and price just right powerful cordless grinder that gets you all the juice from the 60v battery but also can use the 20v battery Flex volt machine that you can use any of the 60v battery or 20v battery but if you use the 60v it uses the full power from the 60v it gets heavier but it balances the weight and gives a better control to the machine and improves your cuts
by Dannok
Intimidating power in an ergonomic tool!
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Being an amateur DIY'ist (is that what it's called?) and woodworker, I didn't think I would find many uses in my day-to-day for an angle grinder. After getting the 20V Max FLEXVOLT brushless angle grinder, I looked up some common uses, watched an online video or two, and got to work. First up, I decided to use it to sharpen some lawn mower blades. I HATE sharpening lawn mower blades. Prior to having this angle grinder, I would use a little attachment for my handheld powered multi-tool. Although easier than using a hand file, it was still obnoxious trying to use the cheap attachment and grinding stones and the results weren't all that great. I took a trip to the hardware store, bought a 40 grit flap disc, and a couple minutes later had 2 fully-sharpened mower blades. Super quick and easy! I will never sharpen mower blades a different way again. This angle grinder was very easy to setup as a beginner and had plenty of raw power; it's almost a little intimidating how much power this grinder puts out. The ergonomics are also very nice and the handle can be easily switched from left to right. I had no issues adjusting the tool-free guard or installing the cutting/grinding discs with the included allen key. I saw an online review of an older model which mentioned that the button that stops the disc from spinning was in a position that wasn't comfortable to get to without removing the handle. I'm happy to say that this model has that button installed on the top of the grinder and allows for much easier access. For my second use, I thought I'd give it a shot at cutting through a hardened steel chain that I wanted to cut in half to get an extra use out of (the original chain is far longer than what I needed it for). I placed the chain in a vice, installed a metal cut-off disc, and sliced through the chain without any issue. Now I have 2 security chains! As far as battery life goes, I had this grinder paired with a DeWalt 6 Ah FLEXVOLT battery. I had no issues with the small projects I used it for. I'm always impressed with DeWalt's cordless power tools in this regard. They're powerful, rugged, and easy on the eyes (I'm a sucker for the yellow and black). For the future, I plan on getting a wire brush disc to clean up the patina on an old and weathered axe. It could also use some sharpening. I have little doubt that the DeWalt 20V Max brushless angle grinder couldn't handle anything I throw at it. I look forward to the further uses I can find from this powerful tool!
by Dex85
Awesome tool!
[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This angle grinder is awesome! It has many great features like the option of switching the handle from one side or the other this gives the option to use the tool weather your a lefty or a righty. The breaking system is a great feature that will help the user stay safe when working with the tool. The angle grinder feels lighter then the other angle grinders making it easier to hold. The paddle switch is very smooth!
by Caio33
Showing 1-10 of 114 reviews