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Customer Reviews for DEWALT 20-Volt MAX XR Cordless Drywall Screw Gun/Cut-out Tool Kit (2-Tool) with (2) 2.0Ah Batteries & 1/4 in. Impact Driver

Internet #313756308

Model #DCK263D2WDCF887

  • Includes Screwgun, Cut-Out Tool, Impact Driver & Tool Bag
  • (2) 20-Volt MAX LR Batteries 2.0Ah & Charger
  • Compatible w/ All (200+) DEWALT 20-Volt MAX Batteries & Chargers

Customer Reviews

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  • 87% recommend this product
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it is not made in US..
Ordered as tool made in USA. Web descriotion says “built in USA” and look for this logo, but all I can see “ Made in Mexico”... that is the reason I ordered from Home depot, to get US built tool, cause the better deals elsewhere... returning.
by Joseph
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I like the low weight and balance of the screw gun. It can be adjusted to sink the screw ,make it...
I like the low weight and balance of the screw gun. It can be adjusted to sink the screw ,make it flush, let set a little out. The bit change is tight need a pair of pliers. You can take off the tip collar to get to the bit. It will except any 1/4” shorty bit if you want to use the dimple setting. The cut out tool is also well balanced, the bit change needs no tools as the shaft locks with a button. The on off switch is by the battery and not easy for a one hand operation.
by Hevykevy
Needed to replace my Roto-Zip (corded) due to the bearing are making a grinding and they did have...
Needed to replace my Roto-Zip (corded) due to the bearing are making a grinding and they did have any replacement parts to repair it. My corded drywall screw gun was a corded also so I was look to replace both of them. So, I was in a hunt for a cut-out tool and a drywall screw gun. The DEWALT DCK263D2 Cordless Combo Kit seems to fit the bill. I want to go cordless because of the hassle dragging the cord all over the place and trying to find a outlet was sometimes a challenge. Both pieces are blush-less tools. The screw gun RPM is from 0 to 4,400 and also is reversible. The gun seems to be well balanced and gun handle fits nice in the hand. It has a built-in LED light to help you see if you are in a dark area. It has an adjustable depth you can set to make sure you have the same depth through your project. The cut-out tool RPM has a consist speed of 26,000 and not a variable speed. It also has an built in LED light. The adjustable base height is the only negative I have about it. The base where it connects to the cut-out tool has some play in it. I guess it not the critical since I only cutting out holes and not using it as a true router. It comes with a soft bag that is nice but it does not have any inside pocket to put your bits and cut tool bit. That would be a plus. All in all, the tools are great for your DIY’ers. It comes with a 3-year Limited Warranty, 1-year free service.
by MikeLikesIt
DEWALT 20-Volt MAX XR Lithium-Ion Cordless Drywall Screwgun/Cut-out Tool Combo Kit (2-Tool) with ...
DEWALT 20-Volt MAX XR Lithium-Ion Cordless Drywall Screwgun/Cut-out Tool Combo Kit (2-Tool) with (2) Batteries 2Ah and Charger is another excellent addition to my tool room. This two tool combination is great for doing drywall work. The screw gun has multiple settings on it, to ensure that the screw goes to the depth that you want. It works on a clutch principal, which disengages when the setting is reached to prevent any damage or driving beyond what you have set it at. The tool fits ergonomically in either the left or the right hand and is easy to operate. The tool has an aimed light to help illuminate the immediate work area. The 20V battery easily locks in and is not too heavy on the tool. The cut out tool also fits ergonomically in either the left or right hand. It is easy to operate. Several functions help keep your bit secure and guide the tool on its work. This tool is also illuminated to put light directly on the work area. The 20V battery easily locks in and is not too heavy on the tool. The kit comes with a carry bag in Dewalt colors, a charger, and two Lithium Ion 20V 2Amp Batteries. Overall, very satisfied. I rate these tools 5*s out of 5. Another Dewalt win! Thank you Dewalt for allowing me to try your tools. Thank you Home Depot for offering me this item.
by TexasLevi
I’m a homeowner/DIY’er, not a professional tradesperson, so this review comes from that standpoin...
