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Customer Reviews for DEWALT 20-Volt MAX XR Li-Ion Cordless Brushless Hammer Drill/Impact Combo Kit (2-Tool) w/ Bare 20-V Brushless Oscillating Tool

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Model #DCK299M2WDCS354

  • Brushless Impact Driver and Hammer Drill included
  • (2) 20-Volt MAX XR Batteries 4.0Ah, Charger & Tool Bag
  • DUAL-GRIP variable speed trigger provides superior control

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This will be a handy tool to own.
I had $150 worth of Home Depot gift cards from last Christmas and my birthday in May (my family knows what to get me). I held off using them until I figured out what I really wanted. I decided to spend them on this DeWalt oscillating tool as I will be helping my son renovate a 1930s house this fall/winter and I know sometimes there are oddball times when we'll need something like this. I liked that it was brushless, which should save on battery life and that you don't need a special tool to change blades. I already had 2 batteries for my DeWalt cordless drill, so I saved some money buying the tool only. It came with 2 blades, a bi-metal blade and an HSC blade (?) apparently good for wood. I wanted to repair the brick moulding trim on my garage door by cutting out the rotten area and cutting a new piece to fit instead of replacing the whole piece. So I cut out the bottom 10" with this oscillating tool without removing the trim on each side of the door (see photo). It cut right thru and it was nice to be able to control the speed with the trigger. It has a lot of power if you really squeeze the trigger! It was easy to control, too, and I got a nice clean even cut along my pencil line. The only neg I had was that the handle that you squeeze to change the blade is right where you want to hold onto the tool to make your cut. This might cause problems (broken blade maybe?) if you accidentally squeeze it too hard while you're cutting. I realized what I was doing and put my hand beneath the lever after that. Just something to be aware of. Maybe DeWalt could possibly come up with another way to keep the release out of the way when you're using the tool. All in all, though, despite its cost, I think I have added a good tool to my arsenal.
by pbesong
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I use this oscillating tool for everything! It's light, doesn't use too much battery, and is easy to use. The only con is that you will wear through blades pretty quickly so buy extra. I love this tool though and am kicking myself for not getting one sooner.
by DIYwithTy
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Nice and quiet vs the Craftsman one I used a while back.
Nice and quiet vs the Craftsman one I used a while back.
by PorkChop
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Atomic 20 Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Oscillating Tool I found changing the blades on this 20 Volt Max Compact Series Atomic Oscillating Tool to be very simple and quick. With just a squeeze of the lever I was able to quickly insert a blade without any additional tools. It is so much easier than an older model that I have by a different manufacturer. I then used the oscillating tool to trim a Locust Tree log that I was making into a garden sign. The angle cut was originally cut using a chain saw which left a large bur that had to be trimmed off. The DeWalt tool cut through the Locust wood easily and was able to match the angle perfectly. The tool had plenty of power and being cordless made it very convenient. No need for an extension cord or outlet. (Bring the tool to the work piece instead of the work piece to the tool.) There is nothing about this tool that I did not like. I would highly recommend this tool to anyone looking for a high quality oscillating tool.
by Slacker4141
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I am not familiar with the oscillating tools but have an idea how they work and have seen others ...
I am not familiar with the oscillating tools but have an idea how they work and have seen others use them. I carefully read the instructions for this one and they seemed clear, well written and well illustrated. There is a clever clamping mechanism to hold the bit, blade, accessory or.attachment you're using. I think this clamping mechanism is exclusive to DeWalt. I think on other oscillating tools the blade must be mounted on an arbor. This also includes a screw and clamping washer for use with blades from other companies. It is surprisingly light and the brushless motor minimizes the vibration transferred to your hand when using it. DeWalt is a quality brand used by the pros and you'll take pleasure using them as a hobbyist or DIYer. Because working on your own house feels good. Careful reading of the instructions might make one think a depth guide and cutting guide is included but some research revealed that quite a few other people also wondered why it is "missing". The answer is that it is not included when purchasing "tool-only". If you buy the kit with batteries, charger and case, I think it is included. Some more research shows if you want the depth and cutting guide there are three separate parts you can purchase, singly for about $30. If you want a depth gauge put a piece of tape on the blade at the depth you desire.
by Prosecutor
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I love these types of tools I now have three of them. My first one was real cheap and my second ...
I love these types of tools I now have three of them. My first one was real cheap and my second one is a very nice one but it's corded. I like cordless tools. I am trying to as much cordless as possible. So I got this Dewalt it is really nice a friend of mine has one and I have used his many times and really liked it. So when I had the chance to get one I jumped on it. I don't have a battery or charger yet but on job sites there is always a dewalt battery I can use. has an led light. Comes with 2 blades and instruction book. Great tool I highly recommend it.
by Jse
The familiar yellow and black tool is distinguish as one of the best in the power tool industry. ...
The familiar yellow and black tool is distinguish as one of the best in the power tool industry. This is the trademark for DeWalt power tools and accessories. DeWalt is known to make commercial grade tools to stand up to the toughest jobs. This is the new DeWalt ATOMIC compact series. This oscillating tool is one of the most versatile saws ever developed. It truly is a multi-use saw especially when used in tight quarters. I use the oscillating multi-tool for a number of reasons, but two of the best uses is cutting on the base of door frames allowing for perfect fit when installing laminate flooring or ceramic tile for a professional look. No need for the cumbersome flush cut saw. The other is repairing soffit at corners where rain gutters leak and rotten the soffit. You just can't get a circular saw to cut exactly. The oscillating saw utilizes a 20 volt lithium ion battery which does not come with the tool. Comes with a built-in LED light for illuminating the work area. The new Atomic series boosts a brushless motor, a tool free blade change, comes with a universal adapter to adapt for non-DeWalt cutting blades. Comes with two cutting Dewalt blades a bi-metal cutting blade and a wood cutting blade.Has a 3 year limited warranty. Dewalt will maintain the tool and replace parts caused by normal use, anytime during the first year of purchase. Has a 90 day money-back guarantee if your not happy with the tool. Dewalt's backs their tools stating "GUARANTEED TOUGH" nothing can be farther from the truth. I'm a professional at my trade and I use the only professional tools that I recognize ............... DeWalt.
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This rotary tool is a really nice quality. I have many Dewalt power tools and have never been dis...
This rotary tool is a really nice quality. I have many Dewalt power tools and have never been disappointed in their performance and durability. I have used it for many things like facing off shims, trimming drywall and even cutting a small section of a 2x4 so I did not have to set up my table saw. The best feature by far is the variable speeds which helps when cutting variable thicknesses.
by Denise
I bought these as an upgrade for the set with the DCD995...
I fix, flip and remodel houses for a living. So I pretty much do anything and everything that has to do with houses. I originally bought the combo set with the older DCD995 hammer drill and impact driver. I was very impressed with how the 995 kept up when my other drills from another company couldn't. After upgrading today I gave my new drills a good test run. Today I really got a feel for the DCF887 impact driver. Right now I'm doing a full master bathroom tile job with tons of tile to be done. So that means lots of hardibacker and lots of screws. I really like the 3 speed transmission on the new impact. 1 being slow, 2 being normal and 3 being VERY fast. As for the hammer drill I only really used it today for some average sized hole saw cuts in hardibacker. But, the work light is much brighter and the 20 minute work light setting is very bright. All in all I'm still impressed with the XR brushless line from Dewalt.
by ProfCarnage
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Rating provided by a verified purchaser...
Rating provided by a verified purchaser
by HomeDepotCustomer
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