I’m a homeowner/DIY’er, not a professional tradesperson, so this review comes from that standpoint. I don’t do a ton of drywall work of my own but being of “a certain age” I frequently get roped into projects for friends and family. Traditionally I’ve used hand tools, or an oscillating tool and bit driver to help install/repair drywall. The new DeWalt kit is, I hope, going to save me both time and effort. The drywall screwdriver has one great advantage over drills and bit drivers - you can dial in the depth of the screw and forget about it (YMMV). The screws go in to a uniform depth. In use it took me a few test runs to get the depth control set to where it sank the screws to a flush level. You’ll probably want to test it before going ‘all in’ on a job. You can mount a screw on the bit and the screwdriver clutch doesn't engage until you start putting pressure on the work. The bit tip is magnetic and does a nice job of holding screws. There’s a built in LED, a trigger lock, and a variable speed trigger. A belt hook (detachable) is included in the kit (one accessory I never use, not being a pro). Fit and finish is good, and the grip is angled so that the bit stays in line with the drywall screw. Once you get used to it, the driver makes short work of running screws into drywall and it’s quite comfortable to hold. The cutout tool (some call it a router, but it really can’t be used like one) is, to me, faster than using an oscillating tool. YMMV. It does a nice job of punching in and cutting a line around gang boxes, etc. I watched a few videos on cutout tools (being new to the tool) and the consensus seems to be that you get better performance if you cut counterclockwise. You’ll want to avoid touching the blade (aka “router bit”) - it gets really hot really fast. Be careful when changing blades. DeWalt says the tool works well on plywood, but I haven’t given it a try yet. There’s a second collet included, for using a larger diameter blade - making longer runs for doors requires a little more “oomph” than just cutting a hole for an electrical box. Fit and finish is good, and the tool offers a good grip without being cumbersome. There’s a “depth” adjustment that allows you to set the cut to the thickness of the drywall, and an LED to light up the work area. One caveat - the cutout tool is quite noisy and hearing protection (along with eye protection and a dust mask) should be worn. I know that pro’s tend to not wear hearing/dust protection so that they can hear and be heard in a production environment, but I’m a DIY’er and am not on piecework so I wear the gear. There are two 2 a/h batteries included, along with a charger, a hex bit Phillips, a couple of cutting bits, the larger collet for the cutout, and a contractor’s bag. I prefer a hard-sided toolbox because, while the soft bag tends to take up less room a hard case gives more tool protection when tossed in the back of my 4x4. The soft sided bag is well made, but has no separate pockets for bits, batteries, etc. It’s handy to have a “drywall kit” ready to go - I don’t have to scout around the shop looking for gear, I can just grab the combo set and maybe a couple of spare batteries and go. The screwdriver goes a long way on a single battery, but the cutout tool can deplete one fairly quickly if you have a lot of holes to cut. A spare battery (one in the charger, one in the cutout) is good to have. The 2 a/h batteries are a compromise – they supply enough power while not being too heavy to hold for a workday. Still, it’s aggravating to run out of ‘juice’ in the middle of a job and have to wait for a battery to charge up – having a third battery is just good insurance. You’ll really want to read the manual - the instructions for changing cutters on the cutout tool are clear but not intuitive, and the grip to be used on the screwdriver isn’t a standard “drill” grip. Simple once you’ve done it, tho. The tools are guaranteed for a period of three years against defects, as are the batteries. There’s also a 90-day money back guarantee from DeWalt – plenty of time to try out the tools. Overall, this is a pretty handy kit and, for my purposes, rates a full five stars. I'm really satisfied with the way this kit is working out for me. HTH Regards, Jim
by WarrenJim
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I had a major brand drywall gun about 20 years ago, and didn’t like it. Ended up selling it. Two ...
I had a major brand drywall gun about 20 years ago, and didn’t like it. Ended up selling it. Two things I dislike with that older gun. Dragging the cord around was a pain (of course there are no active plug-ins in the room you are Sheetrocking, which makes it more awkward). The other issue was the difficulty of holding the screw as you start. It had a bulky housing around the bit which I didn’t like. For years, I went back to a standard cordless drill with a bit holder that has the sliding sleeve to hold the screw. The trick, of course, is to consistently set the screws into the drywall at the proper depth. I would keep the drill handy as I put the first coat of plaster on. A screw head that was a little high is easily spotted, and I would typically have to sink in about 20% of the screws a little deeper. This screw gun is much easier to use (being cordless is a big feature for me). The screw gun is of the XR series from DeWalt, which is their better series. Interesting feature is a depth sensitive clutch. The motor runs, but no torque is applied until you push the driver into the screw. Once the screw is seated at the depth you set, the clutch then disconnects the driving power. Much nicer than then the older system I had where the bit partially disengages from the screw and spins free. However, if you want to remove a screw that is seated with this tool, you will need to use your standard drill/driver. I used to have a corded Roto-Zip tool for sheetrock. I gave it to a son-in-law. I switched to using an oscillating saw, which really works great (especially for the straight cuts). Even with this DeWalt Cut Out Tool, I’ll continue to use the oscillating saw for the straight cuts. An interesting feature this DeWalt tool, is that they include a ¼” collet (in addition to the 1/8” collet). Potentially, this could be used as a trim router, but since the base is very marginal for this, it would have to be “last resort” as a router. Also, they don’t list the HP, but I suspect it’s less than a typical trim router. (DeWalt does offer a really nice cordless trim router). I’m guessing you would truly limit it to just trimming operations (like doing Formica). Another nice feature is that you can change bits without any tools. I love the comfortable grip surface on both of these tools, and the artistic styling is also first class. I recommend you use a scrap piece of sheetrock and a 2x4 and run several sample runs to set the depth where you want it. For certain tools, I really like the storage bag. This combo is one of them. I can put all the specialty equipment in one case, so is quick to pull together for the next sheetrock job.
by BigMike76
Broke when I clipped it on my belt
Not impressed with the quality of Dewalt lately. I have been using Dewalt for the past 15 years and noticed the quality of the tools has gone down dramatically. This 240 dollar impact broke after clipping it to my tool belt. I take care of my tools. It wasn't dropped or anything like that. It just broke.
by price
Response from DewaltProductExpertOct 5, 2020
We're sorry to hear of the trouble you are having with the DCF887B. We would appreciate the chance to speak with and assist you. Please contact us at 1-800-544-6986. Please also reference case #12400404.
Thank you
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dewalt was my go to
impact was working fine for about a year then it all went down hill. I felt it lost power or was stripping im not sure then this happened. Im not ready to move on from dewalt just yet but somthings got to give 200 bucks down the drain and I have to purchase another one.
by bama
Response from DewaltProductExpertSep 23, 2020
Hi Bama
Thank you for providing your feedback on the DCF887B. We're sorry to hear of the trouble you are having. We would appreciate the chance to speak with you and assist you with the warranty. Please email WECARE@sbdinc.com and reference case #12319438

Many Thanks,
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it's a great compact and powerful tool that gets the job done! i used to to screw lumber together...
it's a great compact and powerful tool that gets the job done! i used to to screw lumber together and it worked perfectly
by Eli
project gone bad
As i expected my Dewalt Drills on the end of april delays came about and i got rain damage. I am so sorry for being a little desperate but as you will see on the photo i am against the wall here.
by junior
Response from DewaltProductExpertMay 13, 2020
We appreciate your feedback. We would like to speak to you about the experience you had. Please contact support at WECARE@sbdinc.com
I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you
